The Compositing Tag – The Answer to all Your Problems

January 21, 2011

In this tutorial, I show you some of the helpful things the Compositing Tag can do to solve problems in your Cinema 4D projects. Usually, when lights or reflections aren’t doing exactly what you want, you can rely on the compositing tag to solve it. The tag also allows you to use object buffers to set up alpha channels for any object in your scene for later compositing.

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  • Hoo i’ve been waiting for this one!!

  • You suck man! Get on Monkey’s, or Clim’s Level

    • I wish. Lord knows i’m trying.

    • Hey, what is Monkey’s website? That guy needs a USB port on the back of his skull so I can download his mind! You ain’t so bad yourself, Nick.

    • Not so much Nick sucks but this is noob central. Where all the kids, hobbyists and people from India come to cheapen our craft out of existence. He’s catering to them and making a buck or two while doing it.

      • I’ve heard these kinds of remarks to often and every time it sparks something in me. This time I really have to let some steam out by saying What a stupid remark! How on earth can tutorials ever cheapen the craft if anything it heightens it. It raises the bar. But maybe thats the problem – now you’re not able to get away with half assing things, because someone can take a tutorial and do your job better than you can. How did you learn to use Cinema 4d? Havn’t you ever taken a tutorial and if not why are you even on this tutorial site? I see it as very positive thing to learn off each other and form a community because your gonna learn at much faster rate and become alot better than trying to figure everything out yourself. Maybe some of the people seeking out tutorials on this site will be the solution to your problems in cinema4d later on, but then again in your honest opinion “it cheapens the craft” so i guess you won’t want to learn from others. Good luck trying to figure everything out yourself!

      • You’re pretty stupid.

    • I can’t help but disagree with this thread…
      you really want to know what sucks? people talking out of their ass, that’s what!

    • Nick doesn’t need me to defend him but seriously Carolina, what the hell? You’re like someone who’s invited to someone’s house, you’re offered a free steak and you get pissed off because they don’t have any ketchup. You’re like school on Saturday…no class.

    • @Carolina haha ‘cheapen our craft…’ more reason for you to stop procrastinating on noob central and start innovating some

    • You know what Nick, I honestly don’t watch your tutorials because I need to learn Cinema or AE. That not to say I haven’t picked up some neat tips and tricks from you though because the truth is I have. My point though is that I watch every single video you put up here and I watch them because you’re an excellent host – I enjoy the way you present the info dude and I also have a huge amount of respect for you for both your kindness and your ability to form community. You get people interested and involved in what is undoubtedly one of the most satisfying and fulfilling crafts there is and that’s priceless.

      So, you know, to hell with the naysayers man. You just keep on doing what you do because way more people like it than not.

    • Everyone works the way he or she is used to. I saw Nick making mistakes but I also saw Monkey making an huge mistake a beginner in Cinema4D wouldn’t make. And that in a tutorial.

      Everyone makes mistakes because we’re all human (even though their nicknames are not).

      So just shup ut and make your own tutorials Distro.

    • Hey Nick ‘Love ya man’ πŸ˜‰

    • For real. Why would you ever naysay that video? What sad, lonely people.

    • @Carolina you must have over priced skills and got outbid by cheaper better talent. Man Nick does not have to do what he does, you don’t need to watch his videos. with all the training out there its nice and refreshing to get a different look on things he is showing how he works. Respect

    • I usually don’t comment Nick, but I had to say something to this ungrateful idiot! You should be a shamed of yourself, as many others said, he doesn’t have to do these tutorials for us. Nick, keep doing what you do! I love to watch your tutorials… my only complaint is that you don’t do enough!!! LOL

      Just kidding…

      But on a serious note, I quit my job recently to pursue my dreams as a graphic designer / 3d animator and I am greatly inspired by THE GORILLA!

    • @ Caorolina – If you have a gold mine of creative concepts then you need not worry about the noobs. Nick shows how to use the software, not what to do with it.No one can be taught how to come up with original and clever concepts but rather just be helped in how to make those ideas come to viewable pieces. What cheapens our craft isn’t great learning communities and resources it’s people who don’t respect and value our industry.

      @ Distro – not sure if your comment was a sarcastic poke but if not and you were serious then you need to do more to experiment and teach yourself how to get to the levels of those two you speak of. This goes to everyone who frequents this community; if you are waiting tut after tut for Nick to turn you into a pro you will be waiting a long time. One needs to excel on their own and not expect Nick or any other online resource to hold their hand spoon feed them into a top shop.

