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Realistic Sponge Material With Redshift Displacement

Want to learn how to use Redshift displacement to create this super realistic sponge material in Cinema 4D? Don’t be a scrub, just watch this tutorial!

by Greyscalegorilla

Who’s Your Daddy?

Let’s make a Sponge Daddy-inspired material in Cinema 4D and Redshift using textures patterns included with Greyscalegorilla Plus.

👇 Grab the free 3D model and Plus Member scene file below.

Roll up your sleeves and let’s start scrubbin’

Have your free 3D sponge model and ready to follow along?

P.S. Plus members get the entire scene file with the textures and HDRI so you can break down the scene node-by-node!

Let’s dive into this C4D and Redshift tutorial.

In this video tutorial, Nick shows how to use Redshift displacement and a few pattern textures from Greyscalegorilla Plus to make this super convincing Scrub Daddy-inspired sponge.

Dive into each of the chapters and learn about…

00:00 – Intro to the project
00:27 – Modeling the Scrub Daddy in Cinema 4D
02:22 – Subsurface Scattering
04:08 – Displacement in Redshift
05:47 – Layering
08:52 – Final Touches

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