Sketch & Toon Style 3: Stippled Dino

March 28, 2014

The third part in the Sketch & Toon tutorial series. Working from the base model and animation of a T-rex from Sébastien Florand found in the Studio examples folder we’ll create a dotted material procedurally for the shading. Then we’ll create a darker outline with Sketch & Toon.

Drop a link in the comments below of a Sketch & Toon Style you may want to see in future tutorials.


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  • woow it is amazing

  • hola nick y cris mi pregunta es
    se puede hacer esto en cinema ???

  • Completamente asombroso, el estilo y el acabado esta muy bien logrado… gracias
    Greyscalegorilla 😉

  • Hey Chris can you do a Sketch and Toon tutorial on the style of Mobius:

    I love his broken line style with all the dots in the detail work. This style looks perfect for sketch & toon.

  • Another great tutorial.

    Next can i suggest like from the other video….more robots….
    The sand text example I sent you on facebook. If you havent seen that i will post it here…

    I made a version of this myself but going from left to right instead of the middle…and i had to kind of cheat it. Used poly fx on the text…then thinking particles in 2 sizes for some sand/rocks…..and pyrocluster for dust/smokeyness.
    Problem is even trying to separate the layers and render them each separately is taking forever. Just the dust/smoke has taken about 5 hours to get not even 50 frames out of 300…lol So i would love to see maybe Chris’s approach to this.

    • mind you without the plug in of course…cause i know it can be done with TP so that it actually spawns the particles from the text as it dissolves away…
      Instead of my cheat way where i just keyframed the TP to follow along with the dissolving text. If that makes sense…lol

  • These have been really helpful. Thank you for doing all the experimenting for us!

    Next, I would really like to see a stark contrast, Sin-City, graphic novel inspired style.

  • very nice job…i have learned an amazing amount from you over the years…thank doing the Dyno and i think i have a good result….

  • Nice one chris ..!

    Take a look at this style :

    the Camera Sketch part..

    and this one :

    thanks for sharing a great knowledge GSG team 😉

    here an interesting case where i would like some advice:

    can’t figure out how to setup this type stroke. I mean generate stroke is ok but tell C4D WHERE to generate them. the left figure exemple, i dunno if i should focus on illumiation areas or fold or pylogons curve… This type of hand draw are so beautifull but recreate this in cinema seems pretty complicated! Any help will be welcomed and appriciated!
    Cheers and thanks again for all these great tutorials!

  • Great one Chris,
    By the way, judging by the things I’ve seen in the last year I believe you should start your tutorials by saying: “I am the gorilla”.

  • Could you do a Sketch & Toon tutorial on the style of jean giraud moebius? his style would be perfect for Sketch & Toon.

  • This is very cool.

    But you know what will be even more cool. Actually doing 3D integration to live action footage. Almost on the same lines as Transformers.

    What do you think Chris and Nick?

  • Chris –

    This would have been a good tutorial to use Nick’s most recent C4D Quick Tip, using a custom viewport for rendering. You would have saved a lot of jumping back and forth between the picture viewer . . .

  • Chris –

    This would have been a good tutorial to have used Nick’s Cinema 4D Quick Tip 5 – Make a Custom View Port for Rendering. It would have save a lot of time jumping back and forth to the picture viewer to see the results of each change to the sketch and toon shader . . .

  • please please please THIS one

  • I’d like to suggest the telltale games “the wolf amongst us” style.

  • hello chris am a desighner in kenya and i was wondering if you can make a tutorial on how to make this video

  • Gerard Brillante April 22, 2014 at 11:19 am

    A question for Casey Hupke:

    Can you please break down how the IBM Data Baby was created? I personally like the graphics wrapping around the baby and how it form into “balls” or “data.”

    It reminded me of the AT&T ad you also did so can you please give us a tutorial of how it’s done? Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks for all 3 of the Sketch and Toon tutorials! You’ve taught me to do things with it that I literally been trying to figure out on my own for years. So I am grateful. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

  • Hello guys from GreyscaleGorilla,

    My name is nova and i was wondering how you can rig your characters in cinema 4d. For example this guy is making his characters and he is face rigging them.. maybe you can show us how to make it by making a grey gorilla character move? I love to know how he made these kind of characters moving and smiling (emotions) Hope to hear from you guys! Love your website, keep up the good work!!
    P.S. sorry for my bad English.

    Best regards,

    Nova Luna

  • Hi Chris, hi everyone.

    I see during this process the ‘Illumination’ modifier within the ‘Thickness’ tab resulted in unwanted artefacts on Dino’s tail.

    I am having the same problem with my scene and can not figure out how to fix it (see image link).
    If anyone out there has knowledge on this issue do share.

    Thank you.

  • Thanks a lot for the tutorials, I combined this lesson with another one from 2010 and I created this short animation.
    Thanks again.

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