      High Five Nick, the generosity and diligence you display is nothing short of amazing. Also the courtesy to not tell shameless & needy posters to go f*#K themselves is a quality few could uphold.

    • haters gonna hate nick.. but as far as i know you’ve been a great help & thanks for being a foundation of this community.. kudos for the gorilla! \m/

    • Thi comment make me sad and angry.

      Don’t bother nick, there’s thousand of us (or millions) who take advantage from your video tuts and only few (one actually) who throw this junk here and we’ll sweep it clean.
      Keep makes your super duper cool video, so we still can always learn & share.

      And I believe you got a great respect from monkey, Clim and every C4D Great Master, and for me you one of them.

    • I’m an experienced animator and motion designer (3DS MAX, AE) so I don’t really qualify as a noob. I can work out most things in new software, as a lot of the techniques are transferable but having Nick’s awesome blog here is a fantastic ‘go to’ resource for those new to the C4D platform.

      I’ve just finished my first fully C4D mograph job from knowing nothing to a happy client in about 2 weeks. I have another string to my bow thanks to Nick’s generosity in lending his time to the community. Everyone’s a winner. Keep it up Nick!

    • Haters are gonna hate.. way to take the higher road Nick.

      You keep on trucking!

      “Obviously, you’re doing something horribly wrong, since no one even visits this site.” *8)

    • No distro Nick dosent sucks he rocks!!

    • Nick – you rock, man!

      I come to your website not only to learn a bit more about Cinema 4D (I’m a modo user), but to get inspired. I love your energy and enthusiasm, and the kindness of sharing so much with us.

      Most of the tutorials out there are very technical, but the pace make me fall asleep. Yours have the energy to keep us going, and are very practical, with things that we can really apply to everyday work.

      Keep up the great work, brother. Cheers.

    • i’m just a little french who is trying to do something with C4D
      and nick was an exeptionnel help for me so


      excuse my bad at spelling please πŸ™‚

    • Nick,

      Love your work. I know what I know about Cinema 4D because of you. And it’s not just the knowledge, it’s the enthusiasm to learn.

      Thanks bud!

    • Thanks for the tip, Nick.

      Don’t mind those airheads. You rock and you’re helping people like me who needs help on this craft. I think little and basic things are often missed out in other tutorials out there. Thanks again, Nick. God bless.

  • My first few days were hell in Cinema until I found out about that tag. Makes life a whole lot easier.

  • concerning the object buffer. Is the alpha premul or straight?

  • thank for this nick…one question..yesterday i was having this problem..: i use an alpha channel in a material, to put a bill in a plane..u know …but when i put the hdri in the scene…the plane apears for complete…dont hiding the parts that was hided before….what can i do??..thanks ..and sorry again for my english

    • not 100% sure but if you turn off the seen by GI or the seen by AO, it would work but then you lose the effect…. thanks for letting me waste your time! =D

    • ah ha! there is a GI tab in the compositing tag, if you enable GI parameters you can check off Enable transparency overlook, that should do it!! maybe!!

    • Are you using r12. This was a problem for versions prior to the lastest release from Maxon. This also affected depth passes with materials that have alphas.

      You may just need to scale the texture to fit the plane using the UV widget.

    • I think that i’s the compositing tag to the rescue here, too. I think the “Seen by transparency” switch may help make the alpha work correctly again.

  • thanks dude, nice little helpfull one. youΒ΄re doing a great job. cheers froms germany

  • My first comment here…

    Want to say hello & say the obvious that’s one of the best training blogs I ever saw.

    Not only you show how to do some specific stuff, but also give great grounds to learn cinema by yourself.

    Nevertheless one thing bugs me. When you’re not using GI
    and your kit why the plane with luminance channel?
    Is setting area light visibility in detail tab not enough?

    • The plane and texture allow the light to be seen by reflections.

    • Don’t worry, he will be covering lots of GI. His new sales pitch will be that GI is the way to go.

    • Yeah, but i can achieve the same thing in light settings & ticking “Show in reflection” don’t I ?

      And what Carolina is exactly trying to say?

      Anyway thx for response

      • The plane and texture gives you more control over the look of the light. Like with window textures and softbox gradients. The rig also allows you to control all the lights form one place instead of going into menus and textures to change the look. Frankly, I’m not sure what Carolina is trying to say. Seems not to be a fan of the site. Let me know if you have any more questions about the kit.

