Rock Goo Tutorial Part 3

October 1, 2014

In this third Goo Rock tutorial, I will be going over how to light, texture and animate for the final render using Light Kit Pro, Texture Kit Pro, HDRI Studio Pack, and Signal. I will also go over an editing technique to show how to cheat your 3D move to seem longer than it is.

This tutorial is inspired by CROWD studio’s amazing animation for the ADC 93rd Annual Awards of Art.

Tutorial Part 3

Watch Part 1 And 2 Here

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  • Chris you are now my “internet husband”, love your work.

  • Thanks for another enlightening tutorial, Nick! I alway learn so much from you and Chris. The parts Chris did taught me quite a few new tricks on the modeling side of things, and I always learn something new from your texturing and lighting tutorials. I wish you both had more time to just do these great tutorials so there was a new one every week or so. That would be awesome! Anyway, thanks for putting these together. I think I can speak for the C4D community and say that we really appreciate it.

  • I like the end result, but I think Chris’s render was better 😀
    Anyways, this tutorial is awesome guys!

  • Cool tut. But I got a lot of flickering in my subsurface scattering when I team render. Have you guys noticed that, and is there any trick to get flicker free SSS with TR?
    Seems like that every machine is interpreted the SSS differently.

  • The P3 finally came.Thanks?

  • Cool as usual ,will be a part 4 on how to make the goo that falls down ?

  • Here’s my interpretation of the goooooo:

  • This is what I made! The iPhone 6 plus was modeled by me as well.

  • You guys are the best Nick “Matchy Matchy”, lmbo…i been a greyscale follower for a little over 2 years now and till now im always entertained by your tutorials, you definitely need to copyright some of you phrases.

  • Always glad to hear nicks charming voice. but imho part 3 of this tutorial series was more like a me-too instead of a “let’s close with a flourish”.

  • Thanks Nick! This really helped me texture my newest project, keep up the great work dude!

  • Thanks for a great awesome project…major learning and help. Keep up the great work.
    Can you guys share with us some modeling thoughts. I know modeling is just pure time consuming work…but tips on better ways to start, what is the best way to organize the project. Start with a cube or sphere, often I start a project get into it and realize I should have started building with a spline instead of a primitive it would have saved major time. The mine cart explosion was great…but maybe just quick tips on better ways to start certain shaped objects.

  • Hey Nick, I cannot drag the 3 rotations settings to signal, it only show me one parameter like X. help me with this haha.

  • Here is my try.

    Thanks for a great tut Nick and Chris!

  • Hi, guys! I have a question.

    After put the Cube inside the cage in the Mesh Deformer, I can to do the animation. It’s fine. But, on the Object Manager, if I put the Cube as last object of the list, the animation plays with a delay! The Goo don’t connects to the Rock. For my glory, if I put the Cube as first object of the list, there’s no lag and the animation plays perfectly.

    Why this happens? There’s a priority rule on the Object Manager?

    By the way, thanks for the tutorial. Was amazing!

    (p.s.: Sorry by my poor English)

  • A very long tutorial, but well worth the time. Chris & Nick, I have only a moderate amount of experience in C4D and have no problem following along. Thank you so much! you guys are great mentors.

  • Anyone know why I only see “Basic, Dyanmics and Collision” tabs when I select the rigid body tag? I don’t see Force and all the other ones Chris has…is it because I’m running R13?

  • Nick,
    The shift-V > View > Tinted border opacity option is something I’ve wished for since I stared using Cinema 4D in 2008. Sometimes it’s the little things.

  • Is there a way I can achieve that GlobalLight you are using with the GSG HDRI Light Kit Pro? I still really need to get Light Kit Pro! Thanks guys!

  • You blokes are amazing. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

  • Hey Nick! Would you accept my challenge to make something simillar to this :{%22tn%22%3A%22O%22} i know that it’s real but would you go more realistic with this goo technique?

  • Why I cant watch the tutorial TAT
    It say i have been banned

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