Turn Your Old Computers Into A Render Farm For Cinema 4D With Team Render

January 17, 2017

In this tutorial, I will show you how to quickly set up Team Render in Cinema 4D so you can render faster. I also go over tips on how to make Team Render work it’s best. Then, I show you how Team Render can even speed up your render with animation.

Still have more team render questions/? Check out this excellent Team Render Video Series from Cineversity.

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  • I have three macs all running this. I tend to have two ‘views’ to render on each one. What tends to happen is they all kick in and render frame 1, but only one of them (the first one to finish its last bucket) will render the next frame and the other two sit there idle. Is there a solution for this? I’ve asked on C4D Cafe and basically got the answer “Team Render doesn’t work properly”!!!!!

  • Hi! This would be useful if it worked over wifi/internet. Last time i checked it did not.

  • Great video buddy…

  • I use this feature all the time. One thing I would like to add is add Team Render to auto start on login (after a system is restarted for whatever reason).

    For Windows: press the windows key + R and type in “shell:startup”
    This will take you to a window you can drop short cuts into that will open on start up.

    For Mac: go to users / pref under settings and select the Login Items tab. Use the plus sign near the bottom to add a program.


  • I have a question pertaining to the colours assigned to the render machines. I notice you have 3 colours a distinct one per machine, yet mine does not do this. I’m presuming it is a preference somewhere, however it is lost on me on how to do this 🙂

    • If you go down to the panel with the computers on it “Team Render Machines” then click on ‘view’ you’ll see ‘show bucket colour’. That’ll colour the computer buckets. However, I can’t remember how to customise them…!

  • Loved turning people on to TR–thanks Nick. Through trial and error, two useful additions, I hope, to the info in your excellent tutorial. If you are able to hook up your local Macs via Thunderbolt network, this speeds up the sharing of assets, particularly long video assets, and frames by many, many orders of magnitude (TB 2 speeds max 20 GBPS)…a thing to behold (I use manually selected private network IP numbers such as–help creating Mac Thunderbolt networks easy to find online). This did not work for me before R18, but it works great now.

    Additionally, in order for Team Render to work with X-Particles, you a) need to use the X-particales cache object and cache your scene and b) in the Team Render client prefs, you need to point it to the cache file location (“Cache Default”) on your main machine under the X-particles pref tab.

  • It would really be great if they had a “skip existing frames” option. I’ve had several instances when the render has stopped at some point and I need to just render the remaining material. Unless it has changed, TR randomly assigns computers clumps of frames and overwrites any existing frames – essentially making you start over or manual put in the missing frame chunks.

  • I had no idea that multiple machines can work together to render a single frame with Team Viewer. As someone who doesn’t have a GPU renderer like Octane, I could use as much horsepower as possible when I’m rendering photo-realistic single frames. At my work, we use Deadline for our render farm. Is there a way to have all of the machines render a single frame in C4D via Deadline? (we do not have Team Viewer installed here at work)

  • I’ve been testing the team render for a while…it’s very helpfull when it works, but unfortunately for some of us it is very unstable. Don’t know what that depends on, but some days it just works like a charm and some others the lights will keep swtching to green randomly. So…only if I really am under pressure I’ll give it a try before turning to a renderfarm which is waaaayy more convenient, especially nowadays some have become really affordable.

  • I’ve been using team render for a few months, but I found that when I’m using team to render single frame it’s only 6 mins, but using team render to render the animation, in the render queue shows that “Last frame” render time is over an hour. I felt like using team render is slower than single machine.

  • Pierre-Olivier Nantel February 3, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Hi, i want to build a small render farm for C4D and Octane. Can we use Octane with Team Render?

    • If you watched the video, he clearly states that the biggest con of Team Render is that it does not work with any 3rd party renderers. (Octane, Arnold, etc) Only works with the built-in Physical and Standard.

  • Hi! i have a problem, mi render in 1 machine, generate 8bit image fast and the team render generate 32 bit image slow than 1 machine… why??

    pelease help!!

  • Has anyone tried using team render on mixed platform (mac and pc)? I am getting patches upon using the render. I tried using Google but could not find substantial result. The plugins are installed at both locations. But when I open mac file on pc or vice versa, it asks me to update the HDRI file location. How do I fix it, so PC or MAC use the plugin from its own folder and not see it as missing and create patches while rendering? Thank you!

  • Can anyone direct me how to set up team render MAC and PC. I’m currently using Mac but I’m planning to buy 2 PC just for team rendering.

    • We have a tutorial that covers setting up TR machines, but none that mix mac/pc. Have you tried contacting Maxon directly?

  • Hi, do you have some experience with Team Rendernig on Microsoft Azure or any other cloud?

  • Sebastian Hageneuer April 27, 2018 at 2:46 am

    Do you got any tips for this problem: I render a long animation with Team Render, it works well. At the end of the day, I need to turn the computers off and continue the next day. As Team Render works, each machine rendered a small part of that animation. Do I have the possibility to tell C4D to only render the parts of the animation which it has not already done the last day? It is a bit time consuming to pick out the various empty spaces of the timeline the second day…

    Thanks for the help

  • Yes, thankfully in the render settings menu, you can change the frame range to manual, and then manually set the frame range beginning with the last frame you rendered. This works especially well if you are rendering in an image sequence (which I highly recommend), just ensure that you keep the output path the same and you should be good to go. Hope this helped!

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