Transformers Titles in Cinema 4D

September 5, 2010

In this tutorial, Alexander shows you how to create a Transformer Logo animation using Cinema 4D, the Explosion FX effector, and Mograph. Then, he shows you how to composite it in After Effects.


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  • Hello Alexander, it feels like you’re russian, can I please contact you to ask some questions or take private lessons if it’s possible

  • Hey Alexander.

    Very well done tutorial besides the fact u didn’t put much detail into the after effects teaching. I would welcome it if you could give me further information via email…

    Please let me hear from you…

    Greetz, zen2k

  • Hello Alexander i really liked your tutorial just got one complain please that you didn’t put much detail into the after effects so please upload the tutorial on how did u achieve such effect in After effects.

  • Awesome tutorial – thank you Alexander 🙂 – btw the links for the template are dead ! – any chance for a re-Upload ??

  • Hi Nick, i want to purchase the Transform and x-particles plugins for c4d, i need you to tell me on how to go about it.

  • So good.thank you Alexander 🙂

  • Sank you ! i reaky like your lesson ! you help many peoples and also me! sorry my english beciuse i live in russia but i very like your lessons !

  • Can I design it by myself easily? I am a designer but not very professional that’s why I am asking this can I make it easily? If you will just guide me so I will do it because I am quick learner and easily understand anything.

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