Stick Textures To Dynamic Objects For a Fun Final Reveal

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In this tutorial, I show you how to stick a texture to your dynamic objects so that when they fall to their resting place, their combined textures make an image.

We have been trying to figure out this technique for a while. It eluded us until Farzin entered his Five Second Project Entry. I got so excited to finally see that technique working, I asked him to make a video showing us exactly how he did it and If I could make a longer tutorial for GSG. I can’t stop thinking of fun ways to use this technique and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.


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  • mohamad ageena May 4, 2013 at 6:38 am

    Hi every one it is a great project i liked it very much i try this many times and when i went to the render stage there is some thing like miss calculation of the map although i stick it in a right way i did it many times and always the same proplem .. is this about my computer config … i try it on a mac i7 2.66 with 4 g ddr3 ram and old pc the same proplem i used the c4d studio 14

  • Hey Everyone,

    i´m using R14 Studio, but I can´t make the cloner editable like u guys. What happens is that the cloner split up in Instance objects. and if hit play nothing happens, the objects are just still. I can´t figure out what the problem could be. Mabe someone of you can help me.

    Thank you so much

  • Awesome work Nick, & a big “THANK YOU” to Farzin for the solve. Nice to learn more & more 🙂

    Keep doing your stuff guys 😉

  • I know this might be the wrong topic but I have a problem with my Broadcast presets in the content browser. ITS GONE! The file is there, but all the items are gone…

    Please, can anyone help me out?

  • Ok so im using R13 and it has the QMC option and the sample count option…
    Is it best to use R13s QMC or use Indirect illumination…

  • I am tring to follow your tuto, but here is a problem…
    When I hit Generate UVW cordinae key. It generates the image of first keyframe.. Even though i put my keyframe the end of timeline… I can not fit this problem for a week..
    please helpp me


  • Hi there. Nice one!
    After the dynamitc clones have dropped, they are still moving although i put friction up to 300-500%. what can i do to make them stop moving?

  • My image is too big for material.I tried to resize it but have still same problem.

  • Hi Nick, Awesome Tutorial, just wondering when I place my logo into the texture I lose part of it… can you have any idea why?? Thanks for all!!

  • Great tutorial Nick! I was just looking for a solution to an ad where I had to stick a texture to a bunch of cloned objects, and I stumbled by this tutorial. Thanks to you I met my deadline 🙂 ! Keep up the great tutorials.

    Many thanks


  • Hey Nick thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I’m a new C4D user and I’ve learned a lot from your work. Im having a bit of a problem with this tutorial though! While setting up my rigid body’s it seems the simulation only works for me when I apply the RB to the cloner object. When I apply it to the cube object itself I get no result!

  • Im sorry for the first comment I left, I should have checked the comments first to see if anyone else was having the same problem that I ran into and it seems as though someone else did. I understand that different of versions of C4D use Rigid Body’s in different ways, but the problem I am running into has to do with making my cloner object editable, after doing so it deletes my Rigid Body thus producing no simulation, any advice for this particular problem!?

  • Hello, probably won’t get an answer because I know you guys might have better things to do, but have a setup 2 cloner objects, each contain 22 different textured cubes(logos on them), they all meet in the middle, collide then settle down and I need to project a big logo on this whole setup… Any suggestions?

  • Just came across this tutorial. Are you getting different Dynamics results when you make your cloner editable because you are converting the Cloner object to a null and the random effector is no longer applied?

    If you replace the “Cloner” null with a Fracture object you can reapply the Random effector to your Fracture object. Then make the cubes a child of the Fracture and delete the null

  • To anyone else using Broadcast who’s stuck at the part when the image scatters after “Generate UVW Coordinates”, and only forms at frame 0, try this:

    After putting the layers of editable cubes into a Mograph Fracture with the dynamics tag, go to the last frame where it settles > MoGraph Tag > MoGraph Cache > Bake (the tag should change from red to green)

    Duplicate this Fracture with the Cache (lets call this Fracture1) to another Fracture2(turn off view from viewport)

    Make Fracture1 editable > select all Texture tags of cube layers > Right click > Generate UVW Coordinates

    Delete all cube layers in Fracture2 > bring ALL layers from Fracture1 to Fracture2 > make sure you turn it back on on viewport (and delete Fracture1) > PLAY! it should be able to work now 🙂

  • Awesome tutorial. I am not too familiar with your HDRI rig, but I was wondering where you were getting shadows from in this scene. As in which source was producing them. Is your IBL creating the shadows? I don’t think they could produce shadows but maybe I have been missing out on something.

