Place and Deform Objects Along a Surface in Cinema 4D

November 8, 2016

In this jam-packed tutorial, you will learn how to place objects along the surface of an object, project splines onto a surface using Spline Projection, and how to deform objects along a surface using the Surface Deformer in Cinema 4D!

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Topics covered include:

• Using Constraint Tags to easily place objects along a surface
• Learning about Constraint Tag Priorities settings
• How to Project Splines onto surfaces using Spline Projection
• Using the Surface Deformer to deform objects along a surface

If you have any questions, be sure to post it in the comments section and if you create anything using any of the techniques I covered, be sure to share it with me!  BTW, if you like the sugar skull, check out the amazingly talented Grand Chamacho who inspired me to make & decorate my own sugar skull!  Thanks for watching!

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  • Congratulations for the new site, looks great!

  • New site looks dope!

  • Nice tutorial.
    To project a spline onto geometry you could also use the spline smooth tool


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  • Question for EJ…
    When you were positioning cross with the Surface Deformer you said it was flat and then all of a sudden you could see the beveling / fillet depth.

    How did that happen? I have an extruded text spline with a fillet cap and extrusion but it’s flat. Other than that, the deformation worked.

  • nice thanks you alot

  • Thanks for the tutorial!

    Important question: How can I animate these facial features while the face is moving with deformers or bones tho…cant figure it. Only clamp works but it wont deform facial features.

    • Typically you’d be using Pose Morph to animate the face geometry which would require you make sure the priorities are all set correctly with the Pose Morph having first priority followed by the Constraint Tags. That way the face deformation will happen first, followed by the objects being constrained and move to those deformations! Hope that helps!

  • That’s amazing EJ,
    Thanks you for you amazing work and tutorials.

  • Love this post. So helpful. Was trying to use it to make a doughnut with icing but for some reason it won’t work with a torus. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong?

  • Hey! great tutorial!
    I just got an issue i cant get rid of, i did an animation of a fruit with eyes, and they are attached using clamp to the syrface of the fruit, but when i hit the render button they move away in such crazy ways. can you help me please? 🙂 thanks!

  • Is it possible to have the flower or the heart deform to the curvature of the skull AS WE MOVE it about?

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