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April Artist of the Month: Hash Kerai

Meet our April Artist of the Month, Hash Kerai, a talented 3D Artist and Motion Designer whose work seamlessly blends creativity with technical expertise. Hash’s unique style and dedication to experimentation are evident in his work, and he’s a strong advocate for pushing creative boundaries and embracing new skills. Let’s dive into Hash’s creative process and how Greyscalegorilla Plus empowers him to bring his visions to life.


Chatting with Hash Kerai

Greyscalegorilla: How did you get started in 3D design?

Hash Kerai: In college, I started out studying film and editing, dreaming of entering the production industry. I enjoyed piecing together everything from home movies to silly videos shot on our phones. However, my interest shifted when a tutor introduced me to Motion Design. Since then, my passion for all things related to motion graphics has grown, leading me to delve into After Effects and Cinema 4D in 2009.

After graduating from university, I found myself immersed in London’s advertising world, where I lived and studied. I stumbled into freelancing, primarily focusing on 2D Motion Design for many years. However, only in the last three to four years have I truly developed a passion for 3D design. It started with occasional client jobs, but soon enough, it became a pretty big chunk of what I do every day.


Question of Sport (Greyscalegorilla Tools Used: Signal and HDRI Link)


GSG: What would you like our audience to know about you?

HK: Learning to enjoy your craft is crucial and often overlooked by many artists. After watching any tutorial, I find great joy in applying the knowledge I’ve gained and adding my personal touch. It’s enjoyable to play some music in my studio and start experimenting with 3D, without considering any rules or guidelines, and simply start exploring new ideas.

I initially believed I would never incorporate 3D into my client projects. My early career heavily focused on 2D After Effects work with studios and agencies. However, I was eager to demonstrate my capabilities with Cinema 4D. I spent years refining my unique 3D style before showcasing it to my clients and incorporating it into my projects. It’s crucial to realize that it’s never too late to dive in on a new skill. If you have a vision or desire to broaden your knowledge, commit to it. You might be surprised by the results.


The Freelancer Grind Guide (GSG Tools Used: Signal, HDRI link, HDRIs)


GSG: How has Greyscalegorilla Plus helped you?

HK: A superior Greyscalegorilla Plus Material Library is crucial for most of my advertising work. Clients demand quick changes and numerous variations, so the ability to easily swap things out is essential. In the past, I had to remake or reskin my 3D models, a time-consuming process. Now, I can simply drag and drop from the library, saving so much time.


Starbucks 2023 Winter Red Cups Campaign (GSG Tools Used: Signal)


GSG: What is your favorite Greyscalegorilla Plus tool?

HK: I would say it has to be Signal 3.0. I use it for almost every 3D animation in Cinema 4D. Its ability to loop animations and layer various iterations is not only highly effective, but it also allows me to work quickly to test things without worrying about manually managing keyframes.

I also can’t overlook the impact of Surface Imperfections. These have significantly transformed the tactile texture of many of my models. I take great pleasure in navigating through them to explore the creative possibilities. The convenience of having them in the library, ready for use at my discretion, is super fun!


Hash Kerai 2024 Logo Animation (GSG Tools Used – Signal, HDRI Link, Surface Imperfections, HDRIs)


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To see more of Hash’s incredible work, follow @hashmukh on Instagram.

Greyscalegorilla Products Used

Surface Imperfections

Signal 3.0


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