Siggraph 2012 Rewind: Presentations and Tutorials

August 29, 2012

Cineversity just posted all of the C4D videos from the MAXON’s booth at Siggraph 2012 including my presentation, “How To Create Motion Graphics On The Fly”. In the video, I go though three separate quick tutorials on how to set up scenes in C4D. In the first, I show you how I made this “3D” image below (4:00). Then, I show you how to set up dynamics to make a bowling alley with dynamic pins and ball (19:50). Finally, in the third tutorial, I show you how to set up a yellow room look based on this image by Peter Tarka (30:00). Be sure to watch all of the presentations over there. It was a hugely talented line-up this year full of great C4D artists.

Tutorial 1 Result

Tutorial 2 Result

Tutorial 3 Result

Watch all the Siggraph C4D Presentations Here.

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  • I cant wait to dig my teeth into these Nick! Love your tutorials. By far some of the easiest to follow and most informative video tuts around.

  • Amazing tutorials Nick like always .. Thank you 🙂

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to give these a try. You really should set up a GSG school, like the fxphd guys did and teach everything motion graphics from start to finish. I’d be your first customer! Haha

  • Thanks Nick….But i found difficulties in watching them at their site,. though i updated my Flashplayer,..what if they post them in their Vimeo Channel where would be easy to run them….(Sorry for my poor english)!!..Please help…Your Student Fundo Mkambati from Tanzania,.East Africa

  • Great resource, but unfortunately impossible to watch. Why is the streaming from Cineversity always such a big pain and trouble?

  • Yeah they were unwatchable for me last night. Glad to hear it wasn’t on my end.

  • Same as before. Can’t watch more than 10 seconds before it spins & spins & spins & never re-starts. Would love to see these. Wish they would put them on Vimeo as they did with the NAB presentations. Right now, this is completely worthless.

  • Enjoyed watching the vids. Connect object saves me loads of the time. How about instead on the first tutorial using a hair material instead of having the geo intensive sweep nurb? Works the same when thickness is controlled in the hair material editor but it will not be as taxing on your scene. Good work Nick!

  • Jesus christ, y allways admired Tarka’s posters, you should be the next Marvel superhero Nick lol. BTW, where did you get those premade objects you use in tutorial 3?

  • Damn! This is good stuff! Every time I visit GSG I get re-enthused and re-energised for C4D – could this be a GSG Reality Distortion Field? Or just the infectious enthusiasm of you guys?

    BTW – I sold my first illustration done in C4D today – here’s hoping this is just the start!

  • I am a chinese student , I like your tutorials. ?????????????????

  • Thanks for sharing these awesome tutorials. Just started with Cinema 4D a few months ago and discovered this blog. Your tutorials really helped me to improve my scenes.

  • How cool is the Connect object !
    Been using C4D for years & had no idea.

  • I can barely see more than the first 10 seconds of the video. I guess this will be unwatchable for most people until it’s put on Vimeo.

  • hey nick …………thanks for sharing these awesome tutorials…….but how to download it?

  • Hi.
    I can watch but sometimes that the first video and not the one I clicked that’s playing … strange 🙂

    Very nice tutos. I very liked the one with the 3D word.
    I appreciated tutos about camera calibrator. I understand now why you like that new feature.

  • Bummer, they won’t play, even after updating flash.

  • look at nick cute small biceps!! I love it!!!

  • hey Nick,
    Even after three years of GSG your tutorials are like for the beginners!! till now no modelling or charactor rigging/animation!

    you are just trying to promote your products by making tutorials which uses your plugin!
    I like your tutorials but its been three years with same old tricks!!

    Push out your limits!make something new in your blog like charactor animation or modelling or rigging!!

    If anyone supports/hates my suggestion reply me back!!

    • Well, as I remember Nick always says, that he´s not great at modelling,rigging,etc. and I can´t blame him for that…he´s got other priorities.
      I can´t blame him for pushing his products, after all, he´s got to eat.

      BUT, there ist no development in his tutorials within the last year or so, the quality rather declines. I remember complex tutorials like the “Cherry-7UP” and now we see things like a sphere (nicks trademark and for me it´s rather funny than annoying) follwing a spline, no more The Monkey, no more Chris Schmidt,etc.

      Nothing bad about supporting beginners, but I miss those sophisticated stuff….,

      • i too miss those sophisticated stuffs!! yeah he helps lot for the beginners!! I know he does not knows modeling /rigging he already mentioned in his tutorials! but still why he is not pushing up his limits?? not trying to learn those and help beginners??

      • I hear you about the more complicated tutorials. I have a few planned that should be coming soon. Shiny Spheres are a great way to learn, but sometimes the more complicated stuff is good to see. I certainly don’t know everything about C4D, but I am trying to get the small part that I DO know out for you guys.

    • Hold your horses. I will have a 5 hour rigging tutorial up by then end of the week. For free…

  • I’ve found GSG incredibly useful the last couple weeks as I’ve got stuck into AE, and really, I’ve not found a site with better tutorials. Rather than just peddling products, your vids give the viewer the tools required to be creative with their own ideas. Soo props on that.

    Anyway, reason for my comment is I can’t find your video anywhere on the site. LEsson 1 looks really interesting, but the click throughs take me else where, and I can’t find your video listed on there.

    Any tips? Maybe its region restricted? Who knows.

  • Too bad, the video is very poor quality.
    Good job!

  • Where can we get the animated gif photoshop action?
    thanks in advance.

  • To those that are complaining, why are you still following tutorials after three years? You STILL need tutorials after three years, and yet complain that Nick’s are not complex enough?

    • I always pull something out of each one. Including the linking to the rest of the SIGGRAPH tuts through this site. If you find his to be too basic simply click on one of the other presentations. There is loads of info held within just that one hot link. Showing you better hair solutions, realistic rope dynamics through spring connectors, and even a presentation from some dude named Andrew Kramer. All for free….

  • Thanks Nick, always a 2fer with your tutorials. Design lessons and Cinema…

  • It’s been 2 weeks that i dived in to this 3d animation stuff and i’m learning hard. After effects was kinda boring.. adding 3d really took my game to the next level. Love to experiment!
    I must say i really enjoy your videos you are like a mad professor to me and you never get boring! Hahaha. Greetings from Amsterdam!

  • The moderator lady at the end was hot. I wasn’t expecting that. lol

  • Thanks Nick!!
    Where was shown in the first tutorial web site?
    Quick M…….&*#%&……..^^;;;

  • Siggraph C4D Presentations link doesn’t work please reload please

  • Hello! I am a novice??Can I ask you a question? How welding spline in editable polygons?

    and You are great Nick??

  • Thanks but these are such poor quality you can’t see what’s going on.

  • Cineversity website seems have some trouble, I can’t watch it. Too bad.

  • Somnabolic Hyperactive October 5, 2012 at 9:12 am

    1st, thank you for a great tutorial! your tuts are always really informative and fun!
    2nd, i cant see ur video… the link seems to be messed up. i want see this one so bad

  • If you’re still having problems with the videos on the Cineversity website, they are on Vimeo now.

    Nick’s presentation is here

  • I am a bit new to C4D. I did the tracer tutorial and it turned out great. I was then going to add the sound effector and have the thing go nuts to music. My idea was to put all the objects in a cloner but have them only clone once. Then add the sound effector to the cloner only effecting the Z scale. It worked great when rendering in the working view. It even built the preview movie fine. But, when I tried to render in the render queue the cloner object won’t render, which means the entire object won’t render. Am I missing something simple? I was wanting to render out all of the frames and import into After Effects.

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