What Sucks And What’s Cool In Photoshop CS4

June 30, 2009

In this quick tut, I go though some of the new features in Photoshop CS4 including the new Adjustments tab and the basics of the new 3D tools. I also go over some of the annoying stuff about the new release and how to change it back to the older settings. Tabs? Come on Adobe?

After all that, stay tuned as do a quick color correct in CS4 using the new adjustment layer tools.

Why So Quiet?
Apologies for the quiet cast this time. I recorded it a bit late and didn’t want to bother the neighbors. Passion – Loudness = Slightly less exciting GSG Casts.


  • the tabs are really frustrating

  • Smooth tutorial Nick. I like those little Tips on CC which always make it look good πŸ™‚ Finally you are the first one conviencing me that PS Cs4 does not suck at all.
    After I got my first wacom – probably its time for me to upgrade…

  • I do like the organised way of tabs in Photoshop CS4. There’s one huge problem with it though: I can’t drag a layer from the layers pallette directly to another tab! I have to use the move tool from the canvas to drag a layer to another tab, this really annoys me.

    Two more (Windows only) annoyances:
    – Why is my title bar gone?! I hate it when application take over my regular Windows style.
    – This one is the most annoying and a from an Interaction Design viewpoint really one of the worst mistakes that can be made: try opening a program and maximize it, now open PS CS4 on top of it and maximize. Now throw your mouse to the top right corner of your screen and click. PS didn’t close, but the program behind it! The corner of the PS window frame is slightly rounded, revealing a bit of the close button of the program behind it! A typical example of how Fitt’s law is completely ignored.

    Sorry if this rant bothers anyone, but I just had to get it of my chest.

    • you can drag the layers over if you hold it over the tab for about 3 seconds it switches tabs and you can drop your layer in.

      • Only if you use the move tool from the canvas, not directly from the layers pallette, which was my preferred way of doing things because I was there with my mouse anyway when selecting layers.

  • Nobody likes change…hehehe

    Thanks for taking the time to post these tips! I rarely read manuals when the latest software upgrade comes out. Ok, I never read the manual. Get some sleep.

  • I’m liking your photo workflow, but I was wondering if you ever use the dodge and burn tools to paint in that darkness like you love to do. You usually either just paint with a brush or use a darkened duplicate and paint into a layer mask. I sometimes find the dodge and burn tools work really well for that sort of effect and it’s more direct. The one hassel is that it’s not as flexible being able to paint back in pure black (like in a layer mask) to get back to the original. But even if you dodge to pure white, you can still burn back in and the original pixel info is retained, so it is somewhat non-destructive. Just wondered if anyone liked D&B…

  • A soft shadow tutorial in C4D maybe….


  • That tabbed header was really freaking me out, I have a texture/donor images to the left and I hot swap between them. On CS4 I cannot do that.

    Go to bed!!!

  • Nice tut nick. what wacom tablet do you use?? an intuos 4?

  • also I’m wondering about the compositing powers of Cinema 4D and would it would be awesome to have a tutorial on that.

  • In the same vain as this video, maybe a tutorial between the changes of previous version of After Effects to the recent update 9.02

    I don’t know if you’ve worked with RED footage yet, however, if you have, any stories on your work flow would be nice as always.

    Great job as always, keep it up Nick

  • You said um 1000 times lol

    I want you to do a tutorial on a model right out of a photoshoot, what kind of touch ups you would personally do.

    and I emailed you personally before, thanks for the no response? πŸ™

  • Liked the final part where you color correct the photo! Nice one!

  • I would love a breakdown on aspect ratios and resolutions in Cinema 4d.

    What is enough and how much aspect ratio would you need for a 30 inch tv or 50 inch? 1080p HD or a regular tube?

    I usually render animations for the HD 1080p but i’m not sure what size is enough for say a 40 or 50 inch screen.

    Somewhere along the line, someone may decide to watch your clip on a TV and I think it’s only fair to make sure your clip has enough resolution for those situations.

    On the other hand, I feel that trying to render large only increases the render time and i’d like to save time if I can…

    Please put up a post regarding render resolutions and aspect ratios!


  • I gotta disagree that Content-aware scaling is a gimmick. It can be a great help but it’s not for every image. I can see where you’re coming from thoughβ€”I’m not sure how it would benefit photographers or motionographers much, but those of us who also do print work and you need to fit things to a certain size, it can really come in handy.

    Like many of the newer tools in Photoshop, it simply saves time. What did we do before the healing brush? You had to rubber stamp, clone multiple areas, adjust opacities, etc. Of course you can mask, stamp, and patch but in my experience when CAW works, it works pretty well. (For the best results, use the protect feature.)

  • hi nick,

    whenever i use a light in after effects against a solid (off white) colour – i get lots of circular banding around falloff of the image – are you familiar with this problem? do you know how to fix it?

    thanks man – i really appreciate what you’re doing here…

  • Is it just me, or is the audio only coming out of the left channel?

  • @Michael Hoskins: Hi… No, it’s not only you. I do hear it too only on the left channel, which is a shame because I use a headset and at my left ear I do hear a lot less than my right ear. Double shame there in my case. πŸ™ BUT, i’m glad I have speakers on my PC. πŸ˜€

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