What’s new in Cinema 4D 12: Soft Body Dynamics

September 10, 2010

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  • Good video, was very much hoping for this tho:

    For an example, if I made a plane which was supposed to be acting as a softbody dynamic, but, I dont want it to fall to the ground when i hit play, i want to hang in the air but still react to falling rigid bodies like spheres so it “bends” as if it was made of cloth.

    You did this in your ragdoll demonstration, and I tried to figure it out today without succeeding.

    Maybe put in a few “tips” in the future vids of this series? as imo anyone that has interest in r12 would have downloaded the demo already, and the stuff you show here is kinda something you would figure out how to set up, just by playing around for not even 5 minutes ^^

    Thanks for the vids tho!

    • Sure thing. I will have that video soon. I’ll give you a hint. You need to use a fixed connector to connect the softbody to keep it in the air.

    • thanks for the fixed connector tip 🙂

    • Hey I tried to figure this out too I thought some connector would be needed but I also suceeded somewhat by actually going into the planes dynamics body tag and turning up the follow animation position and rotation values. Might be an alternative way the downside I see is that if the cloth is soft the whole planes rotation might be more adversely affected

  • wow!!..so cool

    just out of curiosity just out of curiosity while I get C4dR12… what happens with soft bodies and mograph together??

  • Nice job Nick 🙂
    Thank you for inspiring me to do 3D animating

  • This is probably a really basic question, but how come when I render the scene out all I get is a sphere intersecting with the plane, no dynamics? I can see it when I’m changing parameters, it’s only when I render a frame/scene that nothing seems to happen.

  • Love it nick! Keep em coming!!! It’s FRESH!

  • Hi nick, great as always. 🙂

    Hey, I’ve had a problem when visiting your site recently. I use Firefox 4 Beta 5, and I can’t interact with the embedded video (can’t press play, or anything) so I’ve needed to go to vimeo, and then to you profile and then to the video to be able to see it.

    I don’t know if this is just a problem with me, but I though it’d be good to let you know 🙂


  • nick you are SEXY

  • I cant wait to know what the ghost tag does!!

  • Nick
    You make this very clear. I wish the software companies would take your approach to telling professionals who have little time to spare, just how to get things done. I am struggling with C4D working with Realflow at the moment and Realflow(NextLimit) needs a Gorilla!
    I hope you get continued support for your work and folks buy you light kit etc (I did, it’s very good)
    So thanks Nick, appreciated.

  • this is one of the best features from r12 for me, cant wait to get into a project with it. keep em coming.

  • Gorilla! (Nick)

    Thank you for making tuts of all of your genius work so far!
    love the new dynamics, and your beard haha!

    Regards from Holland!

  • Hey Nick
    Just by way of a different perspective on your tuts…
    Some of us don’t have R12 and probably never will 🙁
    I know there are people who can’t be bothered to RTFM, and maybe these short tuts are filling some kind of gap but…
    I think you’ve got a ton of stuff to share, and maybe it’s more to do with design, concept, typography, motion, timing, pace, communication?
    I don’t know. I really enjoy watching your stuff, but the more software-version-centric it becomes, the less relevant it becomes to me! Selfish? Maybe. I just feel that you’ve got a lot more to offer than these tool tips.
    Sorry if I’m out of line, just saying.

    • Totally feel what your saying. What the goal is with these short tutorials are to get people caught up with some of the new tools before I start doing larger tutorials with 12. That way, the large tutorials can be more concept, timing, and design centric like you want and less about the specific tools. Sure, these short tuts are a bit dry, but I want to make sure everyone is on the same page before we REALLY go make crazy stuff. Let me know what you think as we get into more complicated stuff again. I would love to hear how it’s going.

  • Sock, I disagree.

    keeping the tutorials more technical based is a great way to learn the software, which is essentially what these tutorials are about – even if it is an introduction on how to emulate an effect.

    Timing, composition, typography etc. will differ each project you work on.

    These tutorials give you the technical knowledge to be able to realise any concept you come up with.

    If you were to be taken through a tutorial on how do design, you’d find your work looks the same as everyone else that has gone through the tutorials.

    Use the skills Nick covers and create… put your work up for critiquing, ask for feedback – you will learn more this way for what you are asking.

  • Thanks a lot for these small tut’s. 🙂 I hope you have time to do some more “in depth” tut’s about the new stuff in R12!

    @ Sock Gardener: You can just get the demo ver of R12. That’s what i’m useing right now. It’s good for 42 days…..

    • For sure. There will be bigger tutorials soon about 12. But, I wanted to get people up to date with some of the new stuff first, so that each tutorial isn’t so tedious. Stay tuned!

    • Cool. Can’t wait to see them. Thanks for doing all these tut’s for us. You rock! And i can’t wait to play around with the update of your light kit……

      BTW: I did a very simple softbody test. It is just so easy now. 🙂


  • Maybe do a tutorial about realflow water stuff, like in the beginning of this reel: http://vimeo.com/10467583 Would be very nice to clear this out!


