Save Time with Custom AOVs in Redshift for Cinema 4D

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In this tutorial, Chad Ashley will be demonstrating how he uses Redshifts New Custom AOVs to save time in production. Chad will be breaking down his workflow going from Redshift in Cinema 4D and into Black Magic Fusion.

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  • Amazing info Chad. Love your teaching.
    I’ve been looking into learning BM Fusion this year. Would you recommend it over After Effects for a more 3D oriented workflow or worth learning just to have it as a further workflow option ? I love the price of Fusion over Adobe’s subscription.

    • Thanks Andre! I use Fusion for what I call “creative comping”. To me this means compositing all my 3d stuff to further my look dev. I also use it as my main comper for live action plates as well. I still use After Effects for typography and light editing. Thanks for watching!

  • Hi Chad,
    I really love your RS Tutorials, they are so helpful!
    I’m struggling with something that should be really simple and I’m wondering if you can help me. How can you create easily in RS a layered material like in cinema4D or Vray?
    For example, put a Sticker on a metal cube and use two different mapping for both materials (Sticker with flat map and the metal shader with cube or uvw map). Thanks!!!!

    • I have a quick tip coming out very soon for Redshift that may be of some help. Keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for watching!

  • Sounds great! Thanks 🙂

  • Hello Chad
    Great tutorial. I’m an after effects user right now and before going to Fusion I will love tu use your Object ID method in After.
    I imported everything in ProEXR script in after. Do you have an idea how to split the Object ID in after.?
    Thank you

    • AFAIK this workflow is not possible with Redshift and After Effects. I used to be able to use Object ID’s in AE back when I was using 3ds Max and the Object ID was a G-Buffer channel. This is the type of Object ID channel After Effects is expecting but is not what Redshift provides. Sorry

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