Shattering an Object in Cinema 4D with Destruction and Mograph 2

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Today, I show you how to explode an object in Cinema 4D by first cutting up your object into pieces with a Plugin called Destruction. Then, we will use Mograph 2 MoDynamics to make the pieces fall on the ground.

Download the Destruction Plugin By Adam Swaab Here

Final Render

Thanks to Jonah Tobias for helping me understand the Destruction Plugin.

Watch Part 2 of this tutorial.

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  • Too bad this plugin doesnt work with Cinema 4D Version 12


  • It wont let me install the plugin
    I drag it into the plugin folder but nothing shows up in cinema even after i install it
    ive installed other plugins before so this makes no since

  • Hey Nick, i was wondering, what if i want to make this cube semi transparent? Every peace of chunk will be displayed in my render, right? Any suggestions how to make not to?

  • Is there a 64bit download for the Destruction plugin? Please reply!

  • Nick thank you for the tutorial very much.
    I used the technique mentioned here and did some reverse destruction.
    Those who are interested can check it out here:
    Looking forward to some critics.
    Best of luck to everyone.

  • Adding a color material shows no cuts in the cube, I added a glass material and I see all the cuts. How can I make it look smooth like glass, then fracture apart?

    • I’m also having the same problem…the only thing I can think of doing is to make one version that is unbroken and one that is and then comp the two in AE. Does anyone else have a suggestion on this?

  • Hello! Is there a plugin for version 12? If not, when will be?

  • is this work on cinema 4d 12? and 12 64 bits? i try but NADA!

  • Hello, Nick. I have problems with installing plug-ins for Cinema 4D R12 on Win 7. I just copy plug-in destruction into plugins folder and then restart Cinema. Nothing in the Plugins menu. What does it mean?

  • Thrausi plugin that A-LX have linked above work great and replace Destruction plugin for C4D R12.

  • I have an issue I need help with if anyone is game. I’m trying to fill a sphere with “marbles” and have it fall to the floor and break so the marbles spill out. I’m going for something between glass shattering and an egg breaking. I’d like big enough chunks of the sphere to remain so there are a couple pieces of the ‘shell’ rocking and interacting with the marbles as they roll across the floor. For the life of me I can’t figure out how to do this. Someone please help out? 😀

  • thank you man..

  • I need help i install the destruction plugin but when i reload cinema 4D it doesn’t show up in the plugin directory 🙁

  • Guys, for Cinema R12 and higher, there’s a new plugin called Thrausi. It works almost the same way as Destruction presented by the Gorilla but it doesn’t crash. So I really really recommend using that plugin. You can download it here, there’s also a quick tutorial on how it works and how to install it to your maxon folder. Hope you get it working and get cracking at this.
    My problem is, when I use Nicks tutorial, my cube doesn’t fall, it doesn’t wait for something to hit it, it just shatters like crazy. I’ve tried bunch of stuff and I simply can’t make it work like it should, like shown on the video. Hope someone can help me out here. Thanks guys 🙂

    • Actually I’ve finally got it working. What I did was, well what I didn’t do was, I didn’t um, merge all those fractures in a cube section together. I’ve just added fracture tag and then add dynamics to that and bam, it worked like a charm. Thanks for another great tutorial Nick! 🙂

      • Btw. You could’ve told us you were using that beta method of making slices 🙂 with clear edges. This way you don’t get those nasty sharp and almost flat slices. ^_^

  • Hi,

    here is our shatter effects. We use Thrausi in C4D R12 for this little animation.

  • hey in my cinema 4d plugins dont work
    i dont know
    my cinema 4d version is 11.5

    please reply

    • I can try to help. Can you give me a bit more info? What plugins are you trying to use. Also, maybe send a screenshot of the error? If they are plugins from Greyscalegorilla, please drop us an email under “Support” at the top of the page. Thanks.

  • smashing a sphere get really blocky when you connect the children… Any tips?

  • how to use this plugin for cinema 4d R13?
    please help me!
    sorry for my enghlish. 🙂 because i come from vietnamese!

  • hey nick i have C4D12 and i didn’t found that plugin pliz do u have any site to download that plugin .tnx

  • hi Nick,

    first thanks for all your great tutorials !
    For me you are one of the best c4D tutorial maker ! yep, really dude !

    So, for technical reasons I use actually cinema 4D R10,
    do you think this plugin works with it ? Do I put it in the plugin folder ?

    Cause I have tried but the plugin does not appear in c4d !

    Anyway, have you an other idea to make an objec destructed or in lots of pieces in c4d r 10 ? (the others plugins like xbreaker or thrausi does not work for r10 version)

    again : thanks man !

  • Hello lovely Nick,

    You tutorials, and you are all great, but most of us could not get the Plug-in working. I am using C4D R12 and I would be happy if anyone could help us share a plug that will really help us following the teaching.

    You are great, thank you for the effort you are making to do all this staff!!

  • Hello Nick, I love the tutorial but. It doesn’t work at C4D R13 🙁
    Is there another plugin for C4D R13 ??

  • i can not find plugin for r12?
    please help me…

  • the plug in destruction is not shown on my plug ins. how to install it correctly pls.

  • hey nick, how can i apply random effector after using thrausi? i want the shattered pieces to ramdomly placed around a specific object. please help me… thanks

  • Yeah I too would love an update of how to do this in R13.

  • I love the tutorial but. It doesn’t work at C4D R13 or C4D R12 it’s probably i didn’t know how to install the plug in or it does not work ,aether way do you know any other plug-ins that does the same work

  • Víctor Guerrero Vila September 11, 2012 at 8:08 am

    I’ve been trying to something like this with extruded type and I really don’t get it u_u Any tips or advices?

  • hi gorilla

    I have a project to build a cracked glass cube and Melting around it
    so i am wondering that you can help me ?

    The glass cube does not move and already cracked

  • *Feeling way late for just getting around to trying this* I can’t get the Destruction Plugin to work…at all. It’s in the plugin folder so maybe I’m missing something. Help?!

  • Hi, guys! I’m new to C4D-) I’m trying to install plugin r15. Even after restarting, there is no plugin. Is it compatible with 15 version?

    • What plugin are you trying to install? One of ours? All of our stuff is compatible with R15.

      • Hey,

        I am having the same problem.. I am fairly new to C4D. I have tried copying the whole downloaded folder into the plugins folder (I’m using R15) but it does not show listed in the plugins drop down menu after I restart my mac.. I may have done it wrong, would you be able to help me out, pretty please 🙂


  • yeah.. so, im just learning the Cinema 4D tutorials from the very beginning and these plugins dont work with R16.

  • I copied and pasted the destruction folder inside cinema 4d -> plugin …I closed and opened Cinema 4d again put i did not find the plugin under Plugin menu ..

  • Pretty! This was an extremely wonderful post. Thanks for supplying this info.

  • And it is nothing but rubbish. Thanks for the info.

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