    • Oh, right…
      That was kinda obvious…

      Frankly I’m thinking about purchasing your light kit pro & had one probably obvious stupid question:

      As I can see in your videos your lights are represented by real-lifey softbox model. Is that actually making anything to the light distribution or is it just an “icon”?:)

      • The softbox shape can help direct the light when using GI. Mainly though, it helps me visualize how the studio is setup in real life. You can turn the geometry off with almost no difference though. It’s mainly there to help visualize.

  • Hey Nick, It’s really cool watching your tutorials, it’s been really helpful. I was wondering if you could do some on character animation,rigging, joints and ik-chains, walk cycles and so… I know about the tutorial from the Monkey but it would be cool if it was done on a whole character. Or do you know some good tutorials on web? Thanks and keep on educating us…

  • i had this Problem last night i was tryin to fix it..but no luck..and now you make this video and save my life..hahahahh…good stuff r the man. πŸ˜‰

  • Thanks Captain.

  • Great tutorial !
    I’d like to see a tutorial about the camera : maybe it’s possible to make kind of fish eyes view or other things like that ? Could be interesting !?

    Thanks to be !

  • Hey Nick,

    This was another awesome and helpful tutorial. Personally I am more of a 3DS Max guy but I am slowly learning C4D and your tutorials have certainly helped me a great deal!!!

    Recently a new rebranding project from Maxim Zhesthov has captured my attention…….

    Is there any way you could do a tutorial on that one?

  • Great job with this tutorial. Now if we could just wrap our heads around the vray compositing tag and buffers in c4d we would be all set.

  • Does anyone (Nick) know of a way to do the same thing as an object buffer but on a material/surface?

    Such as…a cylinder that’s segmented into 2 sections. The top has a selection tag with a blue material and the bottom has a selection tag with a red material.

    How can I get an object buffer-type file for just the red material? Yes, I know I can and should create my cylinder as two cylinders but I’ve got a model already built and it would be nightmarish to have to recreate surfaces as objects.

    • I asked about this awhile back on mograph & c4dCafe. Turns out there is no selection tags or buffers for materials. I’ve written maxon and other should too so maybe next upgrade will offer this feature.
      One work around is to use a material that is 100% Red and an other that is 100% Blue or Green, render tham out and in AE use the Set Matte effect to creat an alpha mask based on R / G or B.

    • You can split objects and disconnect them to create separate polygon objects, after that it’s business as usual with the object buffer.

    • Hamilton…I had not thought of that. Davy…I had thought of that and forgotten about it! I’ll try that cuz that would give me the control I need.

    • @Davy

      So when you separate the object you actually end up with 2 items correct?

    • Has there been any update to this? In regards to doing a per-face alpha?

  • Very helpful tutorial… I see you got your hands on that gorgeous Tron car. When’s your model pack coming out? I cant wait πŸ˜€

  • Great tutorial Nick!
    I have a little question:
    what about render out a logo or model with alpha and shadow too?

    I mean, to compose a logo render an image without having this in cinema 4d.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Wonderful tutorial Nick. In the first 4 minutes I fixed a problem I had been running into on multiple compositing projects. I was always having a problem adding reflections to my floor because my scene lights would cause the floor to brighten in the render totally giving away the effect. It turned out that I was using the exclude tag in the wrong way by placing the lights in the compositing tag on the floor material. I should have been doing it the other way around.

    Thanks again Nick and keep up the great tutorials.

  • Thanks Nick. I have seen a lot of the compositiong tag lately but no one has taken their time to explain it as you have. You are one of the reasons that this community is so tight. By the way where is JerkOffDistro and CarolinaDickhead’s sites, I need to see the creative genius that goes with their mouth. Keep it going Nick.

  • Thank you Mr. Nick Campbell,

    We are a motion graphics studio in India and wish to wish you a good year.

    I read a comment that say people from India is cheapening the field? I would like to respond that if you are lazy, you cannot compete.

    We work hard and deserve all the business we get. That is all.

    Thank You,

  • Nick,

    Many thanks indeed for your compositing tour. Much appreciate your quick, unscripted tutorial. Fabulous, as always.

    Tom, Dubai

  • Thanks Nick! Found many useful things (as always))

  • why today does not show video

  • Sorry . how to put my photo?

