Sketch & Toon Style 5: Watercolors Tutorial

May 21, 2014

The fifth and final in the series of Sketch & Toon tutorials for now. For the first time ever Chris will spend more time in After Effects, getting only two simple render passes out of C4D using CityKit to have something to render quickly.


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  • kinda disapointed that you did most of this in afteraffects no c4d, means i cant really do it 🙁

  • These tutorials have opened so many possibilities. Thanks!

  • Best watercolor emulation I have ever seen!

  • Man but I really, really have enjoyed this series. It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve found it to be (by far) the most accessible and fun look at some of the 2D (ish) artistic styles that Sketch & Toon/After Effects are capable of emulating. While I would obviously love it if this was an even MORE extensive and ongoing series (there have been a lot of great suggestions in the comments for sure) I’m super grateful for how much was shared & how many different styles you manages to get into.

    So, yeah! Can’t wait to play with several of the things that I learned here — just a ton of cool options. Very cool, and thanks again!

    • Thanks Jason, it was a lot of fun to do. I think I’ll be focused on some other things for awhile now though!

      • How can I view the other Sketch & Toon tutorials in this series? I don’t see a search box on the site, or a tag, or any other way to find them…

  • Greetings. I enjoy your site and have learned a lot from you guys so keep up the good work. I was wondering if you know of a good tutorial for making smoke coming from burning incense. Thanks

  • That’s very nice!

  • Hello im Chris Zamora. I want to let you greyscale know that im a huge fan and im going to school for motion graphics. I just wanted to feel like I have a voice and say hello to the real teachers of the industry you and vid copilot. thank you for the vids and are there ways to contact the creators personally.

  • Great tutorial Chris, thanks!!!

  • Hey, Chris

    Nice tut, thanks for crediting 🙂

  • Guilherme Harrison May 24, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    This Jawed my Drops, man! AMAZING!

  • Shortcuts for you.
    Open Composition settings –
    Ctrl + K (Win) CMD +k (Mac)
    Select your layer and then kit Ctrl + Alt + F (Win) CMD +Alt + f (Mac)
    that will fit your layer to the comp.

  • Hey Chris,

    Great tut. CHALLANGE: you think you can dup this awesome technique?

  • any chance you guys can make another hydraulic arm tutorial??
    a more current one

  • is there any chance to make this kind of rendering ( jewelry in traditional watercolor ) using your technics ?

  • If you could some how do a tutorial on this type of shading, that would be awesome, not sure if this falls into the category of Sketch & Toon due to my lack of knowledge of the capabilities of S&T

  • I hope that everyone caught the hidden tip in this tutorial. Listen to Daniel Dennett. ;p

  • Of course you could also save yourself a ton of time by just using one of the 1,000s of watercolor presets to process the image in Synthetik’s Studio Artist ( 😉

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