Particles, Tracer, Xpresso. Oh My! Simon From Man Vs Machine is Making Tutorials

March 2, 2011

My good buddy Simon is also doing some excellent advanced Cinema 4D tutorials in between doing killer work for one of my favorite studios, Man Vs Machine. In his words… “Just interesting ideas that i come across when i try to solve problems at work.”

C4D Particles

Tracer Object Techniques

Mograph Point Deformer

Point Level Animation

Xpresso & Set Driven Keys

About Simon
Simon Homedal is a motion designer/3d artist at Man vs Machine before that he was a student at hyper island in Sweden. You can see his work on his site

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  • hello simon, i was doing the 2nd. I added an emitter and then a tracer , and then the tracer inside a sweep nurbes, so i have some lines coming out from the emitter, what about if i want to had some the formers to the lines, like you did for the matrix in the firts tutorial?

  • great work simon your good at what you do …
    im a beginner cd4 user and this was a very good help for my music video project..and also short movie..i will recommend you to my friends who are also fans of greyscale gorilla

  • Hi Simon, where can i watch with good quality this videos??

  • That was infinite useful!

  • I really liked the 1st video on particles, is it possible to put an animated object as the particle? (such as a bird flapping its wings, so that you could have a flock of birds?)

  • Gave the point deformer a try. Thnx Mr Simon

    Greets from Belgium

  • Fabulous

  • Hi Simon. I was wondering if there’s a way to constrain the length of the spline (Tracer Object Techniques). Let’s say I want to have one of the cubes hanging and swinging from one end of the spline. Great videos by the way.

  • I wonder why nobody asked about the Scripts he used… I cannot get to read some expresso nodes due to the low quality. Somebody has them? Thanks

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