Use After Effects To Composite Two Separate Cinema 4D Renders

March 24, 2015

In this video, Xrossfader asks us how to make a look similar to this Nike ad from Matthew Day. We used a whale, but you can use any shape for the same effect.

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  • great new video, you guys always do very interesting stuff with rendering and breaking it down etc etc, the VW stuff was very fun. Just notice your patron page – so I just signed up for the $25.00 a month plan, keep up the good work… so many of these sites just end up having boring stuff after a while, and getting money haha, but I am sure you two will keep it fresh and interesting… no more Tuts+ :/

  • thank you guys, greate stuff 🙂

  • Dear Nick!
    you can maybe tutorials for everyone in this video CCTV.

    Thanks so mush!

  • If you don’t stop distorting that poor whale in your tutorials, I will call PWWA 🙂

  • Great stuff guys as always!

    Just wondering…couldn’t you have used the Surface deformer to create a much cleaner low poly version of your model?

  • Thank you guys for all the time you are putting in these tutorials! I learned so much from you during the years!
    Now it’s my turn to give you a tip about flipping the normals to the correct side, super fast ;-).
    Select your object, then click on the right mouse button in the viewport and select “align normals”. This will align all the normals to the same direction.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi Gorillas! First of all I would like to thank you for all your teachings and wisdom.

    I am from Mexico and I have learned a lot thanks to you. I have a question. I received as a prize a Nvidia K4200. I know this is a great card for autodesk software. I have heard that Cinema 4D doesn’t use the real power of this kind of cards. But what happens if I use Vray in Cinema4d? does it help? Is there any way to get it’s full potential inside Cinema 4d? or should I sell it since I don’t use any other 3D software?

    Thanks a lot for your support!! A big Hug!

  • amazing tut like always !

    look at this film
    can you make tut plz ?
    would be awesome 🙂

  • Thabk you very much, great tutorial as always 🙂 learned a lot.


  • Please can you do a tutorial showing how something like this is created? Most notably how he rounds the geometry from the initial square outlines he makes? Or anyone have any tips?? Thanks!

  • Very amazing tutorial. This helps me so much

  • where can i get this whale model? thanks!

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