What’s New In Cinema 4D R16

August 5, 2014

Every time a new version of Cinema 4D comes out, the questions are always the same.

“Should I upgrade to the new version?”

“Is it worth it?”

“Do I really need these new features?”

Well, the last few versions were full of new features, but many people decided not to upgrade or buy for one reason or another.

R16 isn’t like that at all. It’s FULL of new useful features that help make your renders more beautiful and your workflow easier.

Honestly, It’s been a while since I have been this excited for a Cinema 4D release. This new version adds some HUGE new features. They aren’t all obvious hits like New Dyanmics or Mograph, but as Chris and I learned more about these new features, we got more and more excited about this new version.

So, what is this version all about? A lot of disparate stuff. But, it all comes together in a lovely new update from Maxon.

It’s so big, we put together quite a few new videos below to show off some of the new features of Cinema 4D R16.

UPDATE: We are giving away the R16 scene files from this post to our newsletter subscribers. Sign up and get them right away in your Email. Signup here.

New Texture Engine – Reflectance

The biggest news is Reflectance. It looks like only a new Texture channel. But, it’s really a brand new material engine for Cinema 4D. The old reflection channel is totally GONE. And so is specular. In their place is an entirely new Reflectance system. It’s a BRDF based system that is a bit similar to V-ray in the way that it works. Honestly, it replaces almost all of the other channels in the texture system.

Reflectance is probably the biggest reason to upgrade from your current version. Now you can layer reflection channels on top of each other to get super realistic layering effects. It’s not a simple system to use or get used to, but the results are spectacular. Watch the video above and check out the renders below to see some Reflectance examples. You will definitely see more tutorials about this after R16 comes out.

Layered Materials

New Metal Types

New Transparent Effects

Built In 3D Motion Tracker

Yep, now you can motion track directly in Cinema 4D. Just bring in your footage, click one button and get a really great 3D track of your scene. It can take a while to calculate, but it’s worth the time to do it directly in C4D rather than bouncing back and forth to After Effects or other trackers. Watch the video above to see it in action.

Motion Tracking Example

Interaction Tag

This advanced tag lets you feed raw data straight from the mouse and viewport and feeds it into your Xpresso rigs and scripts. Driving any parameter by directly interacting with models in the viewport adds great potential for character rigging and animation.

Interaction Tag Example

New Advanced Cogwheel Spline

The Cogwheel spline has been completely overhauled so creating any kind of gear or cog you can dream up is a breeze to put together. You can easily scale each gear to match its neighbor and create internal details with near infinite combinations. As it happens it plays very nicely with dynamics too.

Cogwheel Example

Procedural Bevel Deformer

Now with Bevel Deformer, no longer will your model be locked into its final form by the destructive nature of adding in that final touch bevel. Get all the options built into the modeling tool that was such a great update in R15 but now in a parametric form.

Bevel Example

Polygon Pen

This tool takes the basic functionality of the Create Polygon and completely replaces it with a combination of all the core modeling tools. Move, weld, snap, extrude, draw, cut, and paint meshes without ever having to swap tools. Perfect for retopologizing, tweaking, and creating new meshes on the fly. This tool completely changes how box modeling will be done in C4D from this point forward.

New Team Render Features

One of the most divisive features of R15 was Team Renderer. Maxon stopped supporting their popular NET renderer for it’s simpler Team Renderer. Smaller studios may have loved the simplicity and setup of the Team Renderer. But, larger studios with bigger farms clung older versions of C4D just to keep using NET Render because they needed it’s robustness.

R16 brings some more advanced features to the Team Renderer including a web interface where you can manage your jobs and all of your clients from one place. We haven’t played around with it enough to make a video yet, but expect one in the near future.

Other Fun Stuff

Not everything can be covered, but watch Chris dig a little deeper and check out a pile of other new features included in R16 that were too fun not to mention. He will check out the Annotation Tool, Deformer falloffs, the updated Symmetry object, and a few more.

