Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to X-Particles

Are you ready to get the most out of X-Particles? If you are serious about learning XP, Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to X-Particles is the must-have series to get you up and running.

X-Particles is the must-have particle solution for Cinema 4D. It has been used in countless productions and is employed wherever dynamic particles are needed. Though X-Particles is intuitive as far as particle systems go, it can still be daunting to even the most experienced artist.

Learn the settings and features within XP to finally add X-Particles to your daily workflow.  This production focused guide will give you context on how this amazing plugin can be fully utilized. Most training consists solely of defining settings or features; this is why we went with a project-based approach. Real production scenarios make for better training.


Meet the Instructor – Jon Bosley

We are thrilled to have seasoned X-Particles veteran, Jon Bosley teaching this series. Not only is he an incredible motion design talent, but he’s also a fantastic teacher. Jon has been a regular demo artist at various Insydium events.

About Jon Bosley

Jon Bosley has been using Cinema 4D for 12 years and working in the industry for the past eight years. Currently freelancing, he has a wide variety of experience in Visualization, Motion Graphics and VFX. Clients include the BBC, General Electric, Intel, Kohler, and HarperCollins.

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What Will I Learn?

By the end of this training, you will have a firm grasp on X-Particles and how to fully utilize it on your next project. You will get a full understanding not only of its many features but more importantly, you will learn strategies that will allow you to tackle complex particle animations.

  • Specific Effects including Rain, Snow, Build-On FX, Swarming, Morphs, FUI, and Texture-Based Emissions
  • Fundamentals: See how X-Particles really works.
  • Get Control with XP Modifiers
  • Get Abstract: Generate particles from geometry or splines
  • Geometry Collisions and how to manage them
  • Emission 101: Using different sources to drive your particle simulations (Polygons, Edges, Points, Volumes, and Textures).
  • Creating stress-free XP setups.
  • Demystify XP Groups.
  • Get Granular: Data Mapping, Questions and Actions.
  • Better, Faster XP Renders: Best practices for rendering out your X-Particle simulations and Trails.
  • Caching Workflows: Essential for speeding up your viewport and creating error-free renders.
  • Includes Bonus Appendix that covers features new to X-Particles 4.0 (Explosia, Fluids, and Cloth to name a few)

What’s Included?

You can watch these training videos at your own pace. Once you purchase, you will get immediate access to the video page where you will be able to start learning immediately. In addition to this training, you will also get access to a Slack channel dedicated to this series. There you can ask Jon X-Particles questions or share any cool particle work you’ve done.

  • Instant access to over 70 videos on our secure training page.
  • Over 20 hours of professional project-based X-Particles training.
  • Access to a dedicated Slack channel to chat and ask X-Particles questions.
  • Project Scene Files for easy dissection or inspiration.
  • NOTE: This training is streaming only

What Will I be able to make after watching this?


This is a great chapter to get your feet wet with X-Particles. Jon takes you through the creation of a simple rain particle setup then things get interesting as he shows you how to add collisions, dynamic splashes, and even wet maps.

topics covered: XP Emitters, Particle Display & Color, XP System Object, Modifiers, Collisions, Spawning, Wet Maps, and Saving Presets


Building off concepts from the Rain Chapter, Jon continues the concept this time with falling Snow. Here you’ll learn how to create light flurries all the way to a full-on blizzard. You’ll also see Jon set up collisions where the snow gathers on objects in the scene.

topics covered: Sticking Particles with Friction, Connect on Collisions, Questions and Answers, Understanding Sub-Frames, XP Groups, Intro to rendering XP


Here Jon starts to introduce the concept of particles forming objects. He explains how to create shapes out of particles, reveal objects with particles, and the proper way to fill objects with particle volumes.

topics covered: Emitting from Splines, Surfaces, and Volumes, Particle Direction modes, Avoiding intersections, Falloffs, XP Trails, XP Direction Modifier, Intro to Caching, Spline Rendering


Just about everyone has encountered a job where you need some sort of flocking bugs, well this chapter is for you. Jon goes over techniques that will have your particles, flocking, swarming, and even crawling all over your scene.

topics covered: XP Flock, Particle Rotations, Avoidance Behaviours, XP Flock Helper, Instancing Geometry, Animation Preparation, Instancing Transformations, ReTiming, Swarming on Surfaces with XPFollow Surface.


We’ve all seen those cool animations with a bunch of objects forming one object then fly off to form another. Jon breaks down several methods for achieving this effect.

topics covered: XP Cover, XP Inherit, Various Cover Modes, Triggering with Questions, Triggering Actions with XP TriggerAction Modifier, Morphing Multiple Shapes, Driving Dynamics with X-Particles


Here Jon employs concepts learned earlier in the series to create killer HUD graphics. This chapter goes over several methods for creating cool futuristic looking FUI graphics using X-Particles.

topics covered: Mesh Topology, XP Trail Connections, Clone Emitters for Creating Patterns, XP Network Modifier, XP Constraints, Group Changing, Loops, Advanced Caching with Multiple Systems


Texture emissions and controls are one of the most powerful aspects of X-Particles. Here Jon demonstrates methods using textures to emit, modify, and color particles to create beautiful animations.

topics covered: Texture Emissions, Driving Parameters with C4D Material, Layering Textures, Map Modifiers Over Age, Random Probability Questions, Rendering Tips

THE APPENDIX (25 Videos!)

The Appendix goes deep into specific X-Particles settings and concepts. 20+ videos to help you navigate the X-Particles wilderness. It’s the perfect companion chapter to have by your side while learning or using X-Particles.

  • X-Particles Concepts
  • The XP Emitter
  • Modifiers
  • Generators
  • XP Groups
  • Questions and Answers
  • Rendering & Caching

Gorilla Guide to X-Particles - XP4 Appendix

X-PARTICLES 4 APPENDIX (12 more hours)

Following the release of the original Greyscalegorilla Guide to X-Particles training, the series now includes a major appendix addition focused on X-Particles 4.

  • New and Updated Modifiers
  • New and Updated Generators
  • Special Objects
  • Dynamics
    • PPCollisions
    • FlowField
    • Constraints
    • FLIP Domain
    • Fluid PBD
    • ExplosiaFX
    • ClothFX
  • Questions and Actions

How Does this Training Work?

It’s REALLY simple. Once you’ve paid for the training and made a GSG account, you will get immediate access to the videos. Keep in mind though, these videos are NOT downloadable. However, they are available to stream anywhere you are logged in. This training product will show up on your Greyscalegorilla account page like all of your other products.

What about X-Particles 4 Training?

Glad you asked! We wanted Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to X-Particles to be the most robust XP training ever, so we’ve included an updated Appendix that covers XP4 features! The XP4 training includes an additional 12 hours of training to the original series.

Are you joining us?

So, are you ready to get the absolute MOST out of X-Particles? We worked our butts off putting together the Greyscalegorilla’s Guide to X-Particles. We hope to see you inside!

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Requirements:X-Particles 3.4 and above
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