Your Serve: How To Setup This Ping Pong Paddle Render In Cinema 4D

August 24, 2012

In this hour long tutorial, I show you how to setup, light and render this ping pong scene. First, we alter the models to try to make them more realistic by adding geometry and altering the textures. Then, we light and compose the scene using an HDR Image from my HDRI Studio Pack, Global Illumination, a specular light, and the physical renderer.


Ping Pong Paddles in Cinema 4D Tutorial from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

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  • Keeps getting better. If you just set up edge selections and UV it you would get better wood grain. Check out my reel and see some epic C4D renders of models.

    • They are about a minute in. Btw thanks to “the monkey” for one logo inspiration. Kinda jacked that one but I only had 3 hours to pull it out. I can make a UVing tut for you if you wish…

    • Tutorial has been recorded. I model a old-fashioned ping-pong paddle from a cube and cylinder and then UV edit them. Connect the UV’s from 2 objects and export the map to Photoshop to do the texturing. I then bake maps out of the “free” plugin named xNormal and bring it back into C4D to do a quick lighting job on the paddle. Tutorial needs to be narrated so I am gonna do that and it should be up in the next couple of days. This should be able to give everyone a total understanding of how to UV and texture to photoreal standards in C4D. Most of this I learned at Gnomon and this is the same thing they do.

    • Here is the tutorial I promised. I try and explain everything I am pressing. It is quite a bit of information crammed into 30 minutes. But it should help some of you. Everybody keep pushing this app!

    • I love watching work like yours, it really makes me feel better about myself, to see someone who’s slight ability to model is completely overshadowed by lack of class and creativity.
      People like you keep me going

    • oh man……300.000 polygons on a model???? are you kidding???
      150.000 for a weapon????
      your reel is pretty bad, you come here to prove that you are better than nick??
      i mean obviously your but stop waving your dick around here and go and learn how to optimize your models first.

      because your taste for doing art is just lame.

      now go back to play call of duty

      • I do not agree with this level of negativity. Most of that work was from when I was a D.O.D. contractor for the JSOC. I can provide you with a retopology tut if you wish showing how I optimized the weapons for our Cryengine simulations.

        • i don’t need anything.
          i think it is just ugly the fact that you went to a well known
          tutorials site and remake a tutorial proving that you know more than him.
          Listen man, i know more than him too but his tutorials are always useful in someway, and obviously there is people
          that knows less than you and nick and every tutorial is useful for them. i think you should check nick’s motion graphic works, he has a very cool taste.

    • I really got on here to compliment your model,not to comment on chucks comment. Me and some ping pong buddys were online and I saw your pic on goog images ..and I said wow how do buy these paddles cuz they looked very cool compared to most paddles. then to find out they dont exist yet…very nice

  • Looks great Nick, and I’d watch a UVing tutorial if you made one Collin.

    • Alright. It really is not all that hard. People just need to grasp that you should cut planes and then reorganize and either laye the textures down in PS or BP. I will do it tonight and post it in the comments sections…

  • The wood needs uvs. It could be so much better Nick. stick to mograph

  • Q is awesome when doing Hyper-Nurbs modeling, it toggles the Hyper-Nurb on and off even when you have the mesh selected

  • Nick! where you been dude.
    Good to see you back with a new vid, I was starting to have withdrawal.
    Below is the link to that marble preset you mentioned a while back.
    Hey I also saw a quick tips tut on a new to 13 physical fresnel, know your mucho loco for fresnel but haven’t seen you use this yet, meant to add a little more realism.
    Looking forward to the 14 tuts, keep m comin mate.

  • hey guys check this tutorial about how to animate new cinema 4d R13 logo
    nice one!!

  • Hi Nick.
    Great tutorial, as allways.
    One thing i would like to tell you.
    We (at least I), never laught AT you….. some times, we (I) laught with you… =8-). but it’s great to know that you are human… you don’t know everything about C4D, but you look like you do……
    Keep going with modeling and some day you’ll make a tutorial about modeling, and it’ll be great, I’m sure.
    Thanks again, and as allways…. You are the best, the #1.

  • Hi.
    Nice tuto, but I really don’t understand why you did inner extrude on the rubber. The rubber has to fill all the surface.

  • AFRICANrtafricanrtafricanrt August 27, 2012 at 2:46 am

    oooh! BTW, for next time, maybe you could tweek the image using the Filter Tab in the picture viewer, rather than going into PS. Sometimes Maxon dudes really think of the simple things… it is really the simple things that make me love this C4D..

  • A few snide comments on here!

    People moan when there is no tute, then nit pick when there is one.

    Appreciate the amount of time and effort goes into these tutes, I wish I knew 5 more sites as helpful and enjoyable as GSG! Cheers Nick

  • No offense to your HDR Studio pack, our company owns 4 licenses of it after all, but it would be useful if in the interest of teaching, you would do some tuts that do not use GI and show people how to properly light a scene on their own. It’s much more beneficial for people to understand the concept of lighting and putting scenes together where GI isn’t efficient or feasible.

