Where Did The Reflection Channel Go In Cinema 4D?

September 4, 2014

Maxon recently replaced the reflection channel in R16 with Reflectance. This quick video shows you how to set up your reflections to match R15 and before. Honestly, it’s mostly for anyone who may be watching any tutorial made before R16 and wondering where the reflection channel went. Well, here is how you can still follow along with older tutorials. But, when you are finished, learn more about reflectance and what it does.

One more thing. The specular channel has also moved, but you can find that in the Reflectance channel as well. It’s on by default when you make a new texture.

This all may be a bit confusing right now, but bear with us through this transition to Reflecantce. It will be worth it. Just remember, if you are following along with an older tutorial and the reflection dialogue looks different, it’s because of Reflectance.

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  • Thanks for that!

  • Will it work if I install your texture kit product in Cinema 4D R16??

    • Surely the texture kit would recognise the reflections as legacy reflections. They did it when they changed the renderer, any old project I opened up used legacy GI instead of the latest one, but then you just change it. I’m sure Nick and the guys could easily replace and re-release it if need be.

    • All of the Texture Kit Pro textures work perfectly in R16 and look the same as they do in R15.

  • I dont’t know if it’s just me but I can’t see this tutorial on mobile (or ipad mini), weird cause I can see the other tutorials..

  • It would be great if you could make a tutorial on how to use the new reflectance channel and examples of specific materials πŸ™‚

  • You said that when Cinema 4D R16 will be released you give away some project files, where are those projects?

  • Fantastic post.

  • Hi! buddy, Can you please do a tutorial on applying an HDRI to the shy in R16–that would be awesome—-keep the awesome work–cheers!

  • The video link isn’t working here or on the vimeo page.

  • Hi there,

    Great change to R16, but it’s just too confuse for me, I’m trying to figure out what’s what, when to use which reflection… I just don’t get this whole new system.


  • Video is not working!!!! πŸ™

  • Hello Nick where did you get the C4D t-shirt? πŸ™‚

  • Thank you nick! πŸ˜€ Video is playing nice now! πŸ˜€

  • Im a happy subscriber but haven’t yet seen/received this new newsletter with links for the se samples. Could i kindly get a resend please. Many thanks.

  • Hey Nick, correct me if I’m wrong, but it was really important to point out, that in new layer layout Default Specular (which is in Additive mode) should be above reflection channel ( Normal mode), otherwise it’s of no use.

  • Thanks Nick!

  • nick! i need your help!!
    in C4D R16 i am not able to find the blurrines option in reflectance !
    can you make a complete tutorial on the things have have been changed or moved from R15 TO R16!
    thankx !

  • Got sort of a general question here that I’ve been agonizing over: with the introduction of BRDF material rendering by default in C4D, do you think the stock of VRay goes down? I’m no rendering expert, but was just about to purchase a VRay license, specifically to render fluid sims. But now I’m wondering if there’s actually going to be much of a quality difference. Appreciate any general feedback or advice on that.

  • Give the gorilla a medal for this lol

  • You are man!

  • In R16 reflectance channel,

    1. I can not select/change amount of reflection/specular in multiple materials like before.

    2. Reflection is not balanced to color channel like before.

    3. Diffuse is not cached into Irradiance cache.

    Then how can I use it?

  • It was very helpful. thank you very much

  • But where is specular height and mode on R16 ?

  • Thank a lot for quick tutorial

  • naveen, did you find the Blurriness slider? I’m still searching for it, too! ?
    Any help?

  • THANKS!!!!!!! I was looking for this for hours.

  • nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks :DDDD

  • Your tutorials are always useful and interesting.
    thank you

  • Thank youuuu!

  • This is tragic that adding blur to reflection needs some long tutorials. Maxon going Maya and Houdini’s way for making everything difficult for users.

  • Holy crap ive been trying for *months* to figure this out, and with your vid I got it in less than a minute! I didn’t know that you had to add a “reflectance legacy” layer. This is really going to help my renders πŸ˜€

  • Thx for that

  • Thank you so much.

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