What’s new in Cinema 4D 12: Rigid Body Tags

September 9, 2010

Welcome to the first of many short tutorials about the new features of Cinema 4D version 12. I wanted to start with the new dynamics system, since it’s so much fun to play with, but expect many more tutorials about other features of Cinema 4D 12 coming soon.

The new Rigid body tags behave a bit differently in version 12. You can now put them on almost any object. In this short video, I’ll show you how to do a basic dynamics setup.

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Download my Cinema 4D Layout

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  • Thanks Nick!

    BTW your layout download doesn’t work.

  • Nice Tutorial Nick. Already loving 12. Can’t wait for the others

  • Hey Nick. nice tips!
    And hey guys, be original don’t use some body’s layout for 100%, just grab some ideas from Nick one and add it to your layout

    • I understand this with projects files, but a layout? I dont promote copying someones style, but if someones layout works perfectly for someone, and he doesnt really find any changes he needs to make to improve his workflow form that layout, whats the harm in using it?

  • Number 12 is so awesome!

    Cinema really came a long way since version 8.5 when i started using it…

  • you da man!!!!!!

    Gracias desde España Nick

  • As usual, it’s very nice to see your tuto, Nick. Thank’s a lot !
    I’m happy the “cloner object manipulation” to play with falling objects is over ! 😉

  • Good One!
    Can’t wait to get my v12..
    Just curious what ever happened to the mograph
    effectors such as randomizer, spline, delay and etc… I don’t see them in the mograph menu.

  • more more about r12

  • Thanks for sharing this, its exactly what I’ve been looking for, quick question though;

    I have the trial version of C4D-R12 when I go and select rigid body or for that matter the create collider tag they come up as one & the same ‘Dynamics Body Tag (dynamics Body)’ Is this an issue with just having the demo or is there something I am supposed to change here?

    • I’m having the same problem here but I’m using the V.12 broadcast version with all the current updates. When I select the a collider or create rigid body an object are only tagged with ‘dynamics body expression’. Nothing moves when I hit play. What’s going on with that?

    • I too have the same problem.
      I have a full updated version, but in dynamics body has only a few of modes… (4 modes)
      But works only 2: The Off mode and the Ghost mode.. I needdd help. Can someone explain me why is it like this?)
      Becouse i can’t work in other way.. i just need The ONN mode for dynamics body.

  • Who’s actually rockin v12 right now though?

  • Company gets it hopefully next week. So I have to wait a little longer….

  • Hey Nick, very useful quick tip! Thank you!

  • Awesome!
    I LOVE this kind of short tutorials.

    Looking forward to more videos like this! 🙂

  • I just love Nick’s enthusiasm. Cheers my day and gives a nice boost for my work.

    It’s also fun to see that we’re like little kids “woawing” and “awesoming” about a ball that’s bouncing. Gotta say I really love my work 🙂

  • Thank you man. You are so helpful for us beginners. Just wanted to say that I really liked your lecture here at Hyper. Keep up the good work man!

  • Problem:
    Vray 1.2 won’t work with my R12.
    OLX 1.8 seems not to work with R12.
    Anybody having the same problems?
    Greets Michi

  • Hey, Nick,

    I remember when you did the chain links tutorial, and you showed the workaround for using proxy objects for the links because they fly apart if you just put them together with Modynamics. Do you think we need the same workaround in the new dynamics engine? I don’t know if I did something wrong, but the links still fly apart in R12 without your workaround. I was kind of under the impression that concave objects are recognized now.

  • I think this is the best correction in R12. This was the first i found out. And the Soft-Body-Tag ist also realy nice overworked.

    I´m looking forward to your next quick-tutorials. Thanx a lot.


  • Hey Nick,
    It’s a bit confusing. It comes across as you take Dynamics module and MoGraph module’s dynamics feature for the same thing.

    I mean, the Dynamics were there for a long time as a separate module, with no connection to MoGraph really. It appears that in R12 they trashed MoGraph dynamics in favor of the Dynamics module that now supports MoGraph.

  • Trying to sneak some linear light-kits past us in that bottom panel? 😉

  • Wow your site seems to be getting hammered -waits for video to load-

    Oh well, thanks for being so quick to get these new tuts up, I really appreciate it <3

  • I’m getting the Broadcast version when I upgrade. I can’t afford the Studio version anyway, but I am pretty impressed with the soft body features for clones you get in this package. Here is an animation I created in the demo version using the Soft Body Made of Clones option. You can apply the clones to any object, and get some pretty amazing effects.


  • Hi Nick.. I have a question here, I can’t get the solid bodies to work with geometry that has holes in it, like a tube. I have a screenshot here.. would really appreciate your input:

  • hi nick!!!
    i’m new in your blog, its pretty awesome, you really helped me with this tutorial,but i have a question, why the dinamyc tag doesn’t work whit MoGraph text object, i’d would like that you could help me whit this,
    thank you nick, keep going whit this excellent blog

  • Hey guys,

    Can a MoText object collide with another MoText object that was made editable?

    Thank you,

  • Hi, I have kinda big problem with my new r12:


    and my Dynamics Body is also strange, I think:


    Can someone help me please? :/

  • Thanks a lot man 🙂

  • by my the rigid body doesnt work when i click on create rigid body it creats a collidier help my please

  • by my the rigid body doesnt work when i click on create rigid body it creats a collidier help my please

    ps i like your video’s

  • i am trying to use the dynamics tags but when the object falls it does not fall apart!it stays together (i mean the cloner object)

  • HEllo,

    I need some help with somenthing. I try to make an animation with a basket ball witch has to go trough a ring. Everything is ok except that when I make the ring RIGID BODY, the ball doesn’t go trough the ring, it stopes just like there is no hole in the ring.
    Please help.

    Thank you and excuse my english.

  • Thank you very much. It works !

  • please halp me. in my cinema 4d is not rigid body. i can found it. rigid body is not mograph tag. please halp

  • heeeeeeeealp

  • how i creat simulation menu. me cinema hes not simulation menu

  • its so confusing its not working!!!!i try it 5x but it is not working! your not gud teacher! im sorry..

  • You answered my question exactly and it only took 90 seconds. Thanks!

  • Hi…i want to ask..while i following your tutorial..i had some problem..i can’t find Riggid Body in Mograph Tags..thx 🙂

  • i can’t find riggid body in my mograph tags..i found it at my simulation..but i think it’s different from riggid body that your make at your tutorial “cherry 7up”…thanks 🙂

  • Hi, I seem to have a problem with dynamic tags. I have a few objects which should be falling on the floor. The floor was assigned a Collider tag and the objects a Rigid Body tag. Now, some of the objects hit and bounce off the floor correctly, while others go right through it. I read somewhere that in order to fix this, I had to increase the STEPS PER FRAME in the Document Settings, but that didn’t solve it. How do I solve this problem?

  • Where the Mograph rigid body tag on R13 Stuido, can not find (sorry my english)

  • Gorilla Do you know ??
    you the best 🙂

  • Hey thanks for this bro, im watching your 11.5 Vid on Intro to Physics and Dynamics and i couldnt figure out why there wasnt a Mograph tag for rigid body, but this just made my night.

    Hope i can turn out as good as you are bro, i look forward to watching the rest of your videos

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