Turn One Object into another using Cinema 4D and Transform

June 8, 2012

In this training video, I show you how to use Transform to turn one object into another. It’s the most requested tutorial for Transform and I’m glad I finally got it recorded for you guys. In short, use two versions of Transform to make the effect. Put two different objects (of roughly the same size) in each version of Transform and set one Transform to “IN” and one to “OUT”. Then, pick your favorite effects or use the custom mode to build your own. Check out the video for more detail and how to set up your objects to create more interesting chunks.


More Transform Training

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  • Ok. Cool. Thanx!

  • Jhonttan Rodriguez June 8, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Muy buen tutorial muchas gracias por la cantidad de material que aportas NIck!!

  • Kinda basic but THX.


  • 3d_hairdresser June 8, 2012 at 5:28 pm

    to transform one object into another you have to use “xpresso pblurb”, which is already in the program. your “transform” cannot do that, especially when use different colors for special polygons in your objects.

  • Very cool, spawns a ton of ideas !!!!

  • This one was for my kids!

  • Hey Nick,

    thx for this tutorial. This is exactly what i want to see and its pretty much the reason for me to buy this plugin now.

    Transform is really a source of new ideas for me and makes all much faster for great effects.

  • This is great but what if you don’t want to use the plug-in?

  • Awesome tutorial thanks for that.

    Now, what do I do if I have 4 objects I would like to change. Lets say I start with object 1, turn it into object 2, like in the tutorial. Now I want to turn object 2 into object 3 and then object 3 into object 4. Is there an easier possibility than putting a keyframe on enable for the Transform object?

    Or would it be easier to just make 3 different renders? In one I transform 1->2 in the next 2->3 and in the last 3->4 and then put them together in AE… any thoughts on that or easier ways?

    • i would love to know this also!

    • I would also love to know how to make an additional 3 & 4 transitions

      • Just repeat the process with more Transforms. 1 transform object for every transition.

        • Hi Nick

          Regarding transforming between 3 or 4 objects: Once I’ve got object 1 to transform to object 2, how do you go from object 2 to object 3? If I duplicate object 2 and set the transition to out the original object 2 stays on screen (the one originally set to in!!)? Essentially how do I get C4D to recognise that I want Object 2 to do two transforms?

          • Keyframe the visibility of the second object. Or, use our new Animate option to animate the second one in, and then back out. Hope that makes sense.

          • Thanks Nick. I’m quite new to C4D but I’ll try and figure it out…but if you ever fancy doing a quick tutorial or know of one that’s been done that’d be great too!

            Cheers as ever for the awesome tutorials and tips – greatly appreciated, good stuff!


  • I’m having ploblem with transform plug in
    Custom tab doesn’t show up
    What should I do?

  • I worked that out when I figured that you couldn’t add 2 objects to the transform plugin. Cool tutorial nevertheless!

  • how to fix material issue when using CHUNK mode.. by clicking WELD doesn’t solve the thing. my title is textured and lighted. but those broken material issue keeps haunting it.. what to do,…….. NICK any help???????????????????

  • thx for this one nick.

  • The wifey wouldnt let me buy the plugin because I “spend to much money on that stupid computer.”

    I KNOW!!! How could she say that about my baby. Dont worry Dualie daddy loves you.(I call her Dualie becasue shes got them big ass, milky, perkey double i7s)

    So here is with NO plug in https://vimeo.com/43963861

  • Dean van der Merwe June 14, 2012 at 5:04 am

    I actually like the fact that you’ve opted to use a Gothic typeface as the captions. WINNING

  • Hello. For some reason it doesn’t work for me in R13 but it works in R12. Anyone having that issue? I installed in the correct folder. THX

  • Hey Nick!
    Thanks a lot for share your knowledge. I’ll follow your advice to practice and create new things. If you can, check this I’ve been practicing and as you’ve said, Who wants to comment or give me any advice is very welcome.

    https://vimeo.com/44123284 ||| https://vimeo.com/44192483 ||| https://vimeo.com/44172671

    Thank you

  • Hi Nick!
    my friend just purchased transform, we were playing around with it & love it, thank you for your time & efforts developing.

