Welcome NAB and C4DLive Viewers!

Hi Cinema 4D Fans!

During NAB, we promised you some links that would be delivered to you after the show was over. Below are some links we mentioned that may help you speed up your Cinema 4D Workflow. Also, down below are links to some of our favorite presentations from the show incase you missed them.

Here Are The Tutorial Links we promised…

If you are new to our site, our goal at Greyscalegorilla is to make training, plugins, and tools to help motion designers just like you!

If you missed Nick’s Presentation, be sure to check this one out. It’s full of tips to help you speed up your Cinema 4D Workflow.

NAB 2017 Rewind – Nick Campbell: 20 Speed Hacks Every New C4D User Should Know from Cineversity.

Here are the 20 Speed Tips Nick Goes Over during His Talk

Click here to watch all of the Presentations from The Maxon booth 2017.

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