Setting Groups And Controlling Multiple Emitters With X-Particles

November 30, 2015

In this X-Particles tutorial, I will show you how to set up multiple emitters with X-Particles and show you how to be able to control them separately using groups and Modifiers.


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  • Are you (Nick or Chris) still gonna do normal tutorials too? I feel like it’s only X-particles stuff and other plug-ins these days…

  • X-Particles is great and all for abstract-type situations, but when it comes to real world applications like smoke, fire & liquid, I just haven’t found it to be worth the $600 price tag :/

    • It is very useful for making abstract renders, as well as some realistic renders. The fire shadier for smoke works pretty well, its not as good as turbulence FD but not bad at all, and the liquid simulation is amazing! you can get very good renders with that. This is an incredibly powerful plugin, and it can take a lot of time to get something supper realistic if you don’t know how to get there 🙂

      I’m still very new to X-Particles, but i’m getting closer to the realistic renders im looking for :).

      If all you need/wan’t, is fire and smoke, maybe Turbulence FD would be what your after.

      However, X-Particles does smoke pretty well, and it can makes clouds excellently 🙂

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