    One question – we want to make a title sequence, but with some good transform-y sounds to accompany our animation (similar to the movie Transformers, or gears grinding etc.) after looking everywhere we can’t even find them for sale.

    Feel like it would make our sequence more polished – can you recommend a site that sells, or perhaps you’d consider adding the sound effects in the future?? I know if you had some complimentary transforming sound fx (5-6 seconds) we would’ve already bought them 🙂 Or maybe even a tutorial on how to make your own… that would be amazing. Thanks from Singapore

  • Hi Nick, I see in the example video, that in the transformation between the beveled cube and the sphere, the pieces have volume, but in the tutorial, the pieces are flat.
    Is there a workaround to achieve the volumetric pieces? Or just an option in the plugin?

    Great work by the way.

  • Hey Nick!
    Is it possible to let an object animate in and the same object animate out a little later?

  • Great. Going to try this immediately.

  • svp link plugiin trosforem svp

  • Loved the “It’s actually out already” 😀

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m quite new to C4D and I have a very important question to ask about the intermediate points of the MoText. I’ve notice there is an issue happened to me quite a lot. The problem is: every time I changes the intermediate points to another option but Adaptive, it work at first but after refresh the transform tool, my text look and break apart in exactly the way Adaptive work. Somehow the intermediate points mode has been reset to the original state. This is not only happens with transform but the Poly FX as well (tried to make the text transform to particles and failed at this point). I’m using C4D R13. Can anyone tell me what is going on with this intermediate points option?


    • This is a known bug in the latest version of Cinema 4D. We hope they fix it soon. For now, try using spline text along with the extrude nurb. That seems to work fine.

      • Thank you for your tip. I tried it out with the fresh install of C4D and it’s work. So far I know as long as I do not upgrade my C4D, the problem is solved. However, I do lost a lots of font due to an old bug :(. So I guess I will try to update and do this again with your trick ;).
        Thank again

      • Hey Nick,
        I just tried out with your tip and there seem to be a problem with that. The problem is the side of the text, for example letter “T”, was not divided horizontally and caused a “not so good looking” result :(.
        And I have 1 more question to ask you: how to completely remove all the small fragment when the text is transforming. I like a clean transform like your “Transform” text sample above. Thank you for your time.

      • I tried using spline text and extrude nurb but it’s doing the same thing as tony said. Has cinema 4d fixed this yet? I’m on R13 as well.

    • hey I loved your video man, would you be interested in making a lyric video for my band “I Set My Friends On Fire” ? Thank you, let me know!

  • I am trying to use transform to transform 5 logos sequentially. 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5. When I try this the previous “in” logos remain up. My work around is to render separately 1 to 2, 2 to 3 , 3 to 4, etc then composite in AE. Anyone know how I might render all 5 as one animation in C4D?

  • Oh I have another question that hope to be answered by you guys. Does anyone know how to do the text transform look like the sample from Nick? I don’t like the small fragments and wish only to do big pieces of text transform to another text with out many distraction from these mini fragments. Thank in advance.

  • Is that a mini Vigo painting in the background from Ghostbusters 2? I might be wrong?

  • can i get the link to the sedan-to-another-car you were talking about ? thanks again for the tutorial btw!

  • When I add the regular grid/quads/tris on the caps, the chunkiness on the letters that are not caps goes back to just subdivisions and not fully gridded. I have 13. Any help?

  • Svenonium Slanderson July 25, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    Good job scamming anyone new at C4D. I hope Maxon sees how selfish you are and takes action, you can do the exact same thing in mograph, along with the FREE PLUGIN- thrausi

    you are in many people’s book- a complete scammer. Will you not respond?

    • Scammer? I’m sorry to hear you feel that way. Just so you know, I have a money back guarantee, so for any reason, I will give you your money back. I never want to scam anyone.

      I built Transform to make mograph even easier and more fun. Mograph is really powerful. But, it should be much easier to use. That’s where I think Transform can help. We also have better ways to make chunked pieces coming soon that I think will be very powerful for our users. Sounds like Transform isn’t for you, but many of our customers have been making some really great stuff with it.

