Quick Tip: Octane Random Color Node

November 22, 2016

Variation is the Key

In this quick 9-minute video, we learn how to create random variation effects in Octane for Cinema 4D. The key to realism is variation. Often you want to create slight variations across many objects but you don’t want hundreds of materials to do so. One way to achieve this in Octane is using the Random Color node to drive many attributes in ONE SHADER. Hope you dig this quick tip!

Here is the same technique using Arnold.

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  • Yo Chad, nice one as always !
    Let the octane tutorials rollin’ 🙂 ! Nice to see more and more octane stuff here !

  • always love ur tuts chad! btw, when is the octane mat lib comes out? credit card ready in hand 🙂

  • Octane, octane, octane:) Good tip Chad!

  • Is there plans on doing a general overview or tutorial on how to use Octane with its node based workflow?

  • scatter is pretty dope! and yes octane texture kit please!

  • Exited to watch a new thing from you.
    Can you record a tutorial on how use a bake sculpt file on Octaneforc4D and get a proper displace. Thx SHAD

  • Thanks Chad. I’m new to Octane so this has been very helpful. Lots more please, please, please.

  • do you know what the only reason I was using greyscalegorilla because they were showing how to create advertised images on their tutorials.
    Nick is great on that, but new people are dont care about

    They just throw nice images as thumbnail and just give rough information about what they did in the video
    that is shame

  • is there a way to use that with textures?

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