January 10, 2017

In this tutorial, Chad will break down the typical HDRI workflow in Arnold and demonstrate how much faster it can be with HDRI Link. Typically, testing out several different HDRI’s in your scene can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Basically a pain in the butt.  HDRI Link sets out to solve that by making the process easy and dare we say fun? HDRI Link is available here for $69 and ships with 10 example HDRIs AND a free Bonus HDRI Expansion Pack with 20 HDRs.

Interesting side note regarding HDRI Link: Roughly 90% of all the images on the @gsg_3d Instagram account used HDRI Link. Even @lockedandloading swears by it.

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  • Amazing done by Greyscalegorila. cgts!

  • Looks helpful for sure, but with the “Modern Industrial” bonus… I didn’t see any previews or examples of that pack shown on the site anywhere.

  • Ciao guys! Great news and great job!!!
    Is HDRI Link working also with Corona?



  • Very useful tag for arnold , well done!
    Now, where’s that arnold material EDC library ????!!!!!!

  • Wow, that looks cool with Arnold, congratulations.
    Unfortunately I do not own either Arnold or Octane, but I own Redshift.
    And it really works with Redshift?
    Did I missed the tutorial about Redshift workflow?
    Thank you.

  • Looks like an awesome product guys!

    How to we integrate our existing HDRI libraries with HDRI link? Looking forward to not having to dig around my HD again!

    • Sorry but external libraries are not supported. However, if we get enough interest we will look at adding that functionality in a future release. Thanks!

  • Oh that is a shame. It would be a great feature for designers if we could browse HDRIs that we have created ourselves and saved to HD.

  • This looks very useful! What’s the resolution of the hdri images?

  • Hi guys, what’s the resolution of the hdris?

  • Looks awesome! Does it only work with the latest version of Arnold?

  • A Tutorial for Vray would be nice.

  • For anyone who is interested in having HDRI Link work for Thea Render, this is what I did:

    1. Set up the scene with a C4D sky object
    2. Add HDRI Link tag
    3. Add Thea Sky tag
    4. In the Thea tag, select IBL for Illumination
    4b. Find any hdr file in the “File” selection, just to load something and get the shader property to load.
    5. On the HDRI Link tag go to the “Advanced” tab > Right-Click > Xpressions > Set Driver
    6. On the Thea Sky Tag, under the Shader Properties section of the Image based Lighting, Right-Click the “File” > Xpressions > Set Driven (Absolute)

    At this point you should have an Expression Node with XPresso nodes that connect the “Path” of HDRI Link tag to the “File” path of Thea Sky tag.

    I am sure someone out there knows a better way to do this as I am a simpleton when it comes to Expressions and XPresso.

    Hope this help someone else out there 😉

  • Thanks for all the great products; is there a how to video or insights on using HDRI link with Cycles 4d (trying the demo now) and own HRDI link. Also, any thoughts on Cycles 4D; as far as using it with C4d, compared to other Render Engines. Thanks much

  • daniel@smileynote.com January 23, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    Is there a Cycles 4D tutorial for HDRI LINK thanks

  • I will pay Chad $200 if he can Please tell me all about how Arnold works in c4d. I cannot for the life of me find a comprehensive tutorial anywhere. I am Very Familiar with C4D I’ve watched a bunch of your tuts. I’ve purchased your products. I love you guys. I’m new to Arnold in c4d and I cannot figure out how to Make an Earth with Animated clouds for a documentary while the Earth is Spinning with Arnold. I want to make the most realistic Earth Scene in a time lapse as possible. Can you Please help me?

  • Hey y’all do you ever plan on implementing a color correcting option for HDRI Link and C4DtoA? I don’t know why I assumed it was included as an option. One of the nice things about using image based lighting in Arnold is that you just have to drop in a color correct node in your image material for on the fly adjustments instead of jumping into photoshop. Twould obv expand the usefulness by tons. Thx!

    • That would be awesome we agree, but to do it for every renderer that HDRI Link supports would be difficult and expensive to do. Thanks for the comment!

  • Hey guys i just went to the HDRI link page (not the suite) and I can’t find an add to cart button. It’s just a vimeo video. How do i buy it, is it still available?


  • Thanks for the tutorial / demo Chad. Somehow related and this might real simple but I’ve been pulling my hair trying to figure it out. How do you turn the HDRI BG off in Arnold’s Skydome light or Sky? Meaning I only want to render the lighting attributes of the HDRI not see the BG (or use another one). Thank you!

  • Hi Chad
    Is the HDRI Link working with Arnold 5? Can’t seem to get it to work on my machine.

    • HDRI Link works just fine with Arnold 5. I watched your video about the release of Arnold 5 and then downloaded the latest version of HDRI Link. Work’s perfectly! Thanks so much.

  • Hi, I am having some problems using hdri link with arnold the arnold sky object/main/ color – after change the mode to texture a new window automatically pop up and ask me for a texture. Of course I’m closing the window cos I want to drag and drop the color in to HDRI tag. Unfortunately when i try to do it it’s just not working. Mean nothing is happening. So please if this is not only my problem tell me how did you solve it. If it’s only my problem please give me some ideas…

    I am using C4D R18 and Win 10 (I have the problem after I installed arnold 5)

  • very easy to use in arnold, I really like it. But I have one problem with HDRI Link and Redshift. I can’t use it with redshift, can you please reply me asap on how to get it work. I am currently working on a personal project the only thing missing is the lighting :d

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