      Version 1.0 might not be all you want it to be, but let us build on this idea, and I think it will be even more useful as it develops.

  • Really Nice tutorial, thanks for this awesome tuts… but i really want to no how can i get this type of effect to work either from C4D or AFX… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNUxRHKkeSY&feature=related

    please Help me out thank.

  • Is there a way to get the chunks to move towards a specific point, rather than just in relative XYZ directions? Think particles being sucked into a vortex (minus the whirlpool, though that would be pretty cool, too come to think of it). Thanks!

  • i can’t find “transform” on the “pulgins ” menu 🙁 !!!!!!

  • Gray , please can you help me with the tutorials on the TRANSFORM TO COMING SOON. I have tried
    to do it on my own but it did not look any thing like yours. please i will be waiting for it .don’t disappoint
    us.thanks .you are great.

  • Gray , me again, please can you help me with the tutorials on the TRANSFORM TO COMING SOON. I have tried to do it on my own but it did not look any thing like yours. please i will be waiting for you .don’t disappoint us. thanks .you are great.

  • it’s really a useful tool and aperfect motions can created with — at last i like to be your friend on the facebook — please accept my best regards

  • This is my first animation test using the Greyscale Gorilla Transform Plug-In for Cinema 4D:
    This Plug-In is da bomb!!

  • I wouldn’t mind seeing the car transforming into another car. Anyone have the link to the video Nick is talking about at the end?

  • Hi,

    i have problem, when i hit on the beginin on Refresh the “white objects” disappears and also i have no movement in my scene.. im using R13.

    Thanks for help


    • I’m having the same identical problem as paul. Plugin was installed precisely the same way the installation video describes – Maxon>c4d>Plugins. I have R13 and it has been updated. btw awesome work on this plugin from what I’ve seen, makes things that are already capable of doing 10 times faster.

  • Please tell me the settings of Transform you’ve made text “DISSOLVE” (0:11 to 0:17 on Transform Demo)

  • thanks for the tutorial nickk

    one question, is it possible use dynammics like rigid body in the transform effects??

  • i was trying to learn the software with this video, and when you say to do the full refresh/update, i do and i get demo version message. Please help.

  • Hi there.

    I have download the plugin and dragged it into the plugs in folder. when i restart Cinema4D the plugins still do not show up.

    What must I do?

  • Hi

    After dragging the plugin into the plugins folder, it doesn’t show up in the plugins menu.

    Please please please can somebody help?
    I have R12 studio version.


  • Hey Chris,
    I tried to transform a Square into an Earth Sphere, but at the end, when the Sphere is build “complete” I see a lot of “Polygons” on the Sphere, the texture isn´t “clean”.


    If u want to help me solving this and you need some other Informations about this Project and it setup, let me know this.
    I would appreciate a lot your help, or maybe someone else want to help 😉


  • Hey there,
    am very new to cinema 4d , I have installed C4D R14 and gone through some basic beginner tutorials to understand the software. and now I have tried this tutorial but when I take cube & sphere and apply transform ( just did exactly like you did) I get nothing when I play it. The cube and sphere stays still. they doesn’t transform. please help me with this.

  • Hi,

    I’m trying to export an animation, for which I’ve used Transform, to Unity.
    Any idea how I can get this done? Do I need to bake the animation somehow?
    I’ve tried to export to an FBX file with animation but that doesn’t work.
    The Transform animation is shown as one big solid cube.

    Thanks for your feedback…

  • Hi there, how can I use it on a logo (.psd), for example, I have a motext with the name of the company and want to transform it into the logo, How I can proceed with that ? R13 version of c4d

  • How do I add color to my transformation objects like that of the example in the tutorial example?

  • In this Iranian New year I wish the bests for you and your family. Your tutorial is very fantastic. I follow them and hope be continue

  • Hey Nick,

    I have had this plugin for awhile now and really enjoy it! I have been attempting to recreate the transform example video where the Platonic Bucky object transforms from orange to blue. I can’t get it it to pick off one hexagon at a time. I would REALLY appreciate it if you or someone else could guide me in the right direction.

