Speed Up your HDRI Workflow in Octane with HDRI Link

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In this tutorial, Chad will break down the typical HDRI workflow in Octane and demonstrate how much faster it can be with HDRI Link. Typically, testing out several different HDRI’s in your scene can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Basically a pain in the butt.  HDRI Link sets out to solve that by making the process easy and dare we say fun? HDRI Link is available here for $69 and ships with 10 example HDRIs AND a free Bonus HDRI Expansion Pack with 20 HDRs.

Interesting side note regarding HDRI Link: Roughly 90% of all the images on the @gsg_3d Instagram account used HDRI Link. Even @lockedandloading swears by it.

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  • Can you add your own HDR collection, or is it limited to GSG products?

    In the video the comparison is vs Windows Explorer, which hopefully isn’t part of anyone’s “typical workflow” for this task. Wouldn’t it be more fair to put it against C4Ds Content Browser?

    • Even with using the content browser you’d have to reselect your light and drag the thumbnail into the parameter every time you want to swap HDRs. With HDRI Link your tag does not even need to be selected. You could have anything selected and still be able to swap HDRs. Hope this helps!

      • Yes I got that from the video, it just felt like you were deliberately creating the worst possible workflow as a comparison to make the plugin look better.
        As someone said: “Do not appose yourself with your weakest opponent, it will make you look silly”

        • Thanks for the comment, but that was not my intention. I was re-enacting a workflow many people I know use every day (including myself). Sorry if you think it was misleading.

  • …and now for some octane tutorials!

  • Just bought this! I love it, makes it so much quicker and easier to preview lighting setups – am really enjoying seeing Octane stuff on GSG. Thanks

  • Is there a tutorial on how to use HDRI link with redshift?

  • Hey Chad, I haven’t found a good way to make the seamless studio in Octane like I used to do using the compositing tag. How’d you make your seamless BG?

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