Should You Buy C4D R16?

When I first heard about all the features in R16, they didn’t stand out as a huge “need to get” update. But, as I started learning and playing with all the things you can do with the new version, my attitude quickly changed.

The reflectance system and 3D tracker is worth the upgrade price alone.

But, when Chris started getting excited about the Polygon Pen, Reflectance, and Bevels, I KNEW this would be a big update no matter what part of C4D you use. Cinema 4D R16 comes highly recommended whether this is your first time buying C4D or if you are upgrading from a previous version.

Buy Or Upgrade Cinema 4D at Toolfarm

Ready to get R16? Get a new version or upgrade to R16 through this link and you can also support Greyscalegorilla. We get a small commission every time you buy something from Toolfarm through one of our links.

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  • WOW! Can’t wait brilliant!

    • 50percentwhitechimp August 5, 2014 at 8:44 pm

      hmm it would be cool if they added object tracking and updated body paint, import comp from after effects as texture…. smoke/fire simulator , water simulated, gpu renderer,

    • They missed something important – a GPU RENDERER!

      • No, they didn’t.. because a GPU renderer isn’t all that important. First of all, it’s only useful or a particular subset of work. Secondly, there are lots of 3rd party options for that very thing, so if you do fall into one of the industries that can benefit from it, you probably already have one.

      • there has been a gpu renderer in C4D for ages so do not spam around please

        • I do not believe that is true and if it is then it is not true in terms of performance expectancy. As far as I can see, there has been no GPU rendering (rendering of the project to final form with ease) in the same league as to say Octane, which is what many people want including myself. Not many people work or own a well financed company that can afford to send their works to render farms for final work completion, o this is where GPU rendering would be a huge saver. Maybe you misunderstood when the term GPU renderer was used in this case or can you confirm that this feature really does exist with Octane being a performance benchmark in respect to rendering time?

          Just in case for others – yes, we know that Octane cannot cover ALL task but the engine (and maybe others out there) is still a valuable tool that can make a massive difference in respect to “time” when included into your workflow. Also, considering the price, it would be expected for C4D to be more competitive or value for money in regards to tool-set provision (pyrocluster is still horrid and incredibly time-consuming).

  • Boom! I knew it’d be out soon. Looks amazing! Thanks for the summary

  • When is the release date?

  • If only Maxon would launch a monthly and annual subscription plan like Adobe has done with CC!
    I bet there are tons of freelancers that would love to go ‘legit’ with C4D, but just can’t afford the upgrade every year..

  • Question for you. Yesterday I was a click away of buying your light bundle,
    With the new release of Cinema R16 should I wait?

  • No GPU rendering? What a disappointment. If you want to talk about game-changing features, features worth a true upgrade, that would be it. Looks like i’ll be sticking with R15 and Octane Render for a bit longer. :/

  • gonna stick with r12. big fan of new stuff, but the feature to price equation can’t come close to competing with element 3d. only downside… can’t run the awesome looking signal.

    until r17 maxon 😉

    • I think that;s a little short sighted. Element is awesome, sure, and GPU based rendering in general is definitely fun, but it is extremely limited and only applies to a subset of usage scenarios. The modeling and workflow improvements in this and the last few versions put R16 light years ahead of R12. You’re missing out more than you know.

      • “R16 light years ahead of R12” ???
        Are you for real?

        The core of C4D is ancient.
        BP was abandoned12 years ago
        TP was left to die
        the standard particle system is a joke
        Pyrocluster is just as cumbersome as it’s always been
        the viewport is a nightmare with heavy scenes (many objects/particles)
        GPU renderer? hmm… this may come with R20
        C4d is good for personal projects but it’s a no-go for medium/large studios.
        Last but not least: cogwheels!? a key feature in R16!?

        Of course we can use other apps or buy 3d party solutions but… isn’t C4d MSA expensive enough to have a decent/modern set of tools?

