Reflective and Refractive Glass Block Tutorial Part 1 – Cinema 4D

April 16, 2010

In this tutorial, I show you how to make a spinning glass block animation with Cinema 4D, Mograph and refraction. It’s based on an animation by Lumiere Studios. Stay tuned for part 2 of the tutorial where we bring the final render in after effects and do the final composite.

Final Animation

Watch Part 2 of This Tutorial

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  • Hey Gorilla!

    Thanks so much for the tutorial. I would love it if you could see the promo that I made with it:

    Its a combo of this one and your shattering text one.

    Again, thank you so much for all the work you put into teaching us newbies!!!

  • OMG I have been looking for this type of tut forever! Thanks Nick!

  • excellent tut!

    thnx again, nick!

    based on this, i made a little flash website..

    feel free to check that out!!

    best regards

  • Sick tut! Thanks Nick!

  • Hi
    Thnx for real cool tuttorial
    this is my first use cinema 4d
    it easy then 3d max
    what you think about my work?

    i don’t know why on vimeo – looks so bad. (

    and sorry for my english )))))))
    Thnx thnx)))))

  • Hey Nick. Nick here,

    Hey I am doing a project where I would like to implement this into but conclude the logo with everything shattering into thousands of pieces at the camera or in all directions? How would I use the particle system to break everything and make it fly? I need this by sunday would love if you could help me!!!

  • I just made my own video with this effect and i just realized that you can see it in stereoscopic 3D because Pulfrich effect. If you putt a neutral filter (black) on the left eye you can see a subtle 3D effect.

    That´s the glasses i mean but you can do with a sunglasses lens (just on one eye)

  • my glass-cubes became cinda gray over all with less contrast and it’s a cinda boring look, so what can i do to make a better contrast??is there a default color on the cubes?

  • Thank you Nick for your Tuts!!!

  • haters_gonna_hate March 21, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Look at this!
    Someone took inspiration of you;)

  • Hey Nick , Can u do this tutorial : ?

  • assasinosilenzioso May 30, 2011 at 8:33 am

    i gave this project a try and i did a 160 frame 3 seconds, to extend the animation to 10 secs without increasing the frames?????

  • do u think its possible to use video footage instead of text? that would be cool to be able to do with video footage to be seen through the glass only but not the camera…

  • Great tut!!
    now Im rendering that!!
    thankx for this page
    God bless you
    Regards from jap…

  • Hi,

    Reflective and Refractive Glass Block Tutorial
    How can we use footage inside of glass…

    Please explain me sir

    Thank you so much….

  • Think I’m going 2 use this 4 my next intro

  • My version of the tutorial:

    Any feedback would be appreciated…ty

  • Hey Nick, thank you for this amazing tutorial. I need some help… my light are being dispayed too bright and as a result the pieces of glass seem to be fake! What should I do?

    • Turn down your light or turn down the specular.

      • Thanks for your time Nick! I tried what you’ ve told me but unfortunately I didn’t got the desired result. It is 100% a marerial problem. After using the exact same values as you are using for the glass material, my material is far away from yours. I’ am using R12 if this matters. If you would like to see the material, this is it then:

        PS: Excuse me for my poor english.

  • Hi
    Great Tutorial .thank’s
    Have you any idea of how to Make like this project …

  • where did the fillet feature go in R16. I see its there under your tab object tab of the cube, but It’s not there in my version. I found a bevel deformer, which is also seen in your R16 update , but what gets me is chris is doing the update for R16 and the feature is still there like in R15.

  • With the release of R16, you know that the concept of reflection and specular have changed. I couldn’t find the plastic either. Could you maybe post a short video showing how to create the same glass material with R16?

  • So I’m surfing Vimeo and i come across this post…the dude is intruding invisible text…Really?? not even giving credit…may be I’m jumping the gun, but I’m tried of these type of so call designers.

  • Love the look of this render….so giving it a go……well first attempt ,
    Thank you GSG for the great tutorials. love you’re work.

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