Recreate Sherlock Holmes Title in Cinema 4D

September 5, 2010

In this video, Alexander shows you how to texture and animate a Sherlock Holmes title sequence in Cinema 4D.


  • Great tutorial! But… Does anybody have the files? I could really use them, and the site went offline, it seems. Thanks!

    • Hi Tom

      I was following along to this tutorial. I just decided to use my own textures, it doesn’t have to look exactly as the tutorial. But the important thing is to learn the technics, its better to know how than not knowing how. I hope you understand my english. :)))

  • very good tutorial, everything was clear and very easy to follow even with almost no c4d experience!

  • I really think this effect can be achieved by a simple MoGraph text and some random effector on the letters (set the randomness to that rotation only) than animate the strength from 100 to 0 percent, not sure, but it should work.

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