    • i agree, something in realflow would be cool becuase i have yet to see a tut for realflow that actually has a good result with hih detailed water, but first the R12 tuts.

  • Great website,and great tuts thanks alot!
    A tutorial about realflow would be dope!

  • Hey Nick. Ever since I got into Cinema 4D a while ago, it has been difficult to find good tutorials for it. I see a lot of tutorials out there for 3DS Max, but not enough for C4D which is why I really enjoy this site. Of course, just playing around with the program and experimenting is great, but using things that you never would have thought to use, or didn’t quite understand, and having them explained to you really helps and allows one to progress a lot faster. Bottom line: Great site! Keep it up.


  • Thanks a lot man you’re awesome.. I’ve been watching your videos for about 6 months now and they are really fun and to the point and you have a great character too. good stuff.

  • I’m having some issue’s with rendering soft bodies, I’m not getting any of the soft deformations in my render??

  • upd: uncheck the “render perfect” will help

  • My body gets hard too when i watch u tutorial lmao…. Damn Nick u doing such a great job bro! Keep it up homie!


  • @misha : Where the hell is that “render perfect”checkbox ? !!!

  • I really appreciate your making these videos. They are so much more informative and useful than anything Maxon has put out. They should pay you!

  • Fantastic. This is my favorite site for C4D tutorials!

  • Hello Nick, I have a question, in your example with Cube, you’ve showed us pressure, whic makes Cube bigger, but do you know the way how to make pressure just on a side of the cube. Like pressure comes from one side and making cube kinda distorted by that. I think I saw it in original Maxon Demo Video about R12.
    Long story short – How can I make pressure from side instead of center.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Thanks so much!!

  • Dear Gorilla,

    My name is Roy , i’m come from hong kong , and watched your tutorials as long time ago , autually, i,m your fans on C4d , by the way , i downloaded your layout in my pc, but , i don’t know how to install in cinema 4d , could you mind teach or give me some hints on this ??


    Best Rgds,

  • Your tutorials are great. Keep up your work and thank you very much!


  • Hi Nick. I have c4d 11.5 and I wondering if vray 1.01 would work with 11.5? if so how would I install it. I have already tried copying it into the c4d library and the vraybridge into the plugins but still no result. pllzzzzzzzzzzzz heeeelp.

  • Hi all! Quick question for the community. Ive created a polygon object by combining a sphere and an array of 8 capsules (it basically looks like a 3D asterix). When I apply a soft body tag to it it sends my mac into a frenzy of calculations. Instead of the shape falling nicely on to my collider plane as in the example above it starts to deform on the spot spiking out in all directions not behaving as it should. Any theories or suggestions?
    Thanks Nick. Your stuff rocks!

  • Hi, i´m having a problem due to soft body dynamics. I import a spline, get it into an extrude nurbs, then connect it and make it editable. After that I get it into a cube with soft dynamics which make react my model with a mesh deformer in my model. I reacts ok, but i have two problems:

    First: I can´t get my model to hit the ground, just because it is inside the cube mesh it would not hit the ground. I´ve tried with collision: moving mesh. But it didn´t work.

    Second: the soft body work fine just until the moment I try with pressure. Then, I come with not the results I want. This result is only that I want my design (a logo) get inflated like a ballon.

    Any help, gays?

  • Addemdum:

    Everything works ok for primitives, but it getting very messy when trying to pressure a design.

  • Cool tut!
    I tried a soft body tag on a low poly figure I modeled and it just melts into big polys and becomes an undefined cluster in the end… Is there a way to prevent this? Like if you use platonic figures, they have a certain tension. My model doesn’t seem to have any tension at all. It’s more like pudding…it needs exercise 😉


  • Hi, was wondering how i install your layout?

  • hey where can i get soft body i dont have it in my simulation tags please help???

  • A bit late, I know.

    Got a question about this…How to use the softbody tag on a text object?

    I´ve tried both regular spline+extrude and Motext, but the resultant object doesn´t stay together, even if I convert those to a poly.

    Thanks Nick. Thanks all.

  • Greetings to the Gorilla and all his fans. I’ve got an issue I’m having trouble solving. I have a model of a couple vertabra and spinal disks and I need to show the disk compressing when I animate the disks. I’ve tried Softbody D, and can’t seem to get it to work well. I’m now trying bulge deformer and trying to keyframe it but can’t seem to get it quite right either. Is anyone available for a bit of help? This seems like it should be VERY easy but I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve tried all the other forums but no replies in a week so far and I’m on a deadline. If anyone knows the best way to do this that would be great. I contemplated using my fully rigged spine and turning the disks into muscles, but that seems like the WRONG choice as the muscles want to align differently to the bones than I need them to in order to work. I’m not trying to deform all the disks, just one.

  • Hey Nick,

    I know this tut is ancient, but I just recently got into messing with the soft body dynamics. I’m having problems when I add a fillet to my square. The whole shape pretty much breaks down with the soft body. Any idea how to work around this? Thanks man. Your tutorials continue to blow me away.

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