Signal Live Stream Q&A

July 30, 2014

Here is the recording of our Signal Live Stream where we go over some scene files made with our new animation Plugin, Signal.

We also answer questions about Signal from the live chat.

Playing with this new tool over the last few months has really changed my animation workflow in Cinema 4D. I’m excited to finally launch this and have it available to you.

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  • I’m liking “Signal”. Can you put a “sound effector” in the “Add Modifiers” folder?
    I would really like music tracks to drive “Signal”. Any way thanks. Your the BEST.

  • hi,

    Is it possible with signal to animate the mine shaft exercise without keyframes?


  • The playback mode pingpong is using the same curve just backwards. Why don’t you add another pingpong without mirroring the curve?
    Let’s say the object is growing fast at the beginning and also starts fast with shrinking.
    And thanks for all the great work!

  • I made he switch from Softimage to C4D when the Softimage EOL announcement came out (after evaluating many apps, including Houdini and Modo). Having now used C4D for a few months in production, I have to say that the one thing that was always a struggle was understanding how to get noise to drive channels that we’re not just motion or deformation of points, but to drive parameters like the intensity of a light (for example). Noise came along at the PERFECT time for me, because this is something I need to do a lot in my VFX work, and it was always a struggle. I can’t wait to play with Signal and see how it makes uh tinge easier for my day-in and day-out work. Thank you all so much for this very useful plugin!

  • Hey guys,

    I tried to link the MoText attribute to signal so I could animate from one character to another for a simple loop, however It doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?


  • Really loving Signal, have been transferring the animations I make with it into Unity3D without any issues or needing to convert to keyframes 😀

  • Great! I’m a Mexican designer. I started with photoshop but then go to cinema 4D, I learned many of you, thank you! done great tutorials!
    I hope you do not mind but I downloaded all tutorials :).

    Ignacio T. Huizar

  • Can u use Signal on xpresso tag and from there make it be driven by sound ? or at all be used with xpresso

  • Great plugin.

    I don’t see that signal can be used for point level animation. Am I correct here – I don’t see any interface option here you can drag up to the signal icon…


  • Please, please, please put together a less frantic tut on using signal to create cool camera moves — like for car commercials. Malty has a cool script for AE that does this and I’m CONVINCED Signal could do the same for us in C4D. Best use of multiple nulls and cameras etc.

    Here’s the vid:

    Many thanks

    • you wanna check out the free plugin “steady cam pro”. it takes a bit to get used too but it is by far the best camera rig i have ever used. the possibilieties are endless.

      once you get a hold of it is a bit like mograph, in that way that you start combining different techniques the rig offers to achieve very complex cam moves

  • Is there an update coming – converting to keyframes is pretty useless at the moment.

    When I try to convert Signal animations to keyframes so that I can use send my scene files to render farms, the process takes forever – and more than once, Cinema has completely hung while converting to key frames.

  • Just got Signal… and I am hooked!

    p.s. My wife is going to beat me.

  • hey nick,

    i have been with you from the very beginning and i have to thank you (and chris for that matter) for greatly helping me learn c4d.

    though, now is the time for criticism. i have very very mixed feelings about signal and transform. i strongly believe that this raises an army of preset zombies. don’t get me wrong, your plugins are well made and are (sometimes) useful in the hand of a skilled c4d users but i find it very dangerous to rely on that.

    i was so happy when i finally started to really get mograph and all of a sudden i was able to realize my ideas within c4d rather than forcing the idea/design into my technical horizon. i was able to think of something and actually do that in mograph. this is were i really got better, first of all in designing stuff but also in technical stuff. after that, the knowledge train kept on moving.

    your light kit is so great…because it helps you design instead of feeding you presets.

    on the other side, i guess this helps people to make good looking stuff fast and hopefully starts an interest in understanding the gears and bolts behind it.

    please nick, no hard feelings. i really respect you and what you did for the c4d community. just my 2 cents.

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