What’s new in Cinema 4D 12: Connectors

September 13, 2010

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  • What is it with you and spheres?? 😛

    Thanks for another great little tut!

  • i can see some great things coming from these connectors. keep em coming nic.

  • Can you make the connectors and springs visible?

  • Since many of us may not have the $$$$ to dish out for the new version, will you being tutorials with 11.5 still? Or will we have to upgrade to be able to do anything you may have planned in the future?

    • All future tutorials will be done in 12. However, not all of them will use 12 specific features. Hopefully 11.5 users will be able to follow along with most of my upcoming tutorials after all this “What’s new” stuff is over. This is tough and will happen every time there is a new version. But, I have to error on the side of new, not old. Hopefully users will upgrade when they can.

    • Thanks Nick. I appreciate all your help with C4D and I know our field is expensive but it just gets harder when your growing a family! I hope I can upgrade before your tutorials get to deep with awesome v12 stuff in them!! Thanks again.


  • Thx for all the tutorials and ur precious time

  • Hello nick! , with the new cinema r12, I believe that we have been analyzing the new functions easy, I am a beginner and when I see his new classes of the new cinema r12 it me saddens =( because already many of us we can handle the new functions, we believer in your creativity ,Show us some class of wrist of your rag doll

    • Too easy, eh? Just making sure everyone is caught up before we jump into the CRAZY stuff. 🙂

    • Ok nick =) we will be waiting for the new tutoriales advanced with the new dynamics r12. Tutoriales as you i do not find
      … only I have two teachers, adrew kramer (After) and nick campbell (Cinema4d).
      ” My ideology .. Andrew + Nick = Producer Fx ” =D
      thank to you for existing!

  • Pretty cool, opens up some neat possibilities. Here’s my test: http://vimeo.com/14938200

  • Is cineversity worth it to learn R12 dynamics if u a complete newbie?

  • Thanks from “the old Europe” for all of these great little (or not so) amazing videos. I’m trying to learn C4D, and I’ll never thank you enough for your help.

  • hi there !
    I’ve got a question :
    Is it possible to make a linear cloning with the cloner object of a set prepared.
    For exemple :
    In order to make a tail i would have made to obects connected with a connector and I would have placed it in a cloner in linear mode maybe with a scale transformation.
    I tryied but I had to displace each connector and to replace the targets manually.
    Is there a easier way to do it ???
    (sorry for my bad english…)

  • Very nice, Loving the tutorials nick! Can’t wait to get version 12! The Cinema Dynamics are the best fun 🙂

  • is there a way to use connector tu fractured objects?

  • Hi was just wanting to know how you get your layout working in Cinema 4D, when I load it nothing appears. Will this work in Cinema 4d 11?

  • Hey nick! thanks for all your tutorials on R12

    I tried to recreate a Newton’s cradle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton%27s_cradle) with hinge connectors , but can’t manage to get it working…

  • “It’s a cube Nick! Come on!”
    I laughed.

    Thanks, helpful!

  • Hey Nick, great tutorials, but I had a real quick question. I’m messing around with the polygon point mode of attachment with hinges, but I don’t know of a reliable way to retrieve the index number of a point other than trial and error. Any tips?

  • Thanks for this tutorial, and all tutorials of this website, it’s amazing.

    I have a question about connectors, I try to combine it with spline dynamics. (I’m not sure it’s the right place to ask…)
    I wanna make a bunch of balloons attached to a point, i use spline dynamics to make the string of balloons, and connectors to attach them.
    But I can’t figure out how having collisions between them…If i just add a rigidbody tag, the balloons fly away, leaving the string attached alone.

    Here is the video of my problem : http://antoineschirer.com/balloons/c4dballons.mp4
    My projet : http://antoineschirer.com/balloons/ballon5.c4d

    Thank you very much !

  • I’m building a tiny issue I cannot make my private readers get your recent feed, I am just employing google reader incidentally.

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