        I’m not asking for the “all-in-one” 3d app but C4d users deserve a more competitive set of tools.

        • are you ok ?????

        • I think you have personal problems with maxon !!!!!!!!! hahaha ! .

          • yeah right, please tell me what of the above statements aren’t quite right. really disappointed 🙁 despite some really cool features in this release.

        • I strongly agree with you Charles, I could extend the list of key features Maxon neglected as soon as they were implemented, not only BP and TP, so you could expect the same with the new tools they stuffed in R16.

        • agree on all points…the moment you step beyond animating shiny balls Cinema often leaves you in the dark. the viewport performance alone makes me strongly consider switching Software…BP is just ridiculous at this point.

      • AE Plugin now exports image based 3D layers- is listed under ‘All New Features of CINEMA 4D Release 16’.
        I’m not sure what it means, I thought ‘image based’ already existed in R15, can anyone define what is meant by ‘image based’- ‘All New Features of CINEMA 4D Release 16’.

  • Yippie!!!!!

    (thank you for the new feature videos)

  • no fluids yet? 🙁

  • Wow! That looks awesome! I’d like to see improvements on the SSS.

  • The PloyPen tool is very impressive and will be a huge asset to my workflow.

    Are the new Reflectivity channels are backwards compatable with previously created shaders?

    The built in motion tracker system is a nice touch. I’m not sure if it will be a massive selling point considering that many C4D users proably already have access the the inbuilt tracking of AE CC. Cinema’s does look very user fiendly though. Plus all of cinemas tools are so well intergrated with each other with will give this tracker a huge advantage (at least over the basic AE CC cam tracker).

  • Finally!
    Good I’ve researched a lot on pbr-workflow.

  • YES PLEASE! Freakin BRING IT!!!!! Awesome stuff C4D!

  • does Team Render work with stereoscopic rendering? It did with Net Render r14 and did not with TR r15

  • I´m on my knees waiting for The Day. Not the Judgement Day. The Day the R16 see the Ligth.

  • OMG, if a release can influence the gorillas to experiment with character animation, it really must be worth the upgrade!!!

    • +1 for more character animation tutorials on GSG!

      • Yep, maybe I am wrong, but no one that I know takes c4d character tools seriously for a complex animation job. Game changing ? Would love good tuts and demos. The interactive tag looks awesome.

  • In honor of Nick, and the new Reflectance upgrade, I will from here onward pronounce ‘Anisotropy’ as ‘Anheuser Trophy’ as Nick awesomely did in the first video.

  • Please tell me R16 has a faster viewport!

  • WOW! Just so amazing, especially the motion tracking feature. Love it!

  • Great update 🙂 i was wondering can polygon pen snap to the new 3d tracker? That would be awesome for camera mapping.

    • It can… you only need to activate axis snapping and of you go.
      Indeed quite a fast workflow to build some geometry for camera mapping.



  • great stuff cannot wait until I get the new version, Reflectance brill, keep on rockin guys

  • Nick, I am impressed with the massive cogwheel animation. Do you think it’s possible to make a similar mograph driven cogwheel construction in older versions of c4d?

    Love the tuts guys, keep up the amazing work.

    Greets from Holland

  • looks awesome. Love the polygon pen

  • Thanks Nick, love these overviews. Much appreciate the effort.

  • Loving the reflectance! Finally. Will maxon be updating cinelite as well for use is ae cc 2014 so reflectance is available?

  • As always Maxon brings a mixed bag of features.

    Some of them are more than welcome and cool like the reflectance channel, interaction tag, poly modeling tools (even if I’m not a modeler).

    And others are completely WTF ? I mean… cogwheels ? that’s so damn specific that you wonder are there really that much users asking for this to Maxon ? A tracker, really ? There are already pro solutions out there which are specialized in it and have a proper workflow for it… I understand the hole don’t leave the app stuff but, is the toolset robust enough ? Workflow ?