  • Nice Thank you so much for this tutorial. Keep up the good work

  • Paco Fernández June 21, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    Thanks a lot for your help, saludos from Madrid, Spain.

  • Thanks for the tutorial!! I am very new to Cinema 4d and I am having a bit of a trouble here.. When I apply rigid body to the cube it wont simulate however if I apply to the cloner it does simulate so.. What am I doing wrong? cheers

  • Render Preview doesn’t render the same as render viewer. My Logo on a preview & viewport assembles fine but on in Randomizes in Final Render.

    Im using R12

  • Before rendering every thing is fine. but When i am rendering the logo does not in there any more.. i also shattered with the cubes.

  • can we do this effect with transform plugin

  • Does somebody know how to make it with an irregular object, like a popcorn? I´m trying to do it with a rain of popcorns but it´s impossible!!

  • grate video! i like it.. but cant do it on my mac cuz when im goin to make (rigid body and collider) blocks explode..somebody can help me plz?

  • Hello Nick,

    Is it possible to make multiple materials to the cubes. The cubes looks to me like keyboard cubes so i want to apply the keyboard characters add to the cubes + the logo.

    I know you can more materials to one object but i’m a beginner en the only way that i learn is through tutorials. Please can you help me?!

    Greetings Carly from The Netherlands

    • Salut Nick,

      Thanks for this awesome tutorial!! But I have a problem :/ How can I change the texture of the cubes without losing the logo projection?? :))

  • there is another way to do this but i don’t know if it works with dynamics. you put the texture on the cloner itself. then under the cloner object properties, there is a menu called ‘fix texture”. i just set that to straight. there are certain projections it won’t work with and uvw is one of them. i just picked flat. you pretty much line the texture up prior to any effectors animating it, then it will stick to those objects while the effector passes through

  • Hello Nick,

    Is there any way to add sticker on after effects right after rendering Cinema 4D?
    I don’t know if it is possible to do it with using “external compositing tag”.
    I will be glad if you could response to me.

    Thank you!

  • Cant seem to make this work in R14 the second I hit C on the cloner the simulated tag is removed.

  • Hey guys. I would be willing to pay someone for some advice because I really want this concept for my video intro for my new company. Let me know if you’re interested. I don’t have a lot to pay but I would be willing to for some expertise.

    I have version 12. I’m not good at C4D. Lets start with that. Problem is when I play my animation everything works great. It plays slow obviously but all the pieces eventually get there.

    When I render it however, it doesn’t spell out my logo. Not even close. Seems like the dynamics are not as profound in the rendered version. But like I said when everything is played back before rendering it looks just fine.


  • I have my image but how do I make it smaller? When I project it onto the pieces it’s WAAAAAAAY to big.

  • I don’t want a logo, I want some text to be on there, but when i upload the image it’s all stretched and you can’t make out anything. All I want it to say is:


    If you can’t explain how can you at least do it

  • Woops sorry for the spam my internet was slow

  • You can get the proper proportions back to the initial stretched logo by going to the Texture Tag and changing the Pixel Aspect to 1.333 to match the Film Aspect of 1.333. Not sure if it’s the pro way to do it, but it got my projected logo back to normal size.

  • I can’t seem to get my dynamics to fall the same way twice. What am I doing wrong!?

  • I think all the steps right (Until the tags), but when a hit play nothing really happens? Can someone help me? Thanks

    I’m new with 3d…

    • Actually, the dynamics just works when i put it on Cloner, if i use on the cube it doesn’t work. So, whan i get to press C to break de Cloner my dynamics (because i use de dinamics on the cloner and not on the cube) stop work.

      Sombody knows why the dynamics dont work on the cube only work on the cloner?


  • I recently watched the Sound Effector tutorial, and thought it would be a nice effect to merge that technique with this one. The idea is to create a grid array of small cubes in a cloner and project an image onto that array. From there, use the sound effector to bounce the cubes up and down to the music. Of course, the sound effector works fine and the image is projected onto the cloner array, but I can’t get the texture/image to stick to the bouncing cubes… Any ideas???

