What’s new in Cinema 4D 12: Springs

September 15, 2010

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  • Thanks GSG! I enjoy your short ‘tips’ videos very much.

  • Cool stuff as always, have you played around at all with the angular-type springs? I was thinking about what one could accomplish with those 🙂

  • i used to fall over like a jerk but now i stay upright…like a jerk

  • Damn… I wish I had headphones right now in the doctors waiting room.. I don’t think all the old people here want to learn about springs…

    I’m looking forward to the motors tutorial!

  • Very interesting, but how do I visualize the spring in my render?

  • is there a way to render the spring? so i can have a visual feedback of the dynamics?

  • missed the live cast today, hope it was good. still i have these great little tutorials to dig into.

    Also nic remember i asked you about a material that changes colour when objects get closer to it?

    i figured it out, you use a proximal shader, maybe you could do a tutorial on this when your done with the new r12 features, would be nice to see what you figure out beyond what i needed with this shader.

  • AH freaking awesome! Knew there was a solution!

  • The clones acted strange at 6:13 because the time indicator was not at frame 0. 🙂

    Nice Tutorial.

  • awesome nick =) , good day

  • Hi Nick. My name John (from Russia). Please show how to do perfect car rig with new Cinema 4D 12. Thanks.

  • Hey Nick, just saw that one of your videos is on the goodies DVD of Cinema R12 (Cinema to After Effects…):)) Nice to see some familiar face:)

  • i love so much this blog! nice nick ! but i look for the tutorial about explod mashes in sequences in cinema 4d or a “mask explosion” in word in animation but i cant find it!

    ohh sorry about my english man!

  • Very dope.
    Quick question: how do I see the spring in my render?

    • You can’t unfortunately. I hope they add that ability in an update soon.

    • I’ve been trying to work this out and I think I have it:
      Create your spring using a Helix Spline and a Sweep Nurbs as you would.
      Now drag the ‘Base’, ‘Body’ and ‘Helix’ into your Xpresso editor and then set the height of the Helix to equal the global position of the the body minus the global position of the base.
      Hope it helps.

  • Thank you Nick. This will help me to get in touch with the new dynamic system in R.12.

    Keep on with those great tutorial videos.
    And thanks for the time and energy you put in this website!


  • Nick hi! Thanks for Tutorial. how do you group all files together?For cloner object.Can’t get this part

  • Nick I am trying to use Letters instead of sphere.However,when I use cloner object I can’t change one letter to another, for example if I used letter “D” and I want to change it to letter “A” I can’t, do you know have can I change it?

  • Hey Nick

    Awesome quick tut….. been struggling with the render time when I render an object with reflection TOOOO LLLLLOOOOOOONNNNg…..(the animations not that hectic) waiting on that linear work flow tut.

    P.S the C4d community is finally getting some props in South Africa


  • Thanks for share, strange that it is not renderable so far. I’ve kinda made spring stuff couple of years ago in 3ds and that was heck of a lot of handwork:

  • http://www.produtoranova.com.br/visible_spring.c4d

    I came up with this idea to fake a visible spring. It’s basicaly a Xpresso tag calculating the distance between the ball and the cube. The result is used as the height of the spring. I coundn’t solve a little problem, the top of the spring it seems not attached to the ball. It’s kinda bouncing. Any improvement is welcome.

  • Can anyone gimme a hand with my question in this video? http://vimeo.com/15119363

    Basically I’m looking to get the sphere spring up from inside the cube, like a jack in the box. Except the spring forces the sphere through the cube.

  • Turn of iChat perhaps? 🙂
    Great tut, can’t wait to play around with this stuff!

  • Never got email?

  • Awesome quick tutorial, great work. I love R12!

  • Thanks for the inspiration Nick.
    Here is a short comp that got me going with springs in C4D R12. A little late for the subject mater, kinda wish it was Spring again. Enjoy, Winter is a coming soon.


  • great tut nick.. i ve a question. How do you reverse the viewport orbit in R12. Previously the checkbox for reversing it was in render settings option menu but i cant find it there now..

    Your help will be appreciated a lot. Keep up the cool work.

  • I’m loving these “What’s New” posts!

  • Hi,My name is michael.I`m from germany and im a beginner in c4d.
    i got c4d r12 and your tutorials are great!
    keep going on !!!!
    THX and greetz from GERMANY
    ps:I`ve learned a lot from your tuts!

  • Hi Nick,
    if I try to move the object and then start the animation of the spring, the sphere automatically returns to its point of origin because the connector dont move.
    How to move the connector at the same time?

  • when i render i can’ see springs, i have ticked always visible, why is this?

  • I hope to become like you in C4d

  • When i download your layout and apply it, i cant seem to get the Preview tab in the content browser to stay small, and i cant see the list above it, any suggestions?

  • great tutorial! once again, GSG to the rescue 😉

  • i know this is an older version. but you you have a layout for 13 or 14? I’m currently using 13. But i know there have been some changes and you have more tools to dock.. thanks in advance for your time..

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