  • I like you webside thank for this so many information and tutorial

  • Hi people =)

    I have the question about the typography in 3D.. I use Helvetica, Avantgarde, Din, Futura and others… what typography you and others use ?

    Thanks people πŸ˜€

  • Hey there Nick,
    Do you know if antialiasing works with alpha?
    I suppose antialiasing will take the black background and mix it in the usable foreground.

    It could be great if you could prevent the antialiasing to happen on the edges from the alpha of the subject.

    Could you make a tutorial or talk for it?

  • Very helpfull, Nick.
    Thank you for all you do to help us in the C4D community!


  • thanks a lot for the tips, i think i become better and better each days on C4D thanks to you !

    thanks a lot ( i already said that i think πŸ˜‰

  • omg …. Did you work on tron the movie’s cgi??

  • Didnt know where else to add this comment but have to add it. Just heard from my brother that he’s getting me the GSG Light Kit Pro for my 27th birthday next month…Febuary will never arrive now. Im so excited!

  • Now if only Maya had something like the compositing tag.. you have to do all kinds of tricks to get stuff to work even close to how easy c4d works in this regard!? if anyone has any suggestions, tuts or whatever other ways you can do this stuff in maya give a shout! been rocking c4d for a while now and found out my studio wants to move to the maya vein and i’m getting a little freaked!

    thx- for the great tut! been using the compositing tag in ever c4d project i’ve ever done, so great, so useful!

  • This is nothing new. IΒ΄ve used the tag for last 6 years.
    And you can also use it to hide your light gobos or whatever you have in your lightkit and you donΒ΄t have to move them away from your camera view.
    But keep it up because your videos are entertaining because most cineversity stuff is outright annoying.
    This is for noobs but…

    • Hey Look at me, I’m K3D and I already know everything. I’m so smart I’ve been doing this for six whole years. This is nothing new to a braniac like me. Instead it’s for the people who don’t know anything at all. However, keep plugging away on your cute little videos. They’re just adorable.


  • anyone an idea how he did this one? maybee i ask himself?!

  • hella useful! This is the kind of tips that you need to survive in a 3d world.

  • Plz make tuts on BAKE AND BAKING in c4d,
    also on how to properly use the ‘Xray’ for modelling [seperate tuts plz]
    sorry i’m boring.
    Your’e a gifted performer with a thought of serene sharing. God bless you.

  • Thanks Nick, the compositing tag is defninately one of the most important tags to master.

    I get quite confused however when using the little symbols toggles next to the object icons in the Exclusion tab.

    Heres hoping you could elaborate on using those symbols in a future tut.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • Great tip Nick, As always well presented. Don’t know why people make such nasty remarks. Probably envy. Keep up the good job. You’re my favorite Cinema dude.

  • Nick, get a pop-filter for your mic :))) You’ll sound more sexy man! )))))))))

  • Hi Nick
    I just find one effects guide for “ink effects” tuts
    but it’s made by 3d max, I was wondering that the cinema 4d can do the same effects? and how?


  • I’ve found that the Object buffers which C4D kicks out can present some pain in the ass issues when being used as luma mattes in AE. While they are good enough for effects masking, they are not accurate enough for image masking in many cases. edge issues are a constant problem. The only answer I could get out of Maxon was that “C4D calculates AA differently for Object Buffers than for Alpha channels”. So far, the only fix seems to be playing with the matte in AE, or outputting separate object alpha passes from C4D. I’d love to find out I’m wrong.

  • thanks a lot !!

    i did not know how to render alpha channel ,

  • Thanks Nick! Finally! I have always had this alpha issue, i will try this solution out soon.

  • hey i saw a a tron thing @10:15… hehehe..
    Big help i can render faster now..

  • Sweet bro! Haven’t been here in a while and just got a copy of C4D 12.

  • Bob

    The tag usage may be new to someone. I just said it is not new for me anymore.
    This is rather good tutorial.

    Then you take my comments personally and make a personal attack me and keep calling me faggot and moron on my facebook inbox. Grow up and stop cyberbullying other c4d users. You have been warned and blocked.

    And thereΒ΄s nothing wrong with my complete and perfect english sentences even if I am not born in USA. Perhaps you should learn some manners and respect other people in the web because some day you could meet them also in real life.

