X-Particles Avoidance in Cinema 4D

March 22, 2016


I am pleased to see an old trick I came up with in Thinking Particles translated so perfectly into X-Particles. This technique is applicable to growing vines, pipes, wrapping objects, filling shapes, and drawing non-intersecting lines. I go through the process of creating the particle rig then exploring lots of ways to apply and modify it.


Bonus Renders!




  • WOW! You are really good! My renders never come out as good as yours…

  • “Incredible feats of avoidance!” Hahahaha

  • Chirs! you been skiing?

    great tutorial man!

  • @GSG3D citykit trying to color light individual buildings different brilliant colors for citywide light show. ideas? tvsteve@gmail.com

    • Hi Steve, in CityKit there are two materials for the buildings, if you grab both “Building” and “Building Lines” there is a colorizer in the color channel, whatever you feed into that are the colors!

  • https://vimeo.com/151311218

    How would you get the trails to avoid each other?

  • Thank so much for the amazing tutorial Chris :D! This was so indepth and detailed. I loved every moment of it :D! Here is 2 renders that I made with the help of your tutorial :D!

  • Nice technique.

    But do you really need those Q and As in the setup? Couldn’t you just use a spawning action, add a second emitter into it and than excluding the Turbulence Modifier from it to get those trails not be affected by the Turbulence? It shouldn’t make a huge difference but I think the calculation should be a bit faster.

  • Hello Chris, thanks for the tutorial, it’s great! I’m learning a lot these days.

    There’s something I can’t achieve: I have some xparticles moving over the surface of an object (a sweep) nicely, and I want them to avoid some spheres that I’ve “planted” on that surface using a cloner object.

    It seems that XP doesn’t recognize a cloner object as something it can avoid. Any tips on this?


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