What’s New In Cinema 4D R15

October 28, 2013

In this video recorded at Half Rez 2013, I will show you some of my favorite new features of Cinema 4D R15. First, I will jump into all the new GI rendering presets and modes that allow you to get more light bouncing around your scene and create flicker free GI animations. Then, I will show you the new type settings including individual letter kerning and scaling.

This video was filmed during Half Rez 2013, a motion design and 3D animation festival in Chicago, Illinois.

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  • I look forward to the days when I’m actually financially stable and can travel out to these kind of events!!

  • As usual, Nick is the awesomest.

  • Great video Nick. Around the 6:30 mark when you’re talking about how the light mapping works it sounds very similar to how VrayforC4D works. Its actually the camera that sends out “rays” and reads what comes bouncing back.

  • Great tutorial as always! And Chris kissing Nick at the end of the presentation was the best part. Those guys really love each other 😉

  • Next time MAXON shows up in person, would you please ask them WHEN we can expect a C4D R15 update that makes Team Render useful in real-world workflow?
    1. Cannot add Team Render machine once a render has started.
    2. No “Render Queue” function with Team Render.
    3. If you start a Team Render, stop (for any number of reasons), the restart the Team Render, there is no “skip existing frames” option. Meaning you are forced to re-render already-rendered frames OR manually set frame ranges (extremely inefficient way of working, especially since, as noted, you can’t Queue the frame-range renders.

    It’s a huge step backwards from Net Render in terms of functionality. There has been quite an outcry at C4D Cafe, multiple “bug report/feature request” submissions have been made to MAXON, but MAXON has yet to say “We hear you,” “F*** off,” “We’re working on it but it will take a year,” or “We’re working on it and should have some improvements to you by Christmas” – any information at all would be appreciated.

    • as of 2)
      I think you can click the “Team”-field in a task in the render manager, then all machines will be running for this task.

    • I’ve seen this pretty much everywhere claiming team render is a huge step back.

      But I just add files to the render queue (render>add to render queue) to team render them, and be able to start and stop them, and thats 90% of the functionality of the old Net render…. with far less headache…. So I don’t really understand where all the complaints are coming from.

    • 1 and 3 are pretty darn bad. But wasn’t 3 an issue before anyway?

  • Hi,
    Newbie there! I have C4D R15 and I can’t figure out why the settings you are talking about (standard,GI) don’t work for me..I set it to Prime: Irradiance Cache, Secondary: Light Mapping. and my Maximum Depth I test in from 1 to 100 ugly result. go figure… what does work for me is (standard,GI) Prime: Irradiance Cache, Secondary: Irradiance Cache. and the depth it as 8. C4D only let you go from 2 to 8… amazing results.. I have the latest update and everything…am I missing something? Thanks

    • He forgot to mention one small important step 🙂
      In the illumination step you should check the GI Area Light or else you will get very bad results. Or you could just use normal lights.

  • Really looking forward to the spheres and text tutorial!!!

  • Hi, Nick – a bit off topic, but – what’s that menu bar app with skip and play-buttons?
    Is it to control iTunes? What’s it called?

  • hey , thanks , do use Vray Nick at all , Do you think it really produces better and more realistic result than c4d renderer ?

  • The new GI and animation tips would be great 🙂

  • Hello guys,

    First things first, great version, great video.

    One thing I discovered is that in this new version, when using the knife tool, the menu snap setting is no longer present. How do I enable it show again?

    Thank you.

  • Hey Nick, nice presentation.
    Ok what about Sculpting? 🙂 Very powerful.. I’ve been playing around with it. I like how you can bake out the sculpting layers and apply them to a low-res mesh for much faster rendering. Would be great to see a tutorial on here regarding the new R15 sculpting enhancements.

  • Great tips as always.
    After This i really have to jump to R15, and continue learning from you guys.
    Thank you Nick & Chris you guys make c4d really look amazing 🙂

  • Hi Nick!

    I’ve been visiting GSG for years and this is my first time commenting. I can’t thank you enough for the helpfulness of your tutorials, the quality of your products, and the inspiration you’ve provided!

    I think it’s really fantastic that you find great work on Behance and try to reverse engineer it for tutorials. By sharing the webpage you found it on, you’re certainly acknowledging the creator; I’d like to suggest that it would be in everyone’s best interests to take that a step further.

