Texturing With Topcoat

November 25, 2015


Here is the live show all about Texturing and answering questions about Topcoat. During this 2 hour cast, I answer questions about Topcoat and about Texturing with Reflectance.

Renders Made During The Live Show




Texture And Topcoat Q&A Day 2

Show Overview

Why we don’t use the specular channel with reflectance (9:31)
Why We Made Reflectance (20:00)
Add Topcoat to an existing material (41:50)
Cold Coffee And Dragons Blood, Why expectations matter (1:08:43)
Texturing A Delorean (1:12:20)
Many Textures At Once With Jake And Finn (1:45:50) – Get the model
Texture Christmas Ornaments (1:54:54)
A very special song I wrote just for you! (2:14:03)

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  • Awesome stuff, I got to play around with it today and I put the awesome plugin in on an awesome little guy!

    Keep up the great stuff guys!


  • missed you man 🙂

  • it”s a very,very ,very good song,it”s topcoat:Marvellous!!!



  • Congratulations on the new plugin guys.
    If I were a C4D user I would definitely buy it, anything that speed up the workflow is worth gold.

    Started following you back when you just started with c4d, you have come a long way 🙂

  • Loved the intro…that’s the spirit! It almost made me hope for a good ol’ “I AM THE GORILLA!!” but…I guess I’m just a dreamer 😉

  • Amazing work here. I said it when Topcoat was introduced and I will say it again here.

    Maxon should give you a couple of million dollars and roll this into C4d as a standard feature.

    Brilliant work

  • If you have purchased to texture pro is top coat free? Or is it only free if you purchase texture pro at the moment?

  • Would be nice if the videos would be available on demand on twitch.
    It would be awesome to be able to be able to check live streams that I missed do to various reasons.

    Keep up the good work Nick.

  • Your “live-Stream” video was helpful, however, +2hours seemed way too much for me to absorb. Is there a “quick guide” or “quick start” white sheet?


  • On the product page, it states:
    What’s Included
    8 CUSTOM TOPCOAT LAYERS with simple

    With simple what? Dying to know 😉

  • I am playing with topcoat at work. I am noticing a lot of noise chatter in the paint flakes, but I’m not sure if and how to turn up the sampling to reduce that.

  • how to watch the videos

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