    I would have loved Maxon concentrating on things that are lacking right now and that are being asked by quite some people out there : nodal shading, TP overhaul, new Xpresso nodes, GPU rendering (at least for the viewport for quick prototyping).

    Sorry, but R16 doesn’t look that “huge” to me… and the promo video Maxon did is just a shame, how the leading 3D mograph package can have such a bad promo video, music is just ridiculous and the animation looks like 1990.

    For those wondering :

    C’mon Maxon, step up to your game please !

    • Yeah, I have the same feelings, bro.

    • Sadly, I have to say I agree 100% with you. Cogwheels?! Looks like Maxon was desperately looking for “new/innovative” features for this release.

      R.I.P Body Paint & TP. Beloved forsaken features that made C4d unique 7 years ago.

    • Agreed, GPU rendering would have made me upgrade, not sure how essential these new features are …

    • Agree 100%…

    • yeah when I saw the promo I was like wtf is this?! but r16 for me is awesome update! even the cogwheels, and the motion tracker stuff.
      did you ever build from scratch a mechanism with loads of gears? I did, and it was kinda horrible.
      the motion tracker looks kinda solid and i cannot wait to try it out and track scenes in a bunch of minutes!
      anyway it seems that gpu render is coming with arnold!

    • Fortunately, the upcoming generations will not be able to see that video. Seems Maxon deleted all trace of that infamous piece of motion graphics history.

  • Thanks for this cool overview.

  • Phillip G. Buckner August 5, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    Will R15 plugins work in R16, or are we looking at a major in pain in upgrading everything

  • Sooooo…does this mean any updates to Texture Kit Pro won’t be compatible for those of us that don’t upgrade to R16 since you’ll most likely make the textures with Reflectance?

    • All of our existing textures in Texture Kit pro will remain compatible with 12 and up.

      • Nick,

        Do you guys have any plans to update your Texture Kit to support new features found in R16 such as the Reflectance Channel? If you don’t want to give anything away…you can just wink and that will be enough!

        • We are looking into ways to keep existing materials available to 12 and up, but still have a way for R16 users to be able to upgrade to the new reflectance mode easily. I think we have a good way to do it. Stay tuned.

  • OMF that was the worst promo video in the history of forever times infinity and beyond. Highly impressed (in spite of the video) by the motion tracker and reflectance… but ill just wait until maybe R18 when they have perfected the tracker and integrated fluids (hopefully), ’cause i have a feeling they didn’t quite take the time to make the tracker as good as all the others in the market.

    Otherwise thanks GSG for all the schoolage… and since y’all are going banaynays over the cogs, could you please put together a tut on how to get that Game of Thrones build up effect/modeling animation???? That would be tots mathematical! Thanks in advance 😀

  • Some nice features for sure.

    No GPUrender is disappointing
    Interested to hear if the main view is faster.

    i enjoyed “near infinite combinations” 😉
    and intrigued to hear about the “Cemetery” deformer 😛

    looking forward to the tute’s


  • Reflectance and Motion Tracking look very exciting.
    The thing that stands out to me in its absence is any Character stuff.
    The current character tool is an absolute nightmare. I’m sure it’s not just me that noticed this, but after you’ve set up your joint weighting and you start to animate it, then go “oops, I think I need to tweak the the weights around the shoulder area.” So you go back to Edit mode and BOOM! your character is completely destroyed (literally arms and legs everywhere). I’m sorry, but I’m just not good enough to do a PERFECT weight map on a T-Posed character without moving him in any way.

  • is stereosopic rendering with teamrender working now? I could not find a comment on that.

  • Nick, Chris
    If it’s not a secret how did you get this pre-release copy of R16? Is there a legit way for use mere mortals to obtain a time limited demo or something before purchasing?

    The thing is I have a two minute animation project pending, something with porcelain material and stuff, and I would really like to test that reflectance thing before hand.