  • Thanks Nick this tutorial is great despite whatever I have said before. πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Nick,
    Being fairly new to the 3D game,this explains a lot! In fact, all of your tutorials seem to be right on-topic and extremely helpful.
    Keep it up!

  • Amazing, amazing, amazing. You just saved me DAYS of render time there. Couldnt help shouting SINGLE PASS NICK! towards the end of the vid πŸ˜‰ Need to quit the bud Nick.


  • would love to see you go in depth on those multi-passes: shadows, reflections, etc.

    kickass as usual, sir!

  • thank you! gam sa ham nee da! ^^*

  • Hi Nick.
    thanks for your tutorials.
    i suck at modeling and recently tried Luxology’s Modo 501 and it totally kicks C4Ds modeling options. that said i tried setting something up similar to this video in Modo with poor results. Have you tried Modo by any chance?

  • Hi!

    I have a problem i hope somebody knows the answer too?

    I can “composite background” smoothly, but the renders come up with a different color shading (or material effect) on every part of my object which is above the horizontal line.

    please help anyone??

  • Hey Nick, thanks for the tut!
    But it doesn’t work in my project :S
    If I give the softbox a compositing tag and switch for example the ‘seen by reflection’ off, nothing happens. I still see reflection of the softbox in my floor, and the same thing with other changes in copositing tag. Do I miss something? Hopefully you or someone else can help me. Cheers

  • Ok, problem solved. It was something stupid (of me). I gave the softbox a new compositing tag and tried to work with that one, instead of working with the compositing tag in ‘front of softbox’ in the softbox self.

  • Nick, really man you rock.
    I watch your tutorials not just to learn the sofware, and i learn a ton from you, I enjoy whatching them because they inspire me, and motivates me to become a better professional,
    Thank you so much.

  • im trying to take the reflection from the floor out of text, im lost

  • Hi GSG, thanks for this tutorial! It would be amazing if you did a bigger tutorial on compositing like you mentioned in your video, I’m having trouble just making text on a plane and exporting only the text and the shadow on an alpha. There aren’t any straightforward answers I can find on forums and it seems like the easiest way to do it is with a plugin called shadowcatcher, ( but that seems weird. I find the UI of the object buffers vs. the compositing tag background switch vs the render menu multipass options very confusing.

    anyway thanks!

  • Hi Nick, I have a question, how I can do to put an object with shadow on the floor as ambient occlusion, but without the floor … as VideoCopilot site on the main page, product boxes with this shade. Thanks in advance.

  • Is there a way to apply object buffers to an object based on its selection tags? Am I missing something. Is the other way to do this through coloring the object in specific RGB and then selecting the colors in AE?

  • very nice work. easy to understand.

  • Hi Nick–love your tutorials and kits. I have been having fun with the light, city, and texture kits. Anywho, I have a question about the compositing tag. I have been trying to motion track with the Foundry’s CameraTracker in AE–I export my scene to C4D with my 3D elements. I have a real problem getting shadows when using the compsiting tag so that just my 3D element and shadow shows up on the “floor.” I have been selecting compositing background, turning off the seen by camera, and self reflections on the “floor” object. I am probably doing it all wrong and was wondering if you could offer me some enlightenment? Thanks much in advance.

  • Seems to be the cause of my problems!

    Is there a way to change the priority of tags, I have a situation where I have a compositing tag on an xref which is the environment in my scene and then selected the object buffer which is working fine. but then when i place another tag on an object within the xref this takes priority and disregards the original one placed on the xref.

    I am having the same problem with display tags also!

    not sure if there is a way to fix this with xpresso but any help would be much appreciated

  • Hi Nick,
    Love all your work mate,
    I was wondering if you could help me with a little problem?

    I’m currently using C4D R11.5 on my power mac and I’m having trouble attaching an External Compositing Tag to an animated Symmetry object for use in After effects, basically it only shows up on one side not on the symmetry side. Any ideas please?

    Many Thanks,

  • Hi Nick, I’m looking to render my shadows without the floor, in 3ds max u can do this so easily by applying a matte material to the floor and u r done, but here in C4D, im struggling for about 2 hours, and still cannot have the exact thing that im looking for?
    I would appreciate ur help, please let me know as fast as u check the e-mail.
    PS: i took shadowcatcher(plugin), but it doesn’t work with ur GSG studio’s !!!

