Twist Abstract Geometry to Create Numbers in Cinema4D

March 31, 2015


In this tutorial captured live during an AskGSG segment, Les Bailey (BadAss_Technologies) asked how one might go about creating a textured twisted number like in this cool poster from r4dn. First we’ll create a crazy shape using simple splines and textures, then wrap and twist it around to a final shape, perfectly looping it back around to itself seamlessly.

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This video was recorded during a live episode of AskGSG. Visit our AskGSG Page to see our schedule and see how you can get recordings of our live show and Scene Files from this video.

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  • Thanks for this very interesting tutorial, I had a tone of fun doing it and used a bunch of tools that i normally do not use. Thanks again and keep up the great work! 😀

  • Very cool tutorial. Thanks Chris

  • Hi, one tip for another ASK Gsg recreating something like this:

  • Nick thank you very much for your great tutorial you are guys doing, and continuing posting on your blog for us.

  • Karlis Karklins April 2, 2015 at 3:42 am

    keep up the wonderful work. as far as i know, you are the only source we could learn new stuff with having a great time. very inspiring

    here is my attempt, never ever thought making these kind of shapes would be so easy.
    thanks Chris!

  • Thanks Chris. You are a legend.

  • Many years ago I made these things in Maya which reminds me of the tutorial of Chris Schmidts twirly donut. MUCH easier in C4D!!! Thanks!!!

  • Thanks for the latest TUT, the twisted knot. Just a crazy FYI. Using c4d R13…

    While doing the tutorial everything previewed fine, until I clicked render… then it looked all shattered and jacked-up. So I clicked “Current state to object” and it rendered fine.

    Probably just a R13 problem, right? Thanks for all the tutorials!!! You guys are awesome.


    • First of all thanks Chris for this nice tutorial! full of useful techniques, second, thanks, Dave, I was having the same problem every time I made a final render, shattered, low res, etc… could not find any solution until I read your post!
      great and cheers!!


  • Thanks again, Chris, for doing my request, and for posting it here for all to see (and for me to re-watch at my leisure). Not to nit-pick, but the last name is spelled Bailey (good job, Ivan! Just kidding :-P).

  • Fun tut… thanks.

    I would love to see/hear/read a follow-up, though, as to how to prevent those spike objects from squishing like that. It seems the more you twist, the more they squish, because the actual path they are spread out on does get longer and longer.

  • FANTASTIC tutorial! Thanks

  • Abstract geometry ? You are into the Möbius math… very good stuff to do with C4D.

  • Thanks again for this amazing tutorial :D!

    Here is what I made from fallowing it :D!

  • I’m having a line/seal between where the circle connects. I followed your tutorial twice and still get that. Any idea?

  • I’m having problems. :/

    Followed everything to the exact shapes and sizes (As I’m aware) but when I spline wrap it, it doesn’t match up (the end and start don’t meet properly). I’ve tried changing everything to get it right but it isn’t working. :/

    Thanks, Chris!

  • “Chris Price” I had the same problem and it drove me nuts for ever! But i finely found out what causes it! if you have any other object in the spline wrap besides the main shape objects, like say a coner of spikes or a spring like i had in mine, make sure the total length of them are shorter then the main shape object, or it will make you spline wrap bigger then the shape object :). hope this helps.

    “e11world” I am also having the same problem, the only “Fix” i found is just to make sure its twisted in a way that its not visible, not really sure what causes it. Sorry I couldn’t be of any more help :).

    This is a video of what i was able to make after fallowing the tutorial 🙂

  • Great tutorial! I used it to create this piece:

    Also, to anyone having problems with the ends not connecting well; Fred Wong has a great suggestion. There is also something else that could be causing your problem though. In my I moved some of my point from the base flower spline on the Z-axis. If you do that, the ends don’t align. It is easily fixed though by using the Coordinate Manager.

  • I ´m having the same line/seal/gap issue, it is totally visible, no seamless when the circles ends in the 360 twist cycle, not matter how I twist it is always there, the ends match perfectly though… so I decided to increase the extrude nurbs´ movement in the z axis till the wrap pass beyond the other end, not sure if this is the best solution but at least the lin/seal/gap is not visible anymore…below my version


  • Sorry, the solution I mentioned above is not really working, as soon as I click on “current state to object” one of the end goes back to the position where you can still see the line/seal/gap. like a cut right there, anyway, I just realized in my last render…. to Fred Wong and Marjolein I have to say great job with your results, Fred Wong, beautiful textures, how did you get the nice bump in the “green snake skin”…? I like that!

  • SO AMAZING!!!! Thanks Chris!!

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