Shatter Tutorial Follow Up + Quick Light Ball Tutorial

September 29, 2011

In this quick update video, Chris answers a few questions about yesterday’s shatter tutorial. Specifically, he shows you how he kept the object smooth until it’s time to shatter, and how to shatter just parts of the object. He also explains how he set up the sphere to emit light stripes by creating an alpha channel. I also added a render of the lighting setup for those of you asking.

BONUS: Light Setup from Shatter Tutorial

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  • Nice follow up chris…. See ya next week kiddo

  • Thanks for the viddendum! Such a cool effect.

  • Thanks for clearing that up! You guys are the best!

  • Nice, I was wondering how to get that sphere texture, I get a pretty nice result with a luminance texture and GI only :

  • Thanks Chris!

  • Many thanks for your help and I just wanted to say THANK YOU

  • Really good work

  • Thanks for this tutorial, really appreciate the fact that there are people like you, who devote their time to make these tutorials for free.

    However I would like to add that you can make the Explosion FX deformer follow the sphere you are using to shatter something with very easy bit of XPresso.

    Simply drag both the sphere (the one you are using to shatter) and the Explosion FX in to your XPresso Editor and link the sphere’s position to the Explosion FX’s position.

    With this, you get to shatter only the part of the object where your spheres make contact without needing to manually adjust. Just remember to make the fall-off fit the sphere!

  • very nice, I appreciate that!
    rock on!

  • Great work Chris and Nick, your generosity with these tutes is much appreciated by noobs like me.

  • CS – nice work thanks for the follow up.. I was hoping that wasn’t going to count as next weeks tutorial.. 8)

  • Awsome, thanks for the follow up!

    And I can’t believe I never ever tried to put a metrial on a light object….



  • Here’s mine πŸ™‚

    No break though, and no light inside the sphere. Just the self illumination tab.

    • This is beautiful! Could you take a screen shot of how you made this material, can’t find anything on self-illumination. I would really appreciate it! I have been trying to recreate this material but can’t seem to get it to work, not sure what I am doing wrong…

      • sure, here is a screenshot

        just put gradient in the luminance, open it, click the little arrow next to the gradient word, set the interpolation to none and last you need to make 3 colors, black for no luminance, and in the middle whatever color you want.

        Tip: you can set the pos for the middle ones to 45 and 55 to have a perfect middle line.

        You can set the overall color of the sphere from the color tab witch is first.

        To make it cool throw a fresnel in the reflection tab and play with the settings.
        Maybe you know about the settings and you wanted only the luminance but here is all i can share.

        I hope that makes sense.

  • Hi everybody!

    I’m trying to make much easier animation with just an editable object (sphere with a shaped hole actually) and Explosion FX applied. It’s just about making sphere from a many shutter parts.

    I use Physical render with GI in IR + QMC (Camera animation) and Motion blur. It looks great when I render active view, but in final render to Tiff sequence sphere became randomly shadowed and there is no Motion blur before Explosion FX stop working completely.

    Image to illustrate the problem:

    What should I change?

  • Guys guys…!!! can any1 tell me how to use move axis tool of this r13..??
    as per my concern, in r12 it was like piece of cake. but in r 13, whole object is moving,,!! πŸ™

  • Great tutorial. My blue light inside the small sphere is disjointed from the sphere so the blue glowing line doesn’t match the center line of the sphere, any idea how to correct that?

    • copy paste the position values of the sphere to the light and then parent the sphere to the light. this must help to make the light always follow the sphere.

    • OrvYou could also make the light a child of the sphere. Then zero out the position coordinates on the light. That’ll center it, right in line with the sphere’s center point.

  • Hey whats up guys. I swear I have no clue what I am doing wrong. Seems so simple. All I am doing is trying to replicate to sphere glow material and can’t get it working at all. Can anyone post a project file with just the material to see what I am doing wrong? It would be much appreciated, thanks.

  • Hi Nick,

    I am starting to learn cinema 4d R12 with the online tutorials like fxphd,cineversity and so,but my question is how do all the pros that we are seeing (you included!!) learn cinema 4d is it self taught,online tuts,special classrooms,animation institutes…

    I really don’t have a clue how to learn so that i can have good enough knowledge about cinema 4d cuz I can’t find any animation institutes for c4d please let me know πŸ™‚


  • Hello friend, thanks for working so hard for us, quick question, if I do partially explosion, the remaining portion of the sphere goes flying around, how do I make it look naturally stopped due to friction or whatever forces? and I can’t seem to work out the friction %, it never works for me, do I have to turn off things before I could adjust? would be glad, love you

  • Well done
    Please tell me you will make a nice and slow Thinking particles tutorial!!!!!

    And i would love to see a tutorial for each deformer especially the rarely used ones like Squash and stretch, morph

  • and I tried to put a wall behind the flying portion of the sphere, and tried dynamic body tag on the exploding sphere and the walle, I thought that is used to interact 2 objects with one another, but it wont’ work…the wall goes flying at the beginning of the animation…

  • A few months ago I played around with the Fx explode and the hypernurbs “effect” on the pieces to get a desintegrating/re-integrating (that can’t be proper english) animated effect.

  • Hey, when i put in a light in your Light Studio its turned off with that red cross, and when i turn it to the green check, it went red all the time, help plz

  • Vassil Shotaroff July 12, 2012 at 2:05 am

    Hi !
    I’m not sure if you check your old videos’comments, so I decided to write an e-mail. I hope its not a problem. My question is about the “Shatter an object in Cinema 4D without any plugins” tutorial. I watched the follow up and tried to recreate the light ball, but when I add the light inside of the sphere and add its alpha, exclude the sphere, i get one really not cool stripe on the walls or on the floor if the ball is facing that way. How did Chris get rid of that ?

    • Try excluding your background plane (Or whatever is receiving the unwanted light) from your light that’s inside your sphere, the same as you excluded the sphere. Should get rid of it.

  • I still do not understand how to make the sphere D: I get different results

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  • When I put the light inside the sphere and hit play, the light shoots out of the sphere, I’ve excluded it from the light. What else should I do. Using r13

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