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February Artist of the Month: Cody Deer

Meet our February Artist of the Month, Cody Deer, a visionary 3D Artist who transformed his frustration into innovation with the help of Greycalegorilla Plus. From product photography to mastering digital design during lockdown, Cody’s journey showcases the power of creativity unleashed through technology.


Chatting with Cody Deer

Greyscalegorilla: How did you get started in 3D design?

Cody Deer: I started out as a product photographer. I remember getting home from shoots frustrated that I was creatively limited by the equipment I owned, the available props on set, and the shooting locations. Nothing was ever exactly how I pictured it when the work was finished.

When COVID happened, it became even harder. I could only shoot products in my house. That was a real breaking point for me. I had no idea how long we would be in lockdown and knew I’d start running out of ideas.

That’s when I decided to spend my time in quarantine learning 3D. I would send images to clients to see if they would notice they were renders. After a while, they couldn’t tell the difference between what was real and what was 3D. I could finally make images and animations that were exactly what I pictured in my head. If I didn’t like the shape of a prop, I could remodel it. If I needed more lights in the scene, it didn’t cost me thousands of dollars. I was hooked, and I haven’t looked back since.




GSG: What would you like our audience to know about you?

CD: I’ve always loved learning new things, especially when it comes to technology. When I pivoted from being a photographer to a 3D artist, I loved how open the community was to sharing their ideas and how they created some breathtaking work. I’m trying more to give back something to the community. My favorite part of the 3D process is lighting, and I plan to release more lighting tutorials for projects this year.


Greyscalegorilla Products Used – Wood Blocks: Plywood Unfinished, Concrete Blocks: Concrete 10, Fence: Wood Painted White


GSG: How has Greyscalegorilla Plus helped you?

CD: I service my clients with a subscription model, so the tools I use need to help me work faster and produce high-quality results. When Greyscalegorilla Plus was released to the entire 3D community, it saved me hours creating materials in Blender. (Learn more about Plus for Blender).




GSG: What is your favorite Greyscalegorilla Plus tool?

CD: Greyscalegorilla’s Material Library has the highest quality assets I’ve come across. The Surface Imperfections catalog also has everything I need to quickly bring even more realism to my scenes.


Greyscalegorilla Products Used – Hearts: Pink Plastic (tinted red)

GSG: What would you tell other 3D artists who are considering Greyscalegorilla Plus?

CD: Artists should give Greyscalegorilla Plus a shot. The ease of use and time it’s saved me over the past few months has been worth every penny.

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To see more of Cody’s incredible work, follow @codydeerimagery on Instagram and @Cody_Deer on X/Twitter.

Greyscalegorilla Products Used

Surface Imperfections

fabric textures

Material Collections

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