    Your tutorials have been essential to my understanding of C4D. Thank you!


  • Umm everything exapt transform = dissolve for me where is the proplem?

  • Hi Nick,

    Seems a cool plugin but can you render these animations also with Vray?

    Thanks and keep on making awesome stuff!

  • I picked up with tutorial trying to achieve a “X Games 2013 Commercial” effect (shown here)

    im having some problems getting the low-poly into low-poly-explosion into text look.

    maybe someone has some tips on how i should go about doing this?

    I love your sites Nick, you are a huge inspiration to me!


  • Has anyone tried combining transform with metaball? Is this even possible?

  • Hello!, excellent plugin! I was wondering how to morph a rubik cube into a pyramid of the same cubes (color and size).
    Thanks for this awesomeness xD

  • Awesome tutorial!!! Best site for C4D tutorials!!! 😀

  • Hey Hi Nick, Nothing new to say, Ummm all appreciation will be less for u and yourks works,

  • Hi Nick…. Whenever i use TRANSFORM on a text object and add thickness to it,the text looks really bad. At first i thought it was because of the phong tag on the text but it wasnt. Help please

  • Hi, I am sorta new to C4D and using the Transform tool with R14 for the very first time – would highly appreciate if anyone can help me on the following:

    I receive an error “POLY COUNT TOO HIGH” When using objects such as cars for the plugin and freezes the entire software. Are there any solutions for this besides using low poly objects or going through poly reduction process (which again have been searching the entire net on how to reduce poly’s – but no success). Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Nick,

      Transform is awesome! Grayscale Gorilla is Awesomer!!!

      I’m facing the same problem BR is facing. Im trying to use Transform on 5 low poly cars into a logo. I’ve collapsed all the cars into one object which i’m feeding into the Transform object. Transform says ‘POLY COUNT TOO HIGH’ and it wont work! What can i do?? The cars are low poly to begin with, Please advise


  • Hi! I got this plugin and it doesn’t work for me 🙁

    The cube doesn’t break and just disappears in one piece.. It still does the animation but doesn’t break apart! Please help D:

  • Hey guys, hey Nick,

    Does anyone know, how to transform an object with different (more than one) materials, into an object, with also more than one materials? Everytime i try this, the materials disappear…

    Thank you!

  • Hey guys, when Im using transform, Im beginning with 2 cubes then changing the coordinates to make it thinner. I then apply follow the transform tutorial creating two transform icons. I click and drag each individual thinned out cube into the replace me tab. Once I refresh the effect is working but it blows up my cubes back to the origional thick size, how can i solve this?

    I tried hitting c making it editable
    I tried placing it in model mode yet I see the outline of the thinner cube i made yet the shape itself is still larger?

  • Hey, haven’t used transform in a while. I have a can with a cylindrical texture map. When I drag the can in transform the texture defaults and tiles a bunch of times. How to I keep my texture normal in transform?

    • Hi Mark

      I’m having the same issue:

      I’m trying to transform a sort of flattened torus shape with a texture that I have placed as a Flat projection. The moment I hit Refresh the texture disappears and then as the chunks fly apart around 5% of them have the texture on them.

      Nick – any ideas? I can’t find any answers within these comments.



  • Hello Nick

    I’m trying to create custom movement for the transform. I want the particles to appear with a spiral movement Kind of like a reverse tornado or whirlpool..

    How do i go about that?

  • Is there any chance to transform 3 objects one after another? First obj. into the second one and then the second into the third?

  • Hi Nick
    Where is the Ref Object column in the Transform. It does not appear next to the preview mode as shown in your tutorial. My plug-in is the latest version.

  • Hello everybody.

    I’m trying to emit x-particles from chunks, with emiter in object mode. In viewport everything is ok, but when I’m trying to render it in picture viewer, my “transformed” object becomes solid and without chunks. Is there any way to prevent such strange behaviour ?

    The only way to bypass this issue is to emit particles, bake them into cache and remove transformed object form emiter’s settings. But it seems to be the worst way to fix.

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