Sub Surface Scattering, Blurry Reflections, X-Particles, Physical Render and Blurry Transparency. Let’s Get Ready To Render!

August 18, 2015


In this AskGSG, Docshibi asks us how to make this medical render by John Liebler. We try some different techniques ending up with a render heavy but workable texture using SSS, Blurry reflections, and transparency. We use X-Particles to create the skin effect and the connecting links.

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  • Why don’t you guys just throw in Global Illumination and make this the heaviest rendered scene of all time!

  • Faking the molecules is great but the original was most likely done with the free ePMV plugin.

  • Hy guys. Can you do a tutorial about vray for Cinema or Arnold. I know how to work with cinema and vray, but maybe other people dont . I think this will be a a nice tut for cinema users.
    this is my google account with some odf my work in 3D

  • Hi. Its Great. Thank you very much

  • Awesome tut. Looking forward to using the [knowledge gained in making the] materials to create skin

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