Watch All Of The NAB 2012 Maxon Presentations and Tutorials

April 30, 2012

Clear your week. Cineversity has released all of the presentations from NAB 2012. All the tutorials and presentations from all the great presenters for you to watch and learn. They posted day 2 and 4 of my presentation since I did two entirely different tutorials. Don’t forget to watch all the other talented presenters from the show. What a great year for Cinema 4D Presenters at NAB.

NAB Presentation Day 2

NAB Presentation Day 4

Based on this great poster by Rizon

Watch all the presentations at Cineversity

UPDATE: For those of you having streaming problems, I am working currently with Maxon to find a way to get these to play faster for you. Sorry about that.

UPDATE 2: Maxon has just uploaded all of the videos on Vimeo and are playing much better. Thanks, Maxon!

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  • YES, this is super! Really wanted to see them live but did not have the time. Thanks for the link!

  • Awesome time indeed. Good hanging with you Nick!

    For those who haven’t seen Maxon’s twitter post, here are my behind the scenes photos:

  • Cool !
    But I wish if u could post them here as youre tuts or on vimeo..
    the preview is too slow !!
    can you plz?

  • Hey, Nick & Chris! Was nice to finally meet you guys at NAB. And thanks for your contributions to the community.

    Also, I’m sure you both are aware, but in case you didn’t know… I went over the Adobe booth on Wednesday and the group that did the IRONMAN HUD for the new Avengers movie was doing a breakdown of the design and execution and he mentioned that one of the modules of the HUD is created using the CITY KIT. Just thought I’d pass that along.

    Super cool products for Superheroes™. Yes, I just trademarked that. 🙂 Keep it up!!

  • Hi Nick,

    Very nice a cool explanation of cinema 4d. It is really unbelievable
    The explanation of the neon Las Vegas is also very good.
    The original site is Belgian and is also doing very well.

    This is the site

  • Rock! Was great hangin with & presenting for Maxon with you and all the other talented peeps, Nick! Hope you found some good things to spend all that Craps money on that Dave won for ya 😉

  • are you bitch why you’re hurting me im not good like u so when i look ur projects its hurting my heart so i will suicide cuz of you 🙁 you such an idiot

    • bro, please don’t do it.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH and ? love your projects too. IF YOU DIE I WANNA DIE WITH YOU , IF YOU GO I WANNA GO WITH YOU!!

  • Thanks a lot for your help, I’m hoocked up by C4D because of you.
    Well done

  • The presentations are also available for download on iTunes

  • Hey,

    whats about your new Plugin?

  • It would be great if the videos were downloadable.

  • Awesome stuff man! Nice presentations.

  • Hey Nick, Chris said in his presentation that the NEW CS TOOLS, including that awesome camera plugin will be available trough your blog….but he didn’t mentioned a DATE&TIME,
    do you know?

  • Thank you Nick

  • Mohamed Aljazaere ( MJ ) May 3, 2012 at 10:44 am

    Nice presentations nick!!
    Thanks for sharing ..

  • Saw your Maxon presentations Live, you and all the other guys were excellent.
    Thanks a lot Nick it was great fun.
    • •

  • The tutorials were perfect! Learned a lot from them!

    But I now noticed that Chris schmidt is not Chris Schmidt and the other way around….what?
    2 famous C4D experts with the same name? Or is the other Chris Smith?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the CS camera tool, it looks awesome!

  • The picture with the neons is very cool. I did an opening title for a TV show with realistic neons in Cinema 4D some time ago. You can have a look at:

    Thanks Nick for all your tutorials!!

  • Nice Nick !!!Thx once again for your dedication to this site and for your help, this place is the right place to be for all motion designers… Thx again …

  • I noticed that Maxon was running videos from NAB 2011 while they were archiving the 2012 videos…anyone know where those can be found???

  • Hey Nick, thanks for the tutorials. Your NAB piece gave me some inspiration for this little ident I created over the weekend.

  • Hey nick,

    Will the plugin work with R12?


  • Does anybody know how we can make this in cinema 4D?

  • Nick, yeah!!!
    Please release plug-in ASAP :))) can’t wait!!! PLUG-IN PLUG-IN ….

  • Thanks for yet another inspiring, easy to follow tutorial! I made a neon sign for Hangover 3.

  • Hi Nick,
    Love your reel! I have a question about something I saw in there. At 1:40-1:50, do you have a tutorial on that somewhere? I looked but didn’t see anything. 🙁

  • Nice job Nick

  • I am from Mozambique, Southern Africa’m big fan of your work I’m learning a lot Nick, thanks for sharing your knowledge

  • Gustavo Henrique Jitsuchaku July 30, 2012 at 7:28 pm

    Hey Nick!
    I watched it! It`s awesome!

    I’d like to know how can i make a metaball with spline warps?

  • Great work Nick! You are great!

  • Thank you Nick 🙂

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