  • everybody loves RAYMOND not but THE GORILLA :DD
    PS: i still hadn’t a response from u gorilla, about the matte shadow in c4d.
    It should be something so easy to reach (based on that, that in 3ds max u can reach it by applying a matte material to the plane), but still i cannot figure it out in c4d.
    Cheers ( :

    • Maybe try a illumination multipass? I think a multi-pass render in general might be what you want to Google but I don’t know C4D well enough to give a definitive answer.

    • +1… very frustrating… i too come from 3ds max and that was way too easy…and now i struggle too…may be it’s not possible hence the “non answer” from the gorilla πŸ˜‰

  • Nick you rock rily rily ! But I have a question to you. C4d physical render is very slow. why don’t you make a vray for cinema 4d tutorial that shows all the details of vray rendering. i wouldn’t tell this but rily rely on you and understand clearly what you say. so i hope you will make a vray for c4d rendering tutorial [from transparent background render to vray composite tags with passes ] if you dont i don’t mind but please….. everybody doesn’t have that much good spec but artists are thirsty for the best πŸ™

  • Nick, thank you so much! I learn so much from you and your light kit rocks my socks! I love having your videos on when I’m working because honestly you remind me that it can be simple and fun.

    So thanks πŸ™‚

  • Thanks Nick I appreciate all the tutorials at Grey Scale Gorilla, I take-away something little during each tutorial. πŸ™‚

  • Is it possible to render in Stage with 2 cameras that renders the same scene, but 1 camera will render 1,2,3 objects and camera 2 – 1,3 objects?How to switch off/exclude object from camera?

  • help!!!!!, I’m new here and dont understand most of what you guys are saying. but is there a way I can stop objects from going into each other? thanks!!. πŸ™‚

  • Hi goriall please make tutorial of cinema 4d shadow to after effect please please how to do that i want render only shadow to my after effect πŸ™

  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for all of your great tutorial. I’ve run into a problem with the softbox. I’ve unchecked it to make invisible to the camera, but it still casts shadows onto the floor which is a plane object. Is there a workaround. The committing tag didn’t work or I simply can’t use it the right way. can you please help? Thanks.

    • If you don’t want shadows with our Softbox, I would turn off shadows or use a seamless floor. Maybe i’m missing what you are trying to do.

      • Thanks for your reply. I think I didn’t explain very clearly. What I meant was that the “box” of softbox has a shadow onto the floor. There is a overhead light and it treats the softbox like any other object and creates a shadow of it which I don’t want. Hope I did a better job at explaining the scenario this time. Thanks for taking the trouble of replying.

      • Nick,

        Great work! Is there a way to include shadows and reflections in the matte created by the object buffer? I am almost certain I have done this before, but can remember how. Thanks again.

  • Help please! “Compositing Background” not works with Global Illumination. With default camera it’s ok, but with new camera there are shadows over the plain with the “Compositing Background” tag.

  • I like to use the tag on MoText, check object buffer, then go to my render settings, add glow, adjust the settings under glow, surface and noise. The noise section has some cool features that you can play with.

    Thanks for the tut.

  • Hi everybody,
    I found extreme problematic working in C4D without the possibility to make Multi passes without alpha channel. That’s is possible in all 3d sw… not in C4D.
    In your tutorial you should also show what happen really inside a compositing sw as AE, for example, when you import these multi passes without alpha channel. I you have multi beauty animated, is a chaos to composite!
    I think a great tutorials could be how to prepare Multi pass rendering (of course with Compositing Tag applied) to make a correct complex compositing. Consider that if you have not alpha channel in the passes you cannot Premulty them…

  • Nick,

    Great work, I love all your tutorials. Is there a way to include an object’s reflection and shadow in the matte created by the object buffer? I am sure I did this once before but cannot remember how. Thanks.

  • Nick!! you have no idea how much i’ve learning from you. the way you explain things makes it even easy. Was scared of C4d then i started watching you and following you and i started making good shit lol. Thank you. keep the juice flowing .

  • Is there a way in r15 to render out different sets of objects in multiple passes ? Like 2 balls:buffer 1 ball 1 and all multipasses and buffer 2 ball 2 and again all it’s multipasses

  • Hi Gorilla.!!!

    Please help, when i set a scene with a floor with composition tag to receive shadows from objects on it, and later add a environment object with some fog, the object floor is seen translucent by camera in render, whyyy ???

  • sir, How to render background object multipass render cinema 4d?

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