Sketch & Toon Style 2: Painterly City Tutorial

March 14, 2014

The second part in a series of Sketch & Toon tutorials. This time we’ll try and recreate a fun painterly style and apply it to City Kit. In the end we’ll have a render that comes straight of Cinema that doesn’t look 3D at all.

From Artist Aurelien Predal 

Drop a link in the comments below of a Sketch & Toon Style you may want to see in future tutorials.


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  • Loving this series Chris.

  • Keep these coming, Chris! A new one every couple of days is great!

  • Raw Chicken Studio March 14, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Hey Nick, this is a video I did last year and also I used your city kit with Sketch and Toon

  • Great tutorials! Excited to jump into these hand drawn inspired looks.

  • Wow. Chris, just a few days after the first? It’s like Christmas. Again! 🙂

    Keep up the great work, guys!

  • I’ve been trying to get a painterly style going for so long now in CINEMA 4D and just when I upload this Chris brings out an even better tutorial 🙂

  • This S & T series are very inspiring.
    I have not seen anyone so far presented this feature in-depth like you Chris.
    Keep it up!
    BTW I’m big fan of tradicional Japanese brush painting ei. Sumi-e.
    I hope that one of the following tutorials can consider this topic also.

  • Awesome! I Better come up with storylines.

  • Hi,
    really nice tutorial!!!

    Is there any possibility to avoid the flickering of the tiles (or windows in this case)?! please help meee 😀

  • Hey! awesome job, for real.
    Im working in a projection mapping intallation and this tuts work really well for me.
    You think that is possible get the feeling of this paint on c4d?
    I know if its possible you can.
    Thanks dude, keep doing this amazing job 🙂

  • Thanks for doing these! The first tutorial helped me to get an effect I have spent many an hour trying to work out. So thanks, and keep them coming!

  • I absolutely love the painterly effect. Can’t wait to try the tutorial out!

  • thanks so much
    great ************@

  • Love the series! I was wondering if you might do a tut on a style like this:

  • This is very good. For a suggestion, can you do the popular Anime looks. I think that is what we are constantly tying to do but fail to make it look organic.

  • Great Tut! I’ve been meaning to do something like this for a while now. I seen your Tut and created this video. Great effect and quick to render!

  • Thanks. It is really nice too see some sketch toon style tutorials..Maybe he could try to explore the street fighter 4 ink style as I am sure a lot of people been wondering how it could be achieve. Below I have attached a link for anyone who does know it and few images..

  • is there a way to go from a hand painted look to a fully rendered within the same render and then import it into after effects?

  • I’ve not had a great deal of time recently to work with cinema4d, most client projects have been based around building websites. But this tutorial just triggered something in me, to which I thank you Chris

  • This was a great tutorial, I learnt a lot.

    Thank you Chris.

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