  • Hey Nick,

    Any idea what versions all these updates include? I am running Broadcast at the moment, will the camera tracker etc be included within this or is this a full studio addition ?

    Cheers as ever !

  • Hi, does anyone know if there is a shadow catcher material now?

  • Awesome! I’m thinking about upgrading, 1k from R15 seems pretty cool.

  • great update indeed!
    will team render work even for a single user licence like the net render did?
    (i’m still on r14)

  • Chris,

    I completely agree with you regarding the updated Cogwheel Spline. When I first saw it, I almost had a pre-teen giggle fit! For anyone (like me) who has ever tried their hand at creating gear-based animations, or (even static images) for games, etc, you know how frustrating it can be to get good results. This, the Bevel Deformer and the Polygon Pen are the major selling points for me.

  • u guys r amzing

  • not very impressive. haha, yeah, whats with the promovideo? amateur hour?
    great presentations from gsg though.
    so what would be a good substitute to c4d now? modo?

  • Hi GSG
    cooool! , thanks so much

  • I refuse to pay for the MSA again, got ripped off for it when I upgraded to R13. They told me a month before it’s release to preorder it now with the MSA which I did, only to find out that my MSA expired literally a month before R14 (so I could just have bought on release and got R14 included). They used to be a great company but now they effectively charge you a large sum for a handful of useful new features every year for what some companies (e.g. Pixologic) give you as free update patches. R13 does everything I need it to without having to learn new ways of doing things. I use R15 at work and rarely use any of the new features for this reason. The worst thing about the constant new versions is having to update all other software you use in conjunction with C4D at the same time to ensure they still work.

  • Trevor Gilchrist August 8, 2014 at 11:14 am

    Until Maxon have the sense to introduce a subscription model for their software, they will continue to be the company that has 10% users who can afford practically the most expensive software still available, and 90% pirated, torrented users. It’s obviously SO GOOD, that it’s worth three and half grand, but they’re missing the reality that freelance incomes have plummeted; work is more scarce, and if they want real market share, they need to allow their (already dedicated) users a financial door in.

    • Look into their MSA program. It’s just like a subscription. Just pay once a year and always be updated. I will be in Siggraph next week to ask more questions about it. But, that’s how I understand that it works.

      • Nick,

        If I’m not mistaken, the way I understand the Maxon MSA to work is that if you are already an owner of C4D, then by paying them an additional $650/year, you effectively are upgraded to whatever new versions of the software are released. I don’t believe it’s a subscription model akin to the one that Adobe offers, nor does it apply to users who don’t currently own C4D Broadcast or Studio (i.e. Adobe CC subscribers). I could be mistaken, but this is the way I understand it from the limited amount of information on their site.

        If someone is an MSA participant and would like to offer some clarification, please chime in.

        • Kays you’re right, that’s the way it works. We have currently 2 MSA subscriptions, so first we had to buy 2 studio licenses + now every year about $650 to get the latest versions (automatically by mail, dvd boxes). There is also some kind of support included, but in my experience the internet is much more faster/efficient.

          I think they can increase their amount of official licenses by at least 500% if they put up some Adobe plans to get this software affordable. At Maxon they are not aware that currently 1 out of 10 people that uses their software is actually paying for it.

          Adobe has clearly understood how the industry works!

    • Trevor,

      I have learned that sometimes market share is not the most appealing goal to a particular company. More users = more demand for support and feature requests that aren’t necessarily in line with the higher end users (although the cogwheel thing baffles me too). Maxon is obviously a financially successful company, and my guess is that they don’t have much interest in lowering their pricing structure since it appears to be working just fine for them. Another example of a company which appears to have a similar business model is The Foundry, they could easily win over a large portion of Adobe and Maxon users if they lowered their entry cost.

  • I don’t agree with the monthly subscription idea. I’m a pensioner and despite many years loyalty I’ll have to give up all upgrades because I just wont be able to afford it out of monthly income. Its happened with Adobe and despite using it for more than 10 years I shall now be stuck with CS6 or will have to change to some other software. A company could afford it but serious amateurs wont be able to.

