Rigging a Simple Cartoon Character in Cinema 4D

March 17, 2016

In this tutorial, I’m going to introduce you to the world of rigging in Cinema 4D by showing you a workflow I use to easily create a simple cartoonish Rubber Hose style arm & leg IK rig.  Normal IK rigs bend sharp at the elbow and knees of characters but it’s hard to get a smooth bendy limbs like a cartoon character.  First, I’ll start out by introducing you the two types of rigs, FK (Forward Kinematics) and IK (Inverse Kinematics).   Then I’ll demonstrate how I set up my simple IK rig to rig my hamburger characters arms & legs and connecting them to the body.  Finally, I’ll wrap up the tutorial by showing you how to use Pose Morph to animate your character.  If you’re not familiar with Pose Morph, be sure to check out my tutorial on how I used it to animate Baymax from Big Hero 6!  Want to see more character animation tutorials or more rigging?  Let me know by posting in the comments!

If you have any questions, be sure to post it in the comments section and if you create anything cool using this technique, be sure to share it with me! Thanks for watching!

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  • Definitely need more character stuff, specially rigging and animating. Hopefully you guys can make a plugin or something. Weighting in c4d is horrible

    • I agree, I’m arguing with joints and weighting at the moment and it’s not much fun at all especially with a single mesh. I’ve found it much easier if you build all the body parts separately then rig them in C4D.

  • I would love to see more rigging tutorial especially how to create a limb that can be switched between FK to IK, and IK to FK on the fly without changing the position of the arm.

  • Thomas Donaldson March 17, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Nice tut, EJ. Thanks for your time and effort! Would love to see more character animation stuff and especially facial riggging.

  • Really happy you guys are doing this, the rigging or animating tutorials that exist from other services are largely out dated.

    I think its cool that we didnt dive into the character object. Using the character object seems like it can save time but I like knowing what it’s automating.


  • Nice EJ – for anybody who’s interested in pushing this further, I posted a video a while back, which uses bones and splines to create a bendy IK chain which can be skinned into a full character mesh: https://vimeo.com/145115462

  • Nice work, EJ!

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Amazing fun stuff thanks! I am hungry now.

  • Great help as always EJ.
    You have a knack for explaining one little setting that can change everything.
    This was a very useful tutorial.
    Thanks man!

  • Could you guys do like a how to model, texture and animate a realistick characer series. It would have been amazing.

  • Definitely want to see some more character rigging tutorials. This is a great starting point.

  • Tight!

    Here’s a dancing robot I made after watching–thanks for the tut-


  • Awesome stuff, just want to add my voice to the others saying thanks for the great tut, and definitely keen to see more character rigging tutorials!

    • Thanks John! Anything specific you’d like to see?

      • Maybe some tuts using the character object, but especially anything to help out with the weights managing aspect of rigging would be really great – finding it a bit unwieldy at the moment. Would love to combine that with your pose morph tutorials 🙂

  • This isn’t working for me. I get about 6 minutes in and run into problems. When I move the hand each section gets distorted. Did you skip a step? I’ve watched this several times and followed the tutorial step by step.

  • Mike G. (Gugmi01) May 26, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Hey! I tried rigging the Bull dude that you taught us how to model in a previous tutorial but it isn’t going so well. Can you please tell me why it seems to collapse when using the Character tool:


  • Hi, I created rig with this and also attached simple boned hands to the end of the arms animated with pose morph. However I now want to have character to hold object and drop it, I cant figure out how to do this because if I restrain it to the hands it will be under spline wrap and cant be “dropped”. Its like the actual position of the object is not where you see it.

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