  • Tried this in R15 latest update. Seems the render in picture viewer is completely different than what is in the editor. Tried it as single frame to check and also all frames. Picture Viewer always renders the same result, meaning the dynamics don’t change with each render, but it doesn’t match the editor. Project settings and render settings are 24fps. I haven’t been able to get this to work up to this point. 🙁

    Any insight could be helpful.

    • Update**

      Not sure if anyone else had this problem when trying alternate looks for this. It should be noted that when mixing textures such as a base material and then a separate alpha material to control a logo placement that the base & the alpha must be selected together and it’s necessary that you right click on the base material, NOT the alpha material, when selecting generate UVW coordinates or mixed textures will not work with this technique.

      Hope this helps anyone who has run into this!

      C4D R15

      • I ran into the same problem. I’m new to cinema4d is there anyway you could explain this in a more simple manor? I can’t get the render to match the actual model

  • has any1 accomplished to have two different logo projecting, one on each side of the tile? i have a rotating tile grid system that turns 180degree, and i wanna have another logo showned when the tiled have rotated

  • I have a problem with this. When I open my project on another PC for rendering, the textures are scramble, not in the position I want, Is there anyway to fix this?

  • this tutorial is can i get new to i need all the practice i can get.

  • Trevor Gilchrist May 4, 2014 at 2:29 pm

    Great tutorial, thanks. I followed it to the LETTER and all worked 100%, EXCEPT, the chips that I’m using in the pile remain gray, gray , gray — where yours are white like chewing gum. My logo is there where it’s suppused to be (Generated UVW coordinates etc) but my base “chewing gum” color won’t shift from gray. I’m using the HDR Studio Rig; R15; Physical renderer etc etc. I’ve triple checked your steps… what am I doing wrong? I’d post an image if I could…

    Many thanks

  • WHere can we found the hdri studio effects, thats the first i do with cinema 4d

  • thank you very much for this tutorial, it is easy to learn with your videos but something bothers me, can i finish your tutorials without having to buy your kits? , Cuz I’m a student and idont have to buy them.

    • We use the tools we make. We do offer a student discount. Hit up support if you are interested.

    • Hey Pablo I’m new in Cinema4D but I’m very used to work in Maya, Everything they do in Plug-ins is to make easier the job easier on some aspects, For your question I think you mean about Light Studio Pro Tools, is a great tool, I don’t have it eather but I know excelent tools that can achieve the same end results with a minimum of more work, if you are interested, contact me at and I advice you. By the way if you speak spanish, It wiil be better for both of us.

  • Morten Normann Almeland May 15, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    I am very new to Cinema 4D and have been trying to following some tutorial and they work great. This tutorial make me stop at 4 minutes out in the tutorial. When I play the scene nothing happends. No animation what so ever. So I must be doing something wrong… so do you know what that might be?

    By the way – great tutorials…..

    Hmmmmm it seems like I had to add the rigid body tag not to the cube but to the cloner. Hmmmm but on the tutorial you add it to the cube. so why is it different?

    Is there a way to get random color to the “gum”

    Hey it is me again – Sorry for asking a lot –
    The thing that I struggle with is this: I make the cube editeble and push play… everything works as it should… then I do the same for the cloner and then the animation stop working. And then I am stuck

    • Morten Normann Almeland May 20, 2014 at 1:42 am

      I found out that it was other options on Studio then on Broadcast version. I did not realice that!

  • After adding new camera, mograph is changed…
    In this tutorial, mograph hasn’t changed but whenever I try, always changed!

  • I’m hoping someone may be able to help me with a problem I’m trying to solve.

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to project a texture onto an object but have part of that texture obscured or knocked out by an object in front of it. I’m trying to create a room that has an anamorphic effect where viewed from one angle looks like a bunch of broken lines, but when viewed from another angle spells out a word(s). Camera projection doesn’t seem to do it and using a filter on a light doesn’t seem to work either. Both methods project the full texture on the object without knocking out the image in front of it.

    Thanks for the help.

    • You might be able to project a texture with a light. Turn the shadows on and it should do what you need it to.

      • Yeah, that seems to be the only thing that partially works right now, projecting a texture with a light and turning the shadows to raytraced. I think what we’re going to do is use it as a separate pass that we can later composite into our final scene.

        Thanks for the response Nick.