  • Seems like with the new texture engine combined with the physical render, there will be no more need to buy and learn 3° party render engines like V-ray.
    I hope so, I tried v-ray; it’s very good, but also very complicated and user unfriendly. Hopefully this is one step closer to render with perfect quality in native C4D.

  • Hey , I was wondering can you make a tutorial of how to model and animate a transformer , it would be great to see one

  • These updates are difficult to keep up with at their price tag. Their jamming these out at a clip of one major release per year. It’s amazing that there’s these great features but damn….you gotta be rollin’ in the dough to keep up. Just sayin’. Frustrating to say the least.

  • I do have to say that the addition of a Motion/Camera Tracker has left me scratching my head a bit. Yes, it’s a welcome addition, but it also seems about 3-5 years too late. I would think by now, most people who have needed that type of information would have invested in existing tracking tools like Mocha Pro, PF Track or other advanced trackers. Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems to me that if one has already invested in a $3,000 tracking solution, the new C4D tracker will seem like too-little-too-late. I believe even Blender has had a fairly full featured 3D tracker for over 2 years now.

  • Am curious as to the Octane (GPU rendering) plug for C4d and the coming Octane Plug for Ae. I understand the Ae plug (Octane) will not have Cineware’s multipass advantages, but still, it would seem the Octane would create an additional ‘pipe’ into Ae from C4d and what could be returned into C4d is still unsaid.
    While many have their preferences for a GPU render solution for C4D, I look forward to eventually a comprehensive solution for the C4d and Ae ‘pipe’ where the limitations in Cineware can be overcome.
    Exciting times ahead for us in broadcast usages for C4d.

  • Hello All…

    I currently own R13 broadcast and was wondering if there are enough new features to justify upgrading to R16 broadcast. Unfortunately, studio is a little pricey right now.

  • thank you Nick
    and i love cinema 4d ….. One thing is clear !! that cinema 4d will soon be the most powerful software … soon !!

  • This doesn’t look like a major update to me at all. More like a minor enhancement and should be a free update. Camera tracker? Bah!

    How bout rebuilding the modelling tools? they suck as is and need a complete overhaul. Bodypaint needs a redo as does UV edit. Not to mention TP. Rubbish.

    I mean, basic features should be improved rather then adding in gimmicky patches that really do nothing to enhance C4D. And sorry, cogs? I can see a mass trend starting with cog animations everywhere. Watch out for cog reels in the coming months.

    I love this app but there hasn’t been anything in the last 2-3 upgrades that are of any real benefit in production.

    GPU rendering is a must. I use Modo for this feature as it makes prototyping, lighting and render faster and simpler on any scale project. And their upgrades warrant a purchase at the fraction of the price of C4D.

    Still love C4D. Will still use it. But can’t justify this upgrade.

  • New R16 are just amazing!

  • you guys are amazing so amazing

  • I keep waiting for a C4D release where they say “and we’ve finally fixed the viewport.” I would settle for “and we’ve only fixed the viewport.” Instead, as someone said better than me on another forum, they’re like alcoholics who refuse to even admit they have a viewport problem. (“It’s user error”/”It’s the graphics card”/”It’s no worse than other programs.”)

    All I know is, I merely have to build a reasonably complicated scene using commercially available models (which presumably are built by pros who don’t make too many newbie errors) whereupon the viewport on my brand spanking new ultra-powerful Mac Pro chugs and stops and treats me to spinning beach balls for minutes per mouse click.

