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Greyscalegorilla Plus Is The Ultimate Toolbox For Blender Artists

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Fully Compatible With Cycles and Eevee

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Audition 100s of unique looks using Greyscalegorilla Plus materials. Start creating more photorealistic renders no matter where you do 3D.

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The Most Complete 3D Library For Your Next Blender Render

New Materials, Textures, Models and 3D Assets added regularly. The highest-quality 3D Materials available anywhere.


Greyscalegorilla Plus

The Ultimate 3D Toolbox For Blender Artists
  • 5,000+ artist-driven quality materials, textures, models, and HDRIs
  • Blender Material Importer included and more
  • Fully PBR, EXR and FBX compatible, production ready 4k tileable textures
  • Continually growing library with frequent asset updates
  • Compatible with ALL major 3d applications and renderers
  • Dedicated customer support and community access
It makes me more money.

“I use it without fail every project and it saves me an incalculable amount of time. It makes me more money.”

Laurence Chase,
Freelance 2d & 3d Motion Graphics Artist

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Join Thousands of artists who use Greyscalegorilla Plus and get instant access to over 4000 Time-Saving Assets to help you make your next project stand out from the crowd.

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“When GSG plus was launched I wasn’t sure about another subscription. 1 year in & renewing was a no brainer.”

Matt Milstead,
Owner of Nexus Motion and

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