Redshift for C4D: Proxies and Random Techniques

November 30, 2017


In this tutorial, Chad Ashley shows you how to use Redshift proxies. Chad also shows some of his favorite tricks to get more natural randomness out of your renders in Redshift.

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  • Hi Chad! Many thanks for these Redshift tutorials, they are very helpful. I was wondering if sometime you could go more in depth with the render settings, precisely differences between “preview/work in progress” settings and “final rendering” settings, because i find Redshift very hard to understand from that side, and i think it’s the most important part of it! Obviously i watched your first video about it, but i still don’t totally get how to set it in the proper way. Thank you in advance for the help, goooood byeeee

  • Hi Chad
    Great Redshift tutorials, can’t wait for the next one.

    I’m new to Redshift and still running the demo, but loving it so far and your tutorials are a great help.


  • Hey Chad! Excuse me, please, that I disturb you so often, but it seems only you can shed light on such things:)

    Lets say I have a robot with loop animation, 89 frames of one loop. I need to make a lot of clones of this robot with its animation. Like 40000. The clones should work synchronized, that is, no need to random the animation.
    Should I use proxy+cloner, or just cloner (considering instance mode is on)? Should it affect the render time of one frame, or it is only about viewport?
    Frankly speaking, I tried to make a proxy, and it stuck at loading the geometry while rendering, so I could not even see the final result, while the cloner without proxy was able to render the scene, although it took 15 minutes each frame (half of the rendering time is geometry and deformation update).

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