  • very nice and helpful tutorial as always… you should also say that if you want that animation to be the one that you want to render to bake it in order to prevent rendering something different from what you planned… to do it simply press ctrl + D and go in the dynamics tag and hit “bake”. in that way you will have ur animation and you will also be able to scroll through it in the timeline

  • Hi Nick, I have some question. I found this image and interesting how can i do it in cinema 4d.×0.jpg
    How can i tell to all object to use single color from projected image by the camera?
    All balls has single color, there is no half ball white and half ball black.
    If you know how to do it please share wit us) Or make a new tutorial)) it will be cool. Thnks for what you do for us!

  • Thanks for the tutorial!
    Only one question.
    How do i stick the material on moving objects so it does not looks like the objects is transparent and hoovering over the texture in the material without the camera mapping?
    Thanks in advance.

  • I love this tutorial and you explained it very well Nick.
    Thank you so much for continuing to help out everyone learn C4D

  • just in case it hasn’t been mentioned,
    I tried NET rendering a drop of my own without remembering that physics don’t carry over. Make sure you BAKE the physics before you try a NET render. Otherwise, the resulting sequence won’t match what you see in your C4D project:)

  • Hi Chris, Love the Tuts. Ive been having problems getting rid of the white space around the logo. i tried saving them as PNGs and PSDs but it still wont show the transparency. the texture im trying to map also somehow duplicates itself to the opposite side of the surface im applying it to. ive tried all i can but nothing works. Please Help

  • Hi Nick, i followed this tutorial with R16 and this is the result;

    And also i used this method for forced perspective animation ( its like 3d painting)
    this is the link;

    Thank you for great tips!

  • Hey,

    Great tutorial!

    Everything seems to have worked fine for me except for the most crucial part.. When I preview the animation by scrubbing through the timeline the animation seems to go exactly as planned. But when I render out the animation the falling squares do not reveal the image that I ‘stuck’ to the squares.. They are just all piled on top of each other in a mess.. I am looking through the render camera that I set up which in the scene reveals my image nicely, but this is not what is rendering out.

    I have probably not done the render settings correctly..Does anyone have any idea what I may have done wrong here?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Thanks Nick for a great tutorial – thought I’d share what I made. Got a bit bogged down until I baked the dynamics but couldn’t have done it without your great tutorial.


  • Just wanted to leave a tip for folks having problem with having one animation in viewport and another when they render it out. Go to project settings (cmd-d), make sure you go to Dynamics – Cache, then select “Clear Cache” followed by “Bake”. Also if you are using “Random Effector” try deleting it.

    Nick, awesome work. You are inspiration.

  • Hey Nick,
    I have a problem: First everything wents fine but everytime I render my scene the cubes don’t fall at the places they should. So the logo is always a mess.
    Do you / or anyone else know how to fix this?

  • How would this work with the Broadcast version of Cinema 4D? I tried taking the clones, putting them in a fracture object with the dynamics tag applied, and then tried to UVW coordinates when all the objects were on the ground, and it messes up the logo. Do you know a workaround to this?

  • Hello, I have some problem… Why in my preview animation doesn’t work? When I just press play there’s nothing happen. :/

  • Hello,
    I’m trying to complete the tutorial, but I have a problem with the rigid body because the elements “explode” instead to go down similar to your tutorial.
    See the movie link:

    My Cinema 4D is Studio R 15.
    What I’m doing wrong?

  • Hi guys, I`m new to cinema and so glad I’ve found this tut, because I need this for another kind of animation. But i don`t find any other animation for the cloner objects this technique seems to work with! Since I´m working with a broadcast version, the dynamics don’t work, but any mograph effectors don’t work as well after the cloner object was made editable. Even an animation set in the cloner transformation tab will dissappear after hitting c on the cloner! Maybe i got something completely wrong? Please, if someone has an idea, it would be very great!

  • Can this work with the emitter? i am trying to get cubes to drop into an invisible box and reveal a logo.

  • Just a quick question, does this technique work with video as a textrue? Thanks.

  • Hi Nick, I’m trying to do something similar but instead of using Camara Mapping I need to use Frontal Mapping, that’s because I’m doing a BG compositing of a google earth area and I need to animate a cube with a portion of the surface with the exact texture area of it. The problem is that when I generate the UVM coordinates the texture doesn’t match. Any advice you could give me.
    Here’s a link with some reference pics of my problem. Thanks

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