    If there’s any way to credit the artists by mentioning their names during your presentation, or providing links to their online portfolios from your blog post, it’d help share the love even more. One step further, if you were to reach out to the artists for their endorsement, they might be able to contribute tips and tricks to make your tutorials even more informative.

    It’s entirely possible you’re already doing some of this and I’m just missing it. Thanks for taking the time to consider it, and keep on rocking!

  • I have been buying your back/rigs for 2 years, and going to you site every day to learn something good. Keep up the good work. I send people that want to learn Cinema 4D right there!! side note: Anybody from NYC?

  • Hi!

    I just love this site!

    Do you know if CineWare can use the feature to have many machines help with the render? That is if you set up multiple computers as a render farm in Cinema 4D R15, will it only speed up renders inside C4D or would the CineWare also render faster than with a single computer?

  • Hi Nick,
    Thank you for all your work !
    I’m finishing a short film in full 3D, all done with C4D and Æ. I have started with R12 and i continue with R14 and i will certainly finished it with R15.
    This short was possible because of your stuff that you give to us on the internet.
    I could say i am a self made man, but i think you are my teacher !
    So, i hope you will like these screenshots that are part of the movie.
    Have fun !

  • Yan Paul Dubbelman November 5, 2013 at 7:17 am

    How does GI work with Team Render? Does it need to do the prepass separately or is there an option to let that be ”team rendered” as well. I remember in R14 there was a GI option in the Physical renderer but that seems to be gone.

  • Unfortunately, GI doesn’t work for me as good as for you. The stage is dirty and unsatisfactory at all. Screenshot: http://d.pr/i/TEkO
    I’m using sphere with illumination channel (3000% strength) on the upper floor — right above the camera. Standart renderer based on “Interior – Preview” with Light Mapping depth: 128 (max).

  • Wish I was there to at least shake your hand, saw all this at your presentation but there’s a lot more info in this one I felt. Loved the previews of new tutorials, I have no idea how you’d curl text unless it’s subdivided because I mean that’s one giant n-gon right? Can’t wait to learn how to do it! 😀

  • Hey Nick .. and everyone ..
    I need some help..
    Anyone know how to create this animation?
    I tried to use mospline but its looks “lame”
    I would love if someone will help me to figure it out
    & nick Cool tutorial!!
    I learn so much from you ! thanks!!!!

    • Try after effects. Sometimes the answer is to use something other than C4D. This is something I have to remind myself on many occasions. I love C4D so much that I start sketching whatever I need done inside the app. I often forget how perfect AE is for many things and so much faster to “render”. Create some nice vectors in AI or now even in AE, and off you go with animated masks etc. Easy Peasy. 🙂

    • If you wanted to use C4D maybe a spline wrap would work? I did something similar with ribbons that turned out really cool.

  • Where’s the 2 new tutorials you mentioned?

  • When kerning text in R15, I use a camera with the projection set to parallel, that way I get a perfectly flat view, avoiding having to deal with any perspective skew or funny angles


  • Awesome presentation Nick – as you always do. Thank you very much.

    Would be great to get some GI presets for R15 from you – I spend a lot of time trying to get rid of flickering – doesn’t work to me. In my tests new R15 GI flickers even more than old GI. I guess I’m doing somethings wrong…

    • Pier-Luc Bourgault January 21, 2014 at 3:07 pm

      i got the same problem… i finally render it out in Cinema and import it in after effects. Flickering was an issue only in Cineware…

    • Dmitry: I’m having the same issues with flickering, really troubling. In R14, using the Physical renderer with indirect illumination instead of GI, this problem was completely iliminated. Now it’s back worse than 3 versions ago. Since Maxon got rid of indirect illumination in the Physical Render settings dialog, I’m back to many hours tweaking setting with IR to try and illiminate flickers.

      Any one else having the same problems? Any solutions? I’m using pretty high quality settings, so I’m baffled

  • David Sullivan May 20, 2014 at 6:17 pm

    Did, you ever post a tutorial video on that text you did around 18minutes or am I missing it?

  • i have cinema 4d r15 .some days i see the problem is that
    when going to make spline they can not display on front view only display dots when drag the points the point draged but line not show the path
    please help me

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