    I try all the tricks. Isolating just the thing I am working on at that very second. Display tags that remove textures and detail. Display options that lighten the strain on the machine and software. It all helps a bit. But the suite remains well nigh unusable overall. It should not take a passel of insidery tricks and hidden secrets and just plain guesswork to get a minimally responsive display out of a piece of animation software. If it can’t show you what you’re working on you can’t work on it. My suspicion is that this constraint more than all others is what prevents C4D from being adopted by the big boys. I dread the expense and learning curve of Maya but this is ridiculous, and every year that goes by without Maxon even acknowledging the issue is just plain insulting. Though at this point maybe they just figure we’ll take whatever they dish out

  • Hi, guys i have question, Can Cinema 4d R16 be used for professional modeling for games. I ask because i hate interface of Maya.

  • we need 3d cursor in cinema 4d.. we can create obj in 3d cursor.. its easy to modeling.. sorry bad english.. i saw 3d cursor in blender very usefull..

  • i wish Maxon would do something about the Viewport Performance…and again no improvement there…it´s the one thing that makes Cinema look really bad when compared with other 3D Software…esp. with a powerful Plug like X-particles the view performance can be such a drag when you do many Particles…

  • Awesome tutorial. For the interaction tag, If i want setup the other side of the mouth, based on the Vimeo tutorial you posted, how do i link the expresso? Thanks!

  • Wow, yes, the interaction tool! It does seem quite laborious to create a rig from scratch but maybe that’s where those who are more technically minded could team up with great character modelers to create ‘off the shelf’ character products that are set up for those who just want to animate!
    But i can really see the potential here…

  • That’s Fantastic!

  • Is it possible to do masked based rendering in this version? EG: only render a part of the screen in a render intensive project.

    Something like this will speed up revisions but I can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve created masks from the sketch materials as a work around however I’m hoping you’d know more.

    • You may want to add your 3d elements to layers by clicking on the little square next to the name in the objects list, you can simply click the square and either add to an existing layerset or create a new one, essentially grouping items or just allowing a single object to be rendered or solo’d.
      Then in the layer manager window you can choose which layers render, show in the viewport and even solo, by choosing s (solo) v (viewport) or r(render). Solo is useful as it both switches off everything from shoing in the viewport thats not in that layer as well only rendering the solo element in the renderer.

    • The other option if you ject want to preview is to render in the viewport by holding down the left mouse button on icon for render to picture viewer and selecting either interactive render, which constantly renders a chosen region, or selecting render region and choosing the region to a one off test, or having an object selected and selecting render active object.

  • hi gsg you have awesome tuts, but i have been having trouble with doing a walking track even in c4d r16 tracking. I can do pan and zoom tracking, but not a walk track can you show us how to do that?

  • Hi, Chris.
    Thanks for those video.
    I’m interested about the “New Advanced Cogwheel Spline” part. Is there anyway or any clue to learn about those machinery movement?

  • Hello guys I found bug, i think:
    When there is more than 2 or 3 bevels apply texture to selections, then beveled edges are not textured properly.

  • Thanks for video reviews guys!

    Is there any way I can turn off reflectance channel automatically in material editor in R16?

    It seems that reflectance channel is turned on automatically(besides ‘color’ channel) on every material I create, and I don’t want that… 🙁

    I looked at preferences, but without luck…

  • Thanks for the overview — it looks great, it’s just going to take some time to wrap my mind around the new way of doing things…

    Is that Layered Material example file available anywhere for dissection?

  • shahzaad ali khurram October 5, 2014 at 5:45 am

    love you gorilla Team & Nick

  • A work mate of mine pointed out a cool little Easter egg to me in R16…

    If you have studio edition, go to visualize-materials-fabric, and look at “carpet-redrum”… that is the same carpet in the hallway of the movie “the shining”.

    Hats off to Maxon for their sense of humor.

  • Oh. My. God.

    How did we ever get by without the Polygon Pen?

    Still picking my jaw off the floor.

  • Thanks for the review, as always. It was part of my motivation for renewing my MSA to R16 again this year. I’m still happy with Maxon – overall.

    But I have to admit, I’m REALLY dissapointed with the render times in R16 with the exact same settings from R15, presumably because of the new reflectance channel. I’m seeing longer render times, not shorter.

