Shatter An Object In Cinema 4D R18 with Voronoi Fracture

September 2, 2016


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a looping shatter animation using Fracture Voronoi and Mograph. I will also show you how to make this exact render above using Transform, HDRI Studio Rig, Signal, and Topcoat.

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  • Hi GSG, first time leaving comment here.

    Is it possible to only fracture a specific portion of a plane(ex:center), but the others stay still ?
    By the way , I’m trying to use only the “Gravity Force”in the simulation tab to make things move.
    I set the default project gravity to 0 , gravity object falloff to sphere. But some pieces outside the sphere still moving slightly.
    I’ve tried Mograph selection and Mograph Weight paint . Unfortunately,both of these are used for effectors (Gravity object is not an effector)
    need some guidance, thanks.

  • Hey GSG! I’m looking to buy a new Mac for the first time in more than 8 years. I have been using a MacBook Pro from 8 years ago. Looking at the new iMac for more power. What do you think? What macs do you guys use? Really looking for some info here. I’m looking to soup it up, so I’m quite worried about spending more than 4 grand on something I might not like. Please help!

    • I just snatched up a late 2015 iMac i7 4 GHz and boosted to 32 GB Ram. As you probably know C4D wants fast processors and LOTS of them. I love this machine but it does not compare to the z840 I have at work with 16 cores – even at 2.7 GHz. If you have the coin maybe go with a 12-core MacPro. I am really not a hardware guy but I would like to know what these guys use as well.

    • Hi Rob,

      As for me, I use a PC workstation from AVA Direct. I know that more and more Mac users are making the switch to PC due to GPU rendering, but its all about what works for you and the type of work you want to do.

      hope that helps,


  • When I use Voronoi Fracture of a sphere and use that with Transform v1.23, and change the mode to cloner, I get the message “Not Cloner Object, change modes”. Regardless if the sphere is editable or not. Is there a newer version of Transform which works with C4D R18 Studio so that it sees the Voronoi Fracture elements?
    Setup is –
    Veronoi Fracture

  • Hi GSG,
    I am using Voronoi on a statue made using polygun modeling and so it is hollow inside. How can I make the model being a solid object after applying Voronoi? Thanks

  • How do I make a voronoi-enabled and a made-editable cube respond to collison and fall separately, not together?

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