  • Hey guys,

    Where can i get that C4d layout Nick is using in this video?

    Thanks in advance.

  • This one is better. No products being pushed here…..

  • Hey Nick,
    Nice tut. One way you could deal with the duplicated materials easily is just to merge them together. If you hold option and drag and drop one material over another it will replace that material in all of the texture tags associated with it.

  • Nick,
    Not much of a commenter, but I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the site. It’s a terrific resource. You’ve got a humble and helpful attitude, and your products are awesome. So, thanks!

  • This site is an inspiration. Period.
    Snark… hmmmm how to address it without incurring the wrath, or wasting valuable time?
    If you see something guys & think you can do better, prove it. Then share it 🙂

    • I don’t think anyone can disagree with that, a lot of talented people on here but it would be awesome if everyone actually chipped in an said ‘no, i would have done it this way > post a vid’. Just like Colin Bishop has done up at the top

  • Niklas Stålnacke August 27, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    Thanks Nick! Keep going 🙂

  • Just wanted to chime in and say I’ve gone from knowing nothing to being proficient in C4D in 2 months using nothing but this site and one other site’s quick intro series. These truly are uniquely educational tutorials, extremely in-depth, and we are lucky they are provided free. Once I got into C4D, it didn’t take long to discover there weren’t a lot of quality tutorial sites for it. This is definitely the best one I’ve come across so far. So, thanks, Nick!

  • Hi Nick, cool stuff as usual. I, like yourself, find modeling daunting but really fun when I manage to build anything at all. I do however have a question: when I use Physical Renderer I loose the nice shinny reflection on the red rubber paddle I have when using GI. It all gets blurred and very uniform. Any idea why?

  • Doesn’t everyone use IE? IE9 is the best thing MS ever released, not even comparable with other browsers =D

  • And awesome tutorial as always Nick!!!

  • Benjamin Pedersen August 28, 2012 at 3:49 am

    Another great tutorial, Nick! Thanks!
    And thanks for the tip on shortcuts -I have now started writing down some useful shortcuts myself.
    Maybe you could share your list of shortcuts, or do a teenyweeny Tutorial on your most used shortcuts.
    I only recently discovered the trick where you can momentarily switch from one tool to another by pressing and holding the shortcut key (Say R to rotate) and then it switches back to the previous tool when you let go again 🙂

    • U,B – Ring Selection
      U,L – Loop Selection
      U,S – Subdivide
      M,K – Knife
      I – inner Extrude
      D – Extrude

      For the most part these are my bread and butter when modeling. Hope this helps.

  • Cool tutorial, but i would like more tutorials about connectors :D, because the hinge and cardan tutorals by Chris Schmidt was awesome

  • No-one would blame you for deleting the snide comments Nick. As you say yourself, criticism is fine if it’s constructive. I don’t see anything constructive in some of those negative comments. I haven’t watched the video yet because I find modelling a bit boring but that’s just a personal thing. Can’t wait for your lighting tutorial you mentioned though. Like 99.9% of your audience, I’m always grateful for the time you put into making these FREE tuts. Cheers.

  • Thanks again Nick for a great tutorial. Learned lots from you and all the guests you have on. Greyscalegorilla has been the best find on the net for me. Truly appreciate all you do.

  • have not the option to edit “path length”, somewhere i think i have to edit “advanced options” perhaps…..

  • Thanks for this amazing tutorial Nick….

  • First thanks a lot man, i wanted for a long time to get into 3D and with the amount of great tutorial you produce i have a lot to learn i really thank you for that .
    Its really bad how people are bitching on the net and trying to prove something, some comments are really wrong seriously just thank the the dude whats wrong with you people ? or just stfu and get out..

  • so is it acceptable to use ‘ ready made ‘ models ? isnt it cheating abit ?

    • Cheating? No way. Some people say that using a computer is cheating. 🙂 Really, it’s up to your work flow. I can’t model, so I either pay friends, use stock, or use a photo instead. If you can model, or want to model, i’d try that first. But if you have no interest in it, then you better get comfortable with “Cheating”.

  • Another very nice tutorial! Here are my result. But I decided to make my own model 😉
    Greetings from Vienna, Niko!

  • Hey Nick,

    I made a ping pong game setup in C4D with dynamics and a litlle bit of xpresso.
    If you want to see the the project or a tutorial no problem.
    Kind regards,

  • You’re adorable, Nick.

  • Hi Nick, i don’t have that presets, can you share the presets file pls ?

  • Hey Greyscalegorilla, maybe could u upload your videos in youtube? Indonesian authority blocked vimeo, so i can’t watch all of your video..

  • I just like the valuable info you supply to your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently.
    I’m fairly sure I will be told many new stuff proper here!
    Good luck for the next!

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