    That would have been nice to know before I upgraded my MSA. It’s probably the single biggest issue for me since I dont have access to a render farm unless I budget into a specific client project.

    I’m finding that I have to actually go and open scenes from ongoing projects in R15, make my adjustment there, and then render from R15 in order to avoid the 20-30% render hit using R16 IF I have significant reflections in my scene. Huge dissapointment. I like the power of reflectance. But the render times, not so much…

    And while I’m not on the GPU render bandwagon quite yet, I’m also a little dissapointed that it wasn’t even addressed. I hear increasing amounts of enthusiasm about from partners in the industry, including one partner that is abandoning thier CPU render farm approach entirely in favor of GPU rendering.

    For the first time since I purchased C4D ( I go back to Version 8) I’m going to think twice about the next upgrade, as well as take the enthusiasm here on GSG with a grain of salt (again for the first time). Nothing personal, I appreciate what you guys do. But if there are serious caveats, it would be nice if you would explore them in your reviews.

    • BTW: if Reflectance is still a work in progress (I believe it probably is), I could live with that. New stuff takes time to work out, and sometimes it take feedback from the community beyond what you can get from Beta testing. We’re in this together.

      But Maxon got rid of the previous reflection workflow in the process so I cant work in R16 without serious hits to render times(in some circumstances). That means that the upgrade that I just paid for is not usable in some (many) situations. That means I have to maintain functioning versions of both R15 and R16 or simply abandon my investment in R16 for the moment or until the next version.


  • Already had r16 installed but no time to transfer al my plugins yet. But the basic use I see is already badazz! I suck @ modeling but the polygon pen sure’s motivating me to start picking up on doing some modeling right now!

    Thanks for this post!

  • Isn’t it time for cinema 4d to turn to GPU rendering? I mean blender already has that feature. It’s the future in 3d programs. And with plug ins like element 3d it’s a little difficult to see R16 as a “vast” improvement over the previous versions.

  • There is a tool that was in the create menu> object is no longer there. This and r-16?

  • Thanks. I love these tutorials. By the way has cinema 4D R16 got changes also regard the bevel tool? I am asking this because I don’t see anymore the control handles but just lines.I mean those little red dots that appered when you selected edges and activated bevel tool in cinrma 4D R15

  • Can someone please help… For some reason, I cant see the texture on the object in the perspective area (like gradient or checkerboard) only the color shows. The render view is still fine too. How do I solve this problem??

  • Can someone do a tutorial on how to model the drinking glass on this blog? I’m having trouble with the bevel tool actually creating the nice beveled corners. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks!

  • With the motion tracker does anyone know how to cast a shadow that will be seen in the final scene? I’ve followed the tutorial and I was using some floating text. When I render the scene I just get the text so far I’ve used AE to recompose the background footage and the motion tracked scene/text. I’d like to cast a shadow on my footage floor. I tried to do this in AE using its built in Motion tracker using a single frame of my tiff sequence to use as colour corrected shadow but the AE motion tracker never makes the shadow look convincing. The only way I can get a shadowing cinema 4D is by using a plane or object for the shadow to fall on but I can’t remove the plane from the render using the compositing tag without losing the shadow as well. Can anyone help?

  • Has anyone played around with the FoldMyDesign preset in C4D16? I followed all steps in this tutorial but can’t get it running 🙁

  • Thanks for great & usful post

  • hi guys can display a motion tracker tutorial where an object follow a moving scene?

  • wattttttttt wattttttt

  • Hi, In my C4D when I Render the object, Reflectance and Lights not render.

    I mean there is no reflectance and lights after rendering the object.

    version: C4D R17

    Help me please…

  • Hi my name is Vlad I’m looking for somebody who can help me with animating Planetary Gears in C4D XPresso.
    Below is a link for reference

    I have project file, if you can help please email me

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