Redshift for Cinema 4D: Creating a Weathered Mech Material

November 21, 2017

In this tutorial, Chad Ashley shows a few of his favorite Redshift techniques for creating weathered painted metal shaders.

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  • Clear, lucid and logical. Thanks Chad.

  • Bokeh is pronounced Bo-ke like bo as in box and ke and in Kelly. Its a Japanese word, and not said as you say “Bowkurh”.?

  • Watched this on the live cast. Absolutely amazing stuff from Chad. Can’t wait to see more. Cheers.

  • awesome techniques
    and the great thing about them is you can easily apply them to an arnold shader network

  • Awesome as always. These are the best tutorials for Redshift !
    Hope you create more Tutorials about it.

    Thank you so much and i wish you all the best.

  • Great tut from Chad as always. I would like another one with bump and how to do displacement in Redshift. Thanks

  • I’m new to Redshift and I’m trying to use a layered PSD with vector smart objects to build my textures like I do using the C4D material layerset. Is it possible?


  • Hi Chad. Thank you very much for precious tutorial. I would like to ask that when i render sequence with animated objects (just moving or rotating) there is some flickering happening close to the edges. I tried to increase curvature and AO samples but nothing changed. Any ideas for what cause it and how to solve ? Thank you very much again.

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