The 4 Most Important Parts of Soft Bodies

February 7, 2017

Learn the most important settings in soft body dynamics so you can quickly and intuitively create whatever consistency you want on your objects in this Cinema 4D Tutorial.

Structural? Shear? Flexion? How do these settings actually translate to the artists so they can tune up their model to that perfect level of squishy, bouncy, melty, or prone to crumple? Let’s find out in this video.

What will I Learn?

In this video we’ll tackle the key settings in soft bodies, primarily structural, shear, flexion, and damping. By the end you should know the right ingredients to create any kind of soft body substance you can think of!

Where can I learn more about soft bodies?

I did a extended video for Cinversity about soft bodies a little ways back. Check it out here!

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  • Thank you so much we really can lear a lot from you Thanks again so much πŸ™‚

  • The very best part are your sounds!! (besides the ton of things to learn…)

  • Great tutorial, thank you very much! πŸ™‚

  • Immediately learned so many new things. Thank you. Posted a video to my Instagram @elschreurs of what I learned.

  • Great tut. I would really like to see more of these, that aren’t a specific ‘copy my settings’ type of tutorial to get to one great looking solution (although those can sure be satisfying). I’ve watched GSG for years and many of the tuts are great for learning how to get one specific result without necessarily knowing why or how to move beyond that one recipe without a crazy amount of trial and error. Learning the foundational underlying reasons for what happens allows us all to reason our way to a solution, rather than to just regurgitate what came before. Time for a bowl of jello with ice cream and warm butter… πŸ˜‰ THX

  • Chris thx alot that was amazing tutorial

  • you are a very good teacher, very competent and informative – thanks a lot!

  • Really helpful! Thanks for breaking each parameter down.
    I tried using a soft body tag on some default text and it really freaks out. Any idea why this happens?

  • I liked the outtakes right at the end πŸ™‚

  • Hey Chris, been trying to work on the Attractor examples you were discussing in your conference discussion linked in this email. I was hoping you could do a little deeper of a dive into this at some point, only because I cannot seem to simulate the same effect’s with the most basic settings as you illustrated. I fear it’s something to do with the changes from R17 or R18 perhaps? I’m just not sure why I cannot get my results to match yours, with such a simple rig setup.


  • How did you apply texture on points only? Thanks.

  • hi!
    can c4d softbody dynamics simulate something similar to soft body from houdini?? something near a rubber or flesh, not only like “air ballon”
    (sorry my english)
    great work!

  • hey chris let me start by saying i have followed ur tuts since ur beginning here at gsg and i have learned all i know from you and nick. with that said….following your instructions immediately i am not getting the results. i made the cube 10×10….made a plane. applied a rigid body with default settings same as you did. when i hit play both plne and cube fall out of the scene. i know i can disable the dynamics for th plane tag. but you don’t and it stays in the scene and the cube collides with it. did i miss a part here or what? using r18 btw

  • Incredible tut!! Thanks so much

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