Wisps of Wind with MoSpline

October 10, 2014

In this simple tutorial we finally use the Mograph modules MoSpline. We can easily tweak a handful of parameters and get a lot of variation. In a brief tangent we’ll look at using blend mode in a cloner create some versatile patterns. Finishing off by emitting the wisps as simple particles.


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  • Remington McElhaney October 10, 2014 at 12:40 pm

    Love this. Great style! Thanks for sharing.

  • Awesome tutorial, as usual! Any chance we could get a Halloween themed tutorial next? Something along the lines of a cemetery scene with a rusty iron gate, crumbling headstones and some creepy, ground hugging fog would be great! Maybe a cartoonish ghost floating by, too? Thanks.

  • Thank you Chris! Very useful tutorial as usual!

  • Thank’s Chris! Great little one!
    More of those please. 🙂

  • Great tut, thanks Chris!

  • THX for sharing

  • This is really cool. Thank you for always bringing us great tutorials!!!

  • Chris you are the maaaaan. CHEERS

  • This really looks awesome. I have recently saw this moving drop condensation on the bottle in another software, so i have been thinking could this be achieved using c4d using thinking particles or maybe mospline with displacement. Here is the video https://vimeo.com/108380353

  • Thanks, Chris. I love the vast amount of information that you manage to cram into every tutorial, the quick delivery and especially your quirky style offhand humour. Keep up the fantastic work, you’re a great teacher.

  • May not be a very complicated subject of the lesson, but most would have to spend a few hours to find and “poke” all these buttons)) And you explained all the nuances of a few minutes. Thank you for your very necessary for many work, Chris!

  • thank you, great one !

  • So cool.

    Fell off my seat when you put them in the emitter.

  • Oh thankyou so much. I needed to show Wind for an animation class short I’m working on and had no idea how, you have literally the most perfect timing ever and I thank you so much for it.

  • Great tut chris, nice one. that can also serve as a transition.

  • Killer tut, Chris. Thanks!

  • Nice idea , very inpirante.

  • Very very useful technique, thanks Chris, you rock bro.

  • Very good tutorial.

    when a tutorial about using Mospline turtle mode ? I’m sure there’s a lot of funny things to do with it.

  • Awesome tutorial, Chris! I’ve never used MoSpline before because I didn’t have any clue what it could do. An important step that I missed the first time I watched it was to turn off “close spline” on the line you use for the Sweep Nurbs. Maybe this will help someone else who missed that.

  • Thanks for the tutorial. The particle emitter makes this so sweet. And pretty! Good times.

  • Very nice. You guys are the best

  • Very nice. I was trying to use x-particles to emit particles from all the sweep objects generated from the emitter over 90 frames. When I tried to do this, all I could get is one “cloud” generated by dropping the sweep object into an x-particle emitter. How can I get all the “clouds” over the course of 90 frames to emit x-particles?

  • Made a gif of mine. Nice to finally know what to do with mospline.

  • The look of it reminds me of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
    Very nice!

  • Chris, I love your tutorials and tips. You make it easy and fun for all. Thank you.

  • This is awesome, but when I go to render it the emitter behaves totally different… just churns out a million splines no matter what particle settings I use. And at the same time, appears normally in the scene.

  • Nice.
    Thank you Chris

    This site is the best one how to learn making better Motiongraphics.
    Thanks Guy´s

    Rick from Germany

  • i have no words to say im imopressed and thanks for sharing us yr tut other ppl dont do same ..im arabian and thanks so much …???? ??

  • am sorry my real name is Mostafa

  • Hey Nick, curious if you can recommend any resources for making an object melt in Cinema4D/Realflow. Looking for a slow melt similar to that done in the Perrier melt campaign. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8LrJdPp7vQ

  • c vrement super ! j progress mieux avec !!!!

  • Thanks Chris! That’s a handy and cool one!

    And I am wondering, is TP popular among C4D artist? Are you going to do any tut about it? What is the difference between TP in 3dmax and C4D?

  • Really cool!!! I was wondering if the MoSpline can be a spline imported from Illustrator?? Great class!!! thank you

  • seriously, the coolest tut for C4D (so far), would love to see you do more things with emitters too 🙂

  • You guys are so generous to share these tutorials for free. Many thanks for this one. This site is such a great resource!

  • I created the smoke for the tea house scene of this video inspired by this tutorial.
    Check it out and I hope you guys like it: http://www.designomotion.es/vacation

    Really cool tutorial Chris, thanks!!

  • Is there a way to get the swirls to go into the shape of logo? I can get the logo in C4D as a path but Mograph the lines come out of the logo in straight lines, they dont bend or go swirly?

  • How do you add the point in the middle of the spline graph inside the MoSpline object? I can move the start and end points, but I can’t find the control to add the point in the middle so that the shape pinches at the ends. is it a combination of hotkeys?

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