Use Bodypaint and Cinema 4D To Make A Unique Snowflake Texture

December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays! In this short video, Chris (while wearing a Santa hat) shows you how to make a unique snowflake texture using Bodypaint.

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  • I’ve been waiting for a tut like this, thanks Chris & Nick!

  • Thanks Santa Chris! Happy Holidays!

  • Thanks for touching on Bodypaint! Which reminds me, a few of my buddies and I have been trying to put together a logo with metal material, but everything we have come up with is boring or not quite right. Perhaps you or Nick could touch on creating and rendering few advanced/customized materials in one of your upcoming pieces?
    Love the hat! Enjoy the holidays everyone 🙂

  • Good stuff. I would like to see what other possibilities there are with body paint for sure. Hope you post another one up soon.

  • GREAT! Thank You!!!

  • You guys complain of not having anything on Bodypaint yet there is Cineversity and 3dKiwi. Seriously 3DKiwi goes over 8 HOURS of Bodypaint. If you guys are using a $4,000 package I am going to assume you can afford the $60 price tag on that…

    • What do you expect!

      We want everything for free.
      I don’t want to waste 60 dollars, when I could buy clothes with that money.

      It’s all the government’s fault, that we’re in a recessions, so I expect to get everything for free.

      I got bills to pay son.

      • I had to pay bills as well. So I moved to Saudi Arabia and worked for 4 years. I would think someone woud mention buying food over clothes. I only wear Hanes TShirts and Walmart jeans so at a $50 wardrobe I can afford to increase my knowledge. I don’t see spending that money as being a waste if I am learning something from it. I consider going to the bar to be a waste…

    • Sorry Im not familiar with 3Dkiwi. 60 bucks is that for some lessons or a membership to something? please elaborate

      • Ohh ok I got it.. C4D cafe.. didnt realize there was a price tag with that.. hmmm what am I missing here?

        • Probably the most valuable thing he goes over is UVing. He shows you how to cut for organics and use the interactive mapping functions for the hard surface. But the majority of the video is about Bodypaint and the painting process. Using the layers and whatnot. It really is just Photoshop with the added ability to projection paint. Gotta admit though that once ZBrush introduced Spotlight I kind of do all my texturing in there and UV in C4D. Although Roadkill for Maya is killer at automatically selecting the mapping function and pumping it out. Headus is good as well but ZBrush beats it when implemented with polygroups and UVmaster….

  • Bodypaint has always been a gaping black hole in my C4D knowledge. I just can’t get into it, but I’ll give this a try. These tutorials are really appreciated, but they’re starting to pile up…

  • Ok first off.. let me start by saying Ive only seen the first 4 seconds of the video and already I had to stop and write this email. CHRIS! FTW! you got the time travel shirt on Ive been looking for!! where did you buy it?? I first saw this shirt when Roy from The IT CROWD was wearing it.. and I want it!!!
    8) I guess I’ll go back and watch the rest of this tutorial but already its by far my favorite one you’ve done!!

  • I’ve the REAL question :
    Chris : did u do all the tut with the santa claus hat ????
    i hope so.
    What do you think people?


    How an i schive something like this. specially the part when the coin turns into random spiral things.

  • I’d really love to see more Bodypaint-Tutorials!
    I never really got into it but its so powerful!

  • Once you have painted on the alpha channel, you can see the transparency in the viewport if you click on the move, rotate or scale button, or anything that gets rid of your paintbrush cursor. Seems to work for me anyway rather than having to hit render everytime.

  • Hey Chris, great tut. I didn’t know a bit about Body Paibt 🙂
    Can you make a tut of this video?

  • Omar Gonzáles Díaz December 15, 2011 at 9:40 am

    Love this one! hahaha! Take care both of you!

  • Thanks Chris. Great to see some of the other corners of Cinema discussed.

  • Nice job mate!

  • This is cool, I had an idea in my head to use this technique to make car rims (without the bodypaint, though I suppose you could use body paint to do that aswell). Except I was trying to wrap my head around it and I didnt think of the symetry object. This is cool, I’m gonna go home and try it.

  • I didnt know that BP works in conjunction with cloners. Good one Chris!

  • hiii…

    u guys have a lot of good tuts but u still have not any cgi tuts

    i mean 2 creatve something and put into livefootage so that in the end it looks real

    it would be very cool if u chris or nick can show us any technics how to light up scene that it looks real and dont forget to show how 2 matchmove

    would be great and a very cool xmas gift 🙂

    sorry 4 my bad english

    i hope u understood me

    greetz and much love
    nox keep doing ur great work

  • Nice work as usual….

    Here’s my xmas video:

    BLINK, and Yule miss it!

  • Oops, I posted that twice…

  • Thanks Chris for this great tut, that was a nice approach to achieve this snowflake.

  • Nice tutorial, thanks! I really need to learn bodypaint.

  • Hi again Chris,
    Now I know… you’re the wizzard 🙂 Thanx again, great tut and yes now I’m gonna use Body paint also.

  • Thanks for the video! I’ve never used this program before and it’s been several years since I’ve even opened up a 3D program, but I was able to follow along perfectly. I’m excited to get back into it.

  • Nice tutorial! Didn’t know that BodyPaint respected the Symmetry and Array Objects.
    Looking forward to a BodyPaint UV-edit tut in the style of the great ’30 minutes of Tips & Tricks’ you did… 🙂
    A tip for snowflake-lovers: Remember that if you want realistic snowflakes; make them hexagonal.

  • simple, elegant and SUPER